You never know what you might find whenever you step foot outside your house, but an otter is surely not what you would expect. Our story is about an orphaned otter who sought help from humans because it had no other place to go. The way the people who found the otter reacted to this is going to amaze you!

19. Cute Otter

This cute little otter is the one who needed help. However, the otter didn’t look this good when she was first found. In fact, you won’t believe what the people who found her thought about the poor animal.

18. Is It A Ferret?

Our story starts when Tamera-Kay Greenwell and her husband entered their garage and saw something weird moving in the corner. They first thought that it was a wild ferret looking for some food, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

17. It’s An Otter

It didn’t take long for the Greenwell family to notice that this creature was, in fact, an otter. But what could it want? What was it doing in the family’s garage?

16. Calling For Help

The otter instantly started crying and screaming when it saw Tamara and her husband. The two people didn’t know if it was scared of them or if it was asking for help.

15. Nearby Creek

Greenwell quickly realized that the otter must be coming from the nearby creek. The creek is known for having otters but then again, what was this one doing in their garage?

14. Needing Help

Greenwell came to the conclusion that the poor otter was orphaned and that she had no other place to go. Without giving it any second thought, Greenwell wrapped the otter in a soft blanket in order to keep her warm. After the otter dried off, Tamara let her go in the wild. What happened next surprised everyone!

13. The Otter Comes Back

Even though Greenwell let the otter leave, this little guy came back in the garage the next day. She knew that something was wrong and she decided to feed it. The poor otter was starving so hard that she couldn’t stop eating…

12. Orphan Otter

The only reason why the otter would come back to the garage is that it didn’t have a home or mother. Knowing this, Tamara decided to take the orphaned otter to the vet and get a full health assessment. Let’s see what the vet had to say about this.

11. Health Assessment

The vet said that the otter’s ear has a small cut, but the animal is completely fine. This made Tamara happy and she decided to keep on taking care of the sad otter. You won’t believe what she did next.

10. Feeding Time

Greenwell thought that it was best for her to adopt the little otter. Even though this might be a little unusual, she knew that the otter’s chances for survival out in the wild were small. The next photo will warm your heart!

9. Cute Little Eyes

As you can clearly see, the orphaned otter is really cute! Seeing how adorable it is, Tamara knew that she must keep her as a pet. But it would turn out to be a challenge…

8. Adoptive Family

Despite the fact that she didn’t know anything about caring for the animal, Tamara still took the otter as her own. Isn’t this amazing?

7. Normal Otter Life

Truth be told, the otter will not live a normal life. However, the animal is surrounded by a loving family that will provide it with care, affection and delicious food!

6. Happy Otter

All that matters now is that the orphaned otter is finally happy and that she has someone to care for it. Let’s look at some pictures of how a luckier otter who didn’t lose its mother is enjoying life on the river.

5. Life On The River

This otter is lucky and she still has its mother around. Don’t they look adorable?

4. Floating On Water

The most amazing thing about looking at these animals is seeing how relaxed they seem to be while floating on water. Make sure to check out what’s coming next because it will bring a smile to your face.

3. Loving Mother

It seems like otters have strong maternal instincts! You can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen to the baby otter as long as its mamma is around.

2. Comfortable Bed

Who needs a bed anymore when they can simply float on water instead? It’s way cheaper and surely more comfortable than any bed!

1.Sleeping All Day Long

The cutest thing about these two is not how fluffy they are, but how much they love sleeping!