Our story starts when Bella, a 4 weeks old squirrel was attacked by an owl. The owl wanted to make a meal out of her, but luckily the baby squirrel survived. Despite fighting off the big bad owl, Bella was injured. Surviving in the wild is not easy and the odds were not in Bella’s favor.

Fortunately, everything changed when she was found by a wildlife rescue group that decided to take care of her. To make things even better, Bella was placed with the Brantley family who took care of her.

20. Little Bella


This cute little thing is Bella. As you can see, the Brantley family was happy to take her in. Although, Bella was not the only squirrel in the family since the Brantleys love to take care of animals. Let’s see who Bella’s new friends are.

19. New Friends


These three squirrels are called Larry, Moe and Curly. They instantly became best friends when she was taken in. Sadly, Bella was just a baby and her injuries were making it hard for her to recover.

18. Baby Squirrel


Even though Bella’s health wasn’t in good shape, the Brantley family was doing the best they could to help her. Check out how they took care of her.

17. Hand Feeding


Since Bella was still a baby, the Brantleys needed to hand feed her. Luckily, this wasn’t an issue for them because they loved spending time with Bella. This is what they would feed her every day.

16. Healthy Food


The Brantleys fed Bella healthy food like formula, fruits and veggies. However, that is not the only type of food that Bella liked. She also enjoyed eating nuts and the Brantleys made sure she had enough every day!

15. Quick Recovery


Now that Bella was being taken care off, she was finally recovering. The Brantleys were happy to see that the squirrel is feeling better but sad because they knew she had to leave. Check out what the Brantley family had to say about letting her go into the wild.

14. Letting Bella Leave


Even though the Brantleys got attached to Bella, the entire goal was to take care of her and to let her go back into the wild. They knew this right from the start and that’s why they tried to not treat her like a house pet. However, the weirdest thing happened right after Bella left their home.

13. Time to Leave


April came and this meant that it was time for Bella to leave. The couple took the squirrel and her other three friends and let them out into the wild. What happened next will amaze you!

12. Coming Back Home


Within one week of leaving the Brantley house, Bella came back. This surprised everyone, but it was normal. The family first thought that Bella just wanted some more food. Although, they weren’t ready for what Bella did next.

11. Food & Water


Even though the family thought that Bella would leave after eating and drinking, she decided to stay a little bit longer. This was weird because most squirrels don’t get attached to their rescuers and all they want is to stay in the wild. The family took Bella to the forest again, but she returned once again!

10. Missing the Brantleys


Days after being dropped into the wild again, Bella decided to come by the Brantley house. This made it clear to the family that Bella liked them. And that’s not all!

9. Having Fun


Seeing how much Bella cared for them, the Brantleys started hanging out more with the squirrel. They even took some silly pictures like this one! How much cuter can this squirrel get?

8. Still Coming to Visit


Even though seven years have passed since Bella was first released in the wild, she still makes sure to pay a visit to the Brantley house every now and then. It’s just like she wants to check up on them and see if they are okay.

7. Family Member


The Brantleys started considering Bella as one of their own. They love taking silly pictures with her every time she comes around. Keep reading and see for yourself!

6. Silly Pictures


While the Brantleys might love taking pictures with Bella, we think it’s safe to say that she enjoys posing for them. Especially when considering that they keep on giving her nuts. The couple likes Bella so much that they even have a painting of her! Check it out in the next photo…

5. Cool Painting


Isn’t this painting amazing? It shows how much the Brantleys care for Bella. What’s even more amazing is that Bella let the couple meet her squirrel family!

4. Squirrel Family


Sadly, Bella got injured once again and the Brantleys needed to take her in once again. However, this time something was different. Bella was pregnant!

3. Injured Again


Now that Bella was injured again, the couple made sure to take her in and help her, especially now that she was pregnant. You won’t believe what Harrison Brantley had to say about this.

2. Truly Amazing


“It was truly amazing to watch the baby I raised raise her own babies”, said Harrison Brantley. Nonetheless, Bella was lucky to have such good friends because she wouldn’t have made it on her own.

1. Cute Visitor


Bella is fine once again and she is off in the wild with her babies. Even though she might not visit the Brantleys every other week like she used to do, they are still waiting for her to show up on their porch asking for nuts.

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