Dogs may not be able to communicate with us verbally, but there are a ton of physical clues that let us know how they’re feeling. When this bus driver met this one stray pup, she knew she had to do something to help the starving pup.

21. Helping Stray Dogs

Now she and this dog have a special tradition that they hold to each morning and it has changed both of their lives. You won’t believe how the pooch reacts every time he sees the man!

20. Stray Dogs And Their Lives


It isn’t a secret that there is a serious stray dog problem in the world. No matter where you go, you’ll notice that there is an abundance of strays roaming the streets. This epidemic has left many dogs starved and frozen…

19. Combating

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Many organizations have begun to take real note of the issue and have taken measures to combat the problem. One organization, in particular, Feed the Furbabies Canada, has been actively working toward fixing the issue in the best ways they know how.

18. The Goal

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The organization’s main goal is to help all dogs that are found living on the streets. They want to make sure that no dog goes hungry for even a day. The organization has tons of volunteers that go out of their way to feed various strays that they find. But this particular pooch has something special and you won’t believe what it is!

17. Volunteers

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A majority of the volunteers are just ordinary people who happen to love dogs. They all work together for the organization’s mission statement. One volunteer, in particular, has been risking her own job to feed one stray dog in particular. Here’s what she does every day, it’s incredible!

16. Bus Driver

Image: The Epoch Times

One volunteer is a bus driver who goes out of her way each morning to feed a stray dog she found. She has asked to remain anonymous because she actually makes an unscheduled stop each day to hand out food to the pup! Here’s how everything started.

15. Two Years

Image: The Dodo

The bus driver discovered the dog around two years ago. On her drive, she noticed that there was a dog looking through cans of garbage in search of food. She didn’t help him at that exact moment, however…

14. Next Day

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The next day the bus driver still had the dog on her mind. She went over to the same area, however, this time she came prepared with a bag of food. The driver looked all around and finally found the same dog from the day before.

13. Timid Approach

Image: YouTube

At first, the dog was a bit afraid to approach the bus. The dog didn’t get too close and so the bus driver decided to throw out a bag filled with dog food. It was then that their relationship began to blossom. Soon, it turned into a habit and you won’t believe how the pooch waits for his friend every single day.

12. Routine

Image: The Epoch Times

After that one act of kindness the dog immediately warmed up to the bus driver. Now the two follow the same routine, every morning. Every Monday through Friday the dog patiently waits for some food from a dedicated bus driver. And that’s not all!

11. Meetings

Image: The Epoch Times

The bus driver has recorded herself giving the dog his daily bag of food. You can see the pure excitement in his eyes when he finally receives his meal. The dog sits idly by with his tail wagging excitedly.

10. Homeless

Image: Little Things

Unfortunately, with the overwhelming amount of dogs waiting to be adopted it becomes quite difficult to find every dog a home. The bus driver continues to give what she can to the dog each day so that he can continue to survive. But where did the dog come from in the first place?

9. Unknown

Image: Animal Channel

No one knows where exactly the dog came from or if he even belongs to anybody. All that is known is that the daily meal has greatly changed his life as the dog looks healthier and does not look as sickly anymore. Still, the situation isn’t ideal.

8. Reluctant

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To this day, the dog still never gets too close to the bus. He still sits there wagging his tail waiting for his meal to be thrown at him. The bus driver has revealed that she will continue feeding the stray in order to help make his life more comfortable.

It’s incredible what the founder of the association has to say about this beautiful friendship…

7. Patiently Waiting

Image: Winnipeg Free Press

She has continued to feed him every day, Monday to Friday, at the same location,” Kareena Grywinski, founder of Feed The Furbabies Canada, told The Dodo. “He sits and patiently waits every day, no matter what the weather is like.” She continues by saying this heartbreaking thing…

6. Brokenhearted

Image: The Dodo

This community has over a 100 dogs needing to be rescued; it breaks our hearts that we can’t take them all home,” Grywinski explained. Unfortunately many dogs will continue to be homeless, however, small acts of kindness do help keep them healthier and safer.

5. Explanation

Image: Winnipeg Free Press

There just aren’t enough foster homes available for these precious pets. We do the best we can by providing them food and dog houses until a space opens up in a rescue for them,” Grywinski continued to explain.

4. Volunteering

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Volunteers like the bus driver continue to be the driving force behind the organization that is still continuing on with their mission. For now, this dog has a great meal each day that he can look forward to. However, there are still many dogs that still go hungry.

3. Continued Efforts

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Grywinski continues to supply volunteers with food, as feeding the dogs is one of the most expensive issues. “We have people right now working in five different communities,” Grywinski said.

2. Food Shipments

Image: Winnipeg Free Press

I’m usually sending up (a shipment) once every two weeks,” Grywinski explained when asked how volunteers receive the food. She continually hosts fundraisers to keep food coming in so that it is always fresh and ready to be eaten by the pups.

1. Motivating

Image: Winnipeg Sun

It is so motivating to hear stories of others that are going out of their way to make sure that homeless dogs are still receiving food. The bus driver is just one of many who are willing to go the extra mile to help those less fortunate.