Even though pets are considered to be smaller family members, some people just don’t care about them. Would you ever sell your dog? And if so, how much would you ask for it? While the idea of selling your pet might not even cross your mind, a woman wanted to give away her puppy in exchange for an iPhone!

20. Family Pets


Even though dogs might put all their trust in people, they aren’t always treated well. Here’s the heartbreaking story of a woman that didn’t value her pet’s life.

19. Cute Puppies


Everyone who owns a puppy will tell you that there’s no way you can put a price on them. Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone since a woman tried to sell her puppy for an iPhone! Can you believe this?

18. Brand-New iPhone


The woman we are talking about seemed to really want a brand-new smartphone and instead of saving the money by working she decided to take a shortcut and sell her puppy! Luckily, the puppy was found by Emma Haswell who is the founder of the Brightside Farm Sanctuary. 

17. Puppy for Sale


As Emma was scrolling down through her internet news feed she saw this picture. The cute puppy was looking sad and this grabbed Emma’s attention. When she scrolled down she couldn’t believe what the picture’s description said! Check out the next picture and see it for yourself.

16. Swap/Trade for an iPhone


Emma couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Did this woman really want to trade off her little puppy for a smartphone? How is this possible?

15. Animal Lover


The thing that made it hard for Emma to believe this was the fact that she was involved in rescuing dogs and farm animals. Therefore, her love for animals made it hard to even conceive the idea that someone would just give their pet away like this… especially for an iPhone! Check out what Emma had to say about this.

14. Having No Value


“It saddened me that she was in this position of having no value as a loved, living being”, said Emma about the puppy. What do you think Emma did next?

13. Gathering Funds


Being the animal rights activist that she is, Emma knew that she just couldn’t leave the cute puppy. She needed to raise some money and get her from her owner. Although, iPhones can be quite expensive and Emma didn’t have that much money at hand. You won’t believe what she said to the seller!

12. Making a Deal


Even though Emma raised the money she would need to pay the entire price, but she simply refused to do that. Instead of doing that, Emma decided to make a deal with the seller and get the sad doggy at a lower price. Check out why Emma didn’t want to pay the full price.

11. Possum is Rescued


The reason why Emma refused to pay the full price was because she wanted to show the seller that she will not get what she wants. Nonetheless, the puppy was safe and Emma named her Possum. You won’t believe what happened to the puppy after it was rescued.

10. The Brightside Farm Sanctuary


The dog was taken to Emma’s sanctuary. Possum was finally safe and cared for! The most amazing thing happened as soon as Possum arrived at the sanctuary.

9. Happy Dog


Right from the moment Possum arrived at the sanctuary, she started making new friends. This was amazing to see because the dog was finally happy. Emma was also happy that she took her from her previous owner, but she needed to do one last thing for her mission to be complete.

8. Finding a New Family


Emma knew that for her mission to be over she needed to find an adoptive family for Possum. Emma got straight to work and spayed and vaccinated Possum. That’s not all that Emma did because she also started posting pictures of Possum over social media so that people could see the cute pup. But will she get adopted?

7. Young Puppy


Even though finding an adoptive family is a difficult task, Emma was confident that Possum is going to get lucky because she was super cute and only 12 weeks old. Not only that, but Emma had plenty experience with doing this.

6. Finding Adoptive Families


Since Emma worked at the Brightside sanctuary, she saved many dogs from bad owners and found them new families. Possum was not the first and neither the last dog that Emma would rescue and rehome. Fortunately, something amazing happened a couple of days later!

5. Possum Stands Out


A new family arrived at the sanctuary in search of a new dog and Possum stood out the most. Seeing how cute Possum is and hearing her story, the family decided to take Possum with them! To make things even better, Possum loved being around them. You won’t believe how happy Possum is with her new family.

4. New Family Member


The adopting family was more than happy to take Possum in. The best thing about this was that the family’s kid loved playing around with Possum and the other white beagle they adopted at the same time.

3. Rescuing Possum


“If I can take in an animal and change the course of her life, I will do so. That’s what I did for Possum”, said Emma Haswell. Nonetheless, she was more than happy because she was able to help Possum find a new family.

2. Happy Dog


Even though Possum’s original owner wanted to trade her for an iPhone, Possum was lucky enough to be adopted by the right people. Possum now has a great family that surrounds her with love and affection.

1. What Would You Do?


Which one values more in your opinion? A smartphone or a pet? I am sure that everyone who owns a pet is always going to pick their dog.