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Find Out Why This Odd Friendship Is Breaking The Internet

Find Out Why This Odd Friendship Is Breaking The Internet

If there’s one thing we know about geese, it has to be that they are not friendly. There are thousands of videos of people who are being chased off golf courses and gardens by angry geese. In fact, these birds have a reputation for getting in fights with everyone who gets in their way!

22. Geese And People

Although, it seems that this is not the case for all geese and some of them are actually really friendly. The bird from our story is hilarious, and the grandma who takes care of it is even funnier. Check them out!

21. Friendly Goose

These birds are known for being very protective of their babies but they can be very feisty and grumpy even though they have no one to protect. They’re just not in the mood of being disturbed… That’s why the unusual friendship you’re about to see is even more surprising. The goose puts on quite a show!

20. Odd Friendship

The woman you are about to meet somehow became friends with a goose. This is quite odd, especially when considering the reputation that these birds have. Can you guess how long these two have been friends for?

19. Long Friendship

The old lady and the goose have been together for more than one year! While this might not be unusual, their interaction sure is! You won’t believe how the goose acts while sitting in the old lady’s lap.

18. Gentle Goose

To everyone’s surprise, this goose is gentle. She loves to cuddle with the old lady, but that’s not the only thing that the bird enjoys doing. Take a look at the next photos to see what I am talking about.

17. The Goose Loves to Talk

One of the things that this friendly goose loves to do is to talk with the old lady. Even though the lady has no idea what the goose is trying to say, she plays along by talking back…

16. Best Friends

Looking at these two talk to each other, one might say that they are gossiping. This is something that I would totally expect a goose to do if it could actually talk. Wouldn’t you? You won’t believe how the old lady talks back to the bird!

15. Annoying Goose

The grandma says that the bird has been very talkative ever since she was a baby so she’s not surprised when the goose starts ‘yelling’ from time to time. On the other hand, the old lady is saying that her talkative goose can get pretty annoying at times. I bet you can’t guess how she makes the goose to stop talking!

14. Raising Her Hand

The old lady raises her hand at the goose to let her know that if she keeps yapping, she might get to slapping. What’s even funnier than this is how the goose reacts to the old lady’s gesture.

13. Calming Down

The goose realizes that the old lady is not kidding around and she puts her head down. I am sure the goose doesn’t want to test the old lady’s strength. How long do you think it takes before the goose gets bored and starts talking again?

12. Bored Goose

Ten seconds pass by and the goose is already back to talking. The old lady raises her hand once again, but the goose is not scared anymore and she keeps on yapping. Seeing how the goose doesn’t put her head down after she raises her hand, the old lady thinks of a new technique.

11. Petting the Geese

The old lady starts petting the goose in hopes that she might shut up. Well, this new technique doesn’t work at all because the goose starts making even louder noises. Seeing how there’s no way of making her shut up, the old lady comes up with this idea.

10. Talk to the Hand

The old lady uses the classic “Talk to the hand” joke with the goose , but the animal doesn’t seem to care at all. This is when things get hilarious!

9. Funny Goose

The old lady starts petting the goose once again but this time, the goose has other plans. She wants to be funny and scares the old lady by doing this next thing!

8. Jumping Up

The goose randomly jumps and scares the old lady. Even though the bird was just playing around, the old lady didn’t want things to get out of hand. Especially when the goose got up on her head!

7. Playing Around

The goose jumped straight on the old lady’s head, but this was all with good intention. The old lady can be heard laughing while this was happening. The next picture is too hilarious to skip!

6. Hilarious Picture

This is how the goose loves to have fun. Luckily, the old lady was enjoying herself as well since she was laughing all throughout the goose’s antics. Nonetheless, this is not the only goose that became an internet sensation. Check out the next picture to see one of Los Angeles’s most curious goose.

5. Los Angeles

It all started when Dominic Ehrler went for a stroll in a park from Los Angeles. While he was admiring the geese, one of them took an interest into him.

4. Curious Goose

For some reason, one of the geese was curious to see what Dominic is doing. He was pleased to see this at first, but things got a little bit weird when the goose wouldn’t leave his side.

3. Walking Together

Dominic was amazed to see that how the goose would follow him around the park. This is when he decided to name him Mario. What Dominic did next is truly amazing.

2. Taking Mario to the Zoo

Dominic and Mario quickly became best friends. In order to show how much he cares for his new bird friend, Dominic took Mario to the Los Angeles Zoo.

1. Regular Visits

Now that Mario is housed at the local Los Angeles Zoo, Dominic has become a regular visitor. He can often be found feeding Mario snacks and treats.


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