When fear is the only feeling you get since you’re born, it’s difficult to understand what love and being safe mean. This beautiful pit bull experienced only pain since she was born. She was one-year-old when she was finally rescued; she was found on the streets in a heart-wrenching condition.

Her name is Miley, and her story will break your heart. Fortunately, she gets a new life and finds out what love and kindness is. And her reaction was worth all the efforts made to keep her alive!

20. Dogfighting in Texas


Miley has been born and raised for dog fighting. Her purpose was to train other dogs in fights, commonly known as a bait dog. But she was no longer useful, so she was thrown out on the streets.

19. Unimaginable Pain


One can only imagine what a painful life she had, as vets discovered traces left from tape on her mouth, barbed wire around her neck and bites from the dogs. Moreover, one hind leg was in terrible shape…

18. Only One-Year-Old


This poor dog was only one-year-old, a time when a dog barely reaches adulthood! And vets were shocked to see how many marks her weak body had. There were dozens of scars that showed her pain and neglect.

17. Funds Needed


The animal control officer that found Miley posted a photo of the dog on Facebook, asking for help to fund the local shelter. They didn’t afford to amputate the dog’s leg. That’s when Amanda Holley saw Miley…

16. ‘Without Even Thinking’


‘They were going to euthanize her’, said Holley. So, she didn’t think and just commented on that post, saying she will keep Miley overnight and take her to the vet. Another woman started a fundraiser online to cover the bills. What happened next is truly amazing…

15. Not Making Eye Contact


‘She wouldn’t even make eye contact and just kept staring out the side of her crate’, said Holley. So, she thought of something to make the pup trust her. ‘I went out and bought her a stuffed hedgehog’. Miley’s reaction was heart-melting!

14. Regaining Trust


When Holley gave Miley the toy, ‘she looked at me as if it was the greatest kindness ever bestowed on her.’ After that moment, Miley looked at Holley and she even received her meds from her hand. But the pooch had some serious health problems…

13. A Successful Surgery


The money needed for Miley’s operation were raised in almost two days. The pup also received a foster home after her surgery and Holley kept in touch with her. She had no idea that life had even more surprises for both of them!

12. Call Me When You Need Me


Holley didn’t intend to adopt Miley, as she already had a dog called Ace. But she was willing to help Miley as much as she could: ‘I told her foster if she ever needed anything again to call me’. And a few months later…

11. I had to Take Her


Miley’s foster had to move. So she called Holley, who also moved to Baltimore, Maryland, from Austin. She immediately took Miley with her: ‘When you meet Miley she changes you immediately’.

10. Full of Excitement


Holley didn’t see Miley since she gave her the hedgehog toy, but the sweet pup remembered her: ‘She wouldn’t stop wagging her tail and was so excited to see me again’. And Miley got to her new forever home, next to this furry brother. Check them out in the following photos!

9. Ace, the Big Brother


Ace is Holley’s first dog, a rescue that was found on the streets when he was only a pup. He lived in a shelter for more than three years and Holley adopted him. He is timid of dogs and with Miley, he learned to get out of his shell.

8. A Promising Life


Despite growing in such a horrible place, where she was hurt by dogs and humans, Miley met Holley and regained trust. Now, her mother admitted that Miley loves making friends, saying hi to people and dogs on the street every few steps! And that’s not all!

7. Miley, the Wonder Doggy


‘Miley is Wonder Woman in a dog’s body,’ said Holley said. And she is living proof that ‘only love can save the world,’ added the happy mom of two sweethearts.

6. Rambo, the Pit Bull


Rambo was a similar case. He was found in the woods and he was on the brink of death. His body was cold and full of injuries, and he was surrounded by animal carcasses. He was also used as a bait dog. His story is heartbreaking!

5. A Heart-Breaking Story


Rambo was in such a horrible state that he had to have his both hind legs amputated. But he was a special pup and everyone cuddled him, filled his blanket with as many toys a dog could dream of and more!

4. Out for a Walk


After his surgery, Rambo was still healing and couldn’t yet walk. But he had his own wagon and he was regularly walked outside for a fresh breath of air and some sun. And when he was finally able to walk, he hit the ground like a hero!

3. Getting Wheels


Rambo has also received a wheelchair to move around easier. Dr. Laura Dvorak that oversees Rambo’s recovery said that the pooch is trying to get used to it, but he’s going to ‘pick up on it pretty quick’.

2. More Surgeries


Rambo has a chance to walk without a wheelchair if he gets a few more surgeries and doctors heal his stubs with skin grafting techniques. His future can only get better!

1. Amazing Dogs and People


Nothing could have been possible if these people didn’t struggle to care and fight for these dogs. And of course, with their kind and sweet nature, these two dogs found the will to live and trust people again.

It’s heart-breaking to see them suffering, but we’re happy Miley and Rambo are now healthy and eager to face the world together with their families!

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