Today we have a bunch of silly photos that are going to make your day! These animals are posing like they are on the cover a music album that’s going to top the charts. So if you have your own band and you want some inspiration for your photo shoot, then you better take some lesson from these upcoming rock, folk and rap stars.

20. 90’s Rap Group

Remember when Wu-Tang dropped their first album? This is exactly how their cover art looked like. I bet these pigeons also rap about how hard life can be on the streets. The next guy is a pretty boy…

19. Classic Macho Guy

Every generation had the macho solo pop artist, but none of them can compare with this cool looking Kangaroo. Just look at how strong he is, I wouldn’t want to mess with him. Let’s leave this macho guy alone and move to something more adorable.

18. Mixed Group

This is that alternative rock group that has two female lead singers who always fight between each other while the dudes just play the bass and drums in the back. Nonetheless, this band is adorable and we can be sure that concert security is never going to be a problem with those two rottweilers around.

The next animals are hilarious! They remind me of someone though…

17. Rock Band

These animals look exactly like every rock band album cover you have seen. They have long hair, look cool and they chill out in the wild. They even have horns!! The upcoming band also has a member with horns.

16. Folk Band

This is that classic folk band that everyone hears non stop over the radio. Knowing how wild and loud roosters can be, he is probably the lead vocalist for this band. The upcoming picture is too adorable and hilarious to miss.

15. Metal Band

Just look at how angry these puppies look! I bet they love to sing over hard metal beats. But what do they sing about? “Chasing Cats” must be their biggest hit. Look at the silly cat from the next photo…

14. Selfie

This cat should get the “Selfie of the Year” award. Nonetheless, their album should be dropping anytime now! Keep reading to see the angriest album cover until now.

13. The Angry Chickens

These chickens look like they’re about to drop the angriest rap album yet! This album is going to call for all the other chickens and start a revolution against KFC! Colonel Sanders should be on the lookout from now on. The next monkey is priceless!

12. Fire Mixtape

It seems like this mandrill is getting ready to drop some knowledge on us. Where can I find his album? Is it on Spotify? Nonetheless, make sure to scroll down if you want to have a good laugh.

11. Chill Dudes

This is the classic album cover that all chill rock bands love to take. Isn’t it hilarious how their hair looks in the wind? Talking about funny hair, you need to see the next picture!

10. The Wild Boys

No one should mess with these penguins! They look so mean, especially with that spiked hair of theirs. Although, their album must sound amazing. Maybe they are the animal version of Bestie Boys.

9. Angry Owl and Cool Dog

Isn’t it funny how the small guy is always the angry one in every band? I wonder what that owl sings about, maybe about the nightlife. Curious to see the Spice Girls?

8. The New Spice Girls

Get ready to listen to a new pop album because the animal version of the Spice Girls have already shot their album cover and they are getting to drop their latest songs. Check out the next picture to see another cat band.

7. Grunge Band

These cats look way too much like a grunge band. If we were to compare them with another grudge band, it would have to be Nirvana because the far right cat looks too much like Kurt Cobain.

The next emo bunny is so funny!

6. The Emo Rabbit

From the looks of it, this emo rabbit is getting ready to drop a brand-new album about the problems of hopping around all day. A cool name for the album would be “Hopping Mad”.

5. Good Boys

Is this the animal version of “Fall Out Boy”? If that’s true, then they should be called “Fall Out GOOD Boy”.

4. Rapping Dog

This dog looks like he is about to get real with everyone and tell people why he is not a good boy on his newest rap album. What’s coming next is going to crack you up!

3. Classic Boy Band

This is that classic boy band that releases two or three albums and then breaks up. This is what always happens with them and One Direction is a great example. These llamas look quite similar to One Direction’s members, don’t you think?

2. Family Music

Do you like Mumford and Sons? Well, then the new family album these Meerkats released is going to be right up your alley.

1. Choir

This is that choir group where everyone has amazing voice power and try to outdo each other on every other verse. I can already hear the “Lion King” theme song playing in my head.