Our story starts when Dimitra Molossi who is the co-director of Social Tees Animal Rescue heard an interesting conversation while sitting in the vet’s lobby. A man walked in with a white chihuahua in his hands and told the doctor he needs to “put her to sleep“. Hearing this, Dimitra was terrified and knew that she needed to do something about it.

20. Five-Month-Old Chihuahua


“He told the vet that the dog was defective and wanted her to be put to sleep”, said the man who brought this little chihuahua in. As if things couldn’t get even worse, Dimitra found out that this wasn’t the first time this man visited the vet’s office.

19. Pet Store


Despite the fact that it seemed like this man didn’t care for animals, Dimitra found out that he owned a pet store. To make things even more terrifying, the vet receptionist said his next thing to Dimitra.

18. Not the First Visit


“The reception said he was the owner of a pet store nearby and nobody was buying her. Apparently, he’s dumped animals before”, said Dimitra. Hearing this, her heart was broken because she realized that this man kept “putting dogs to sleep” if they didn’t sell well. Something had to be done!

17. A Helping Hand


Considering that Dimitra is the co-director of Social Tees Animal Rescue she couldn’t resist from wanting to help the poor chihuahua. Let’s see what was wrong with the poor puppy.

16. Bent Legs


The only thing out of the ordinary about this little chihuahua pup was the fact its legs were a little bent. This made walking difficult, but it wasn’t something that serious. You won’t believe what made Dimitra call her partners at the Social Tees Animal Rescue.

15. Wagging Tail


Even though the puppy seemed to be sad, she would start wagging her tail every time Dimitra talked to her. Dimitra’s heart melted when this happened and she knew that she needed to call her partners.

14. Calling for Help


Dimitra’s partners agreed to take the cute chihuahua as soon as they saw her. They knew that she needed all the help that she could get because otherwise, her future would not look good. Let’s see how the folks at the Social Tees Animal Rescue named her.

13. Clover


Dimitra and her partners took the white chihuahua to their rescue center. Not only that, but they also named her Clover. While Clover was happy to finally be rescued and avoid a grim death, Dimitra still needed to get her legs checked out.

12. Visiting the Vet


Knowing that Clover’s legs are a little bent, Dimitra decided to take her to the vet and see if there’s something wrong with her. You won’t believe what the vet had to say.

11. The Diagnosis


The vet closely checked up Clover and found out that she is in perfect health. Her bent legs were not a serious problem and Clover would learn to walk with them as she gets older. Let’s move to the next slide and learn what Dimitra had to say next.

10. No Pain


“She’s not in any pain now and is already starting to walk better”, said Dimitra. Seeing that Clover was not hurting, was amazing. However, Dimitra’s job didn’t end here because she also needed to find an adoptive family.

9. Adoptive Family


In order for Dimitra to make sure that Clover is safe and happy, she needed to find an adoptive family for her. What Clover really needed was love and affection because her life in the pet store was not a happy one.

8. Make New Friends


Another thing that Clover really needed was to make some new friends, maybe another chihuahua. You can imagine that being locked in the cage at the pet store was lonely and she needed to socialize with other dogs.

7. The Search Continues


Dimitra took pictures of Clover and posted them on the internet in hopes of finding a new family for her. Luckily, Clover’s sad story and cuteness helped her find a new family in no time!

6. New Family


Clover found a new family in no time. This was amazing to see, especially since the odds were stacked against her when she entered the vet’s office. You won’t believe how well Clover gets along with her new family.

5. Getting Along Perfectly


Despite coming from a pet store where people kept her in a cage, Clover loved being around people. She and her new family got along perfectly, especially since Clover loved getting belly rubs. Scroll down to see what the adoptive family had to say about Clover’s bent legs.

4. Happy Dog


“She has no idea that she is any different. She runs around and plays all day. Her tail won’t stop wagging”, is what the family said about Clover. It’s amazing to see how well Clover got accustomed to her new family and that she isn’t being held back by her leg problems.

3. Lucky Dog


Truth be told, Clover was lucky to be spotted by Dimitra but not all dogs share the same fate. Puppy mills are always filled with chihuahuas because they are small and expensive but sadly, not all of them find new homes.

2. Puppy Mills


Puppy mills are the worst thing ever and sadly, chihuahuas are the race which suffers the most. Their small size makes them ideal for puppy mills because they are easy to be held in cages and their cuteness makes them sell faster.

1. The End of Puppy Mills


On the bright side of things, at least there are hundreds of animal rights organizations which are working towards closing all puppy mills. Let’s hope that people start adopting animals instead of buying them.