There’s a powerful bond between people and their pets, but things get even more amazing when animals fall in love with human babies. It’s like they become siblings and seeing them having fun together is one of the most incredible things ever. With that being said, be ready to be amazed because these following pictures are jaw dropping!

20. Meet Doug

This story starts when Matthew Davis was getting ready to leave his house and he saw this black kitten sitting on his porch. The poor kitten was crying and she was wet from the rain. Matthew knew that he had to do something about this…

19. Adopting Doug

Matthew decided to do the most amazing thing ever and he adopted the little fella, he even named him Doug! Although, this is not the most amazing thing to happen. You won’t believe how Doug reacted to seeing Matthew’s newborn baby!

18. New Family Member

Doug didn’t take long to become an official member of the family and the most amazing thing about this is how he acted around the family’s newborn baby. The cat seemed to fell in love with the baby and Matthew couldn’t believe his eyes how gentle Doug would act around the little boy.

17. Cats And Humans

It looks like Matthew’s decision to save Doug from freezing in the cold rain was the right one. However, there are many other babies who share a strong bond with their cats and you won’t believe how cute they are!

16. Babies And Cats

Even though most people would be afraid to let their children play with cats, there are thousands of stories which show that cats love being around them. In fact, cats somehow realize that babies are special and that they should be gentle with them.

15. Emotional Comfort

Another cool thing about cats is that they can provide emotional comfort to children. The cat feels when the child is feeling sad or shy and it tries to comfort her, just like the one in this picture is doing.

14. Goofing Around

The best part about letting your children play with cats is watching them goof around like these two are doing right now! The next picture is even more hilarious than this one!

13. Feeding Time

The one thing that all children and cats have in common is that they love milk. Isn’t it adorable how that little girl drinks milk at the same time with the cats?

12. Best Friends

Having a cat around is not only going to make your children happier because they have a playmate, but it will also provide them with a best friend. Don’t believe me? Well, check out the next photo and see for yourself.

11. Sleepy Heads

Another thing that all babies and cats share in common is how much they love sleeping. It’s a known fact that babies and cats love to do nothing more than to sleep all day long and this makes them perfect for each other.

10. Big Smile

Just look at that little girl’s big smile! Isn’t this what it’s all about? Making your kids happy is all that matters and it looks like cats can help with that task.

9. Waiting For Mommy

I bet that these two are just waiting for their mommy to come from work and give them some delicious food. The next picture will melt your heart!

8. Sweet Dreams

Who needs a pillow anymore when you can just sleep on a furry cat instead?

7. Fur-Ever Friends

There’s nothing better than to have your best friend always by your side and it looks like these two are inseparable.

6. Bath Time

Isn’t it hilarious how the cat is looking at the baby as if it’s saying “Are you really going in there?”. Getting a cat into the bathtub is never an easy task.

5. Big Smooch

It seems like adopting a cat is the right thing to do for parents who want for their children to always have a friend by their side. Not only that, but I bet that having a cat around the house would make for some great memories.

4. Sharing Food

What better way to show how much you care for your best friend other than sharing your food?

3. Dancing

Is it just me, or does it look like they are dancing?

2. Furry Paws

Isn’t it funny how the little kid is looking at the cat’s paws? It’s like he is comparing them to his hands.

1.Furry Pillow

Who would’ve guessed that cats and children can share such a strong bond? Nonetheless, what really matters is that they love being around each other and that their antics make for some amazing pictures.