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15+ Stunning Animal Creations That Show Why They’re Nature’s Greatest Artists

We think of us as the most intelligent, the most creative species on earth. But nature has always surprised us with its beauty. While an artist has to sit down and paint/design his idea into reality, animals while just being animals, can create some mesmerizing stuff.

Here’s a list of 20 such beautiful animal creations ready to impress you.

20. Ants


Ants are one of the most hardworking species on earth and very good laborers. Just look at this complex architecture if you think they are not intelligent creatures.

19. Pufferfish


In a bid to attract a mate, a male pufferfish makes such pattern by flapping his fins on the sea floor. Lady pufferfish is attracted towards such pattern, and the more complex pattern the male pufferfish can make, the better his chances get.

 18. Bowerbirds


If you think you do enough to impress your female colleagues just have a look at what the male Vogelkop bowerbird does. First, it makes a hut just for mating using twigs and grass, the birds never live in them. Then he starts his search for various brightly colored objects, collects a good amount of them and decorates the entrance of the huts. All these are just for attracting the female bird and nothing is used later.

17. Spiders


This might look terrific and ghostly to some, but it was a common scene in Pakistan during floods. Spiders created this eerily beautiful web-covered trees to avoid the flood disaster.

16. Caddisfly larvae


The classy caddisfly builds such tough colorful cocoons for its larvae using pebbles, weeds, sand, or any other bright thing they find.

15. Red Ovenbirds


The red ovenbirds put in some decent efforts to get their perfect nests. Their commitment to getting perfect material for their nests is very appreciable. They might go up to 2,000 flights searching for the perfect clay, mud, and grass.

14. Spongilla fly


A Spongilla fly, most probably you have heard about this creature for the first time, is a tiny scavenger fly whose larvae reside in lakes and rivers and feed off sponges. This lovely sponge-like web is weaved by a female spongilla fly when she lays eggs.

13. Mud daubers


Mud daubers lay their larvae in these fascinating tubes. Later, they fill them up with paralyzed insects and seal them shut. The larvae right after hatching start eating the paralyzed insects and break away from the tubes.

12. Wasps


The strength of the jaws of wasps is terrifying. They can chew off wood and leave a paper trail like above.

 11. European red wood ants


The anthill might look little to us, but think of it from the tiny ant’s perspective, how gigantic!

If you aren’t still impressed, a view from inside of it, shedding some light on its complexity can make you breathless.

10. Sociable weavers


The sociable weavers stay in southern Africa and make these gigantic nests. These serve as a home for coming generations of the weavers.

9. Graduate Spiders


The planet’s master web-weavers create a lot of astonishing designs. One of this is the “egg sac” of a graduate spider.

8. Weaver Ants


Not all ants carve out beautiful sand castles to stay, weaver ants use leaves to build their hanging palaces.

7. Baya weavers


The baya weaver weaves an odd-shaped but beautiful nest and hangs it above waterways to stay safe from the reach of predators.

6. Compass termites


This might look like a video game but the towers in this field of Australia are actually home of termites. They are built in such a way that they face north and south staying away from direct sunlight and have a good internal ventilation system to keep it cool.

5. Sparrows


The strong sparrow nets are built only from bird spit and mud.

4. Beavers


It will be criminal to not include beavers on our list. The original carpenters of nature, these little creatures can gentle down the pacy rivers or bend however they want.

3. Osmia avosetta bees


This rare set of bees doesn’t settle for a standard beehive. They craft a three-layered architecture and decorate the outermost layer with flower petals.

2. Montezuma oropendolas


The very social Montezuma oropendolas birds build these hanging colonies from vines and grass which look like stylish chandeliers.

1. Great Barrier Reef



The massive Great Barrier Reef encompasses 350,000 square meters. You will be thrilled to know that most of its part is made up of living organisms. The living organisms neither had any tool nor any tutorial, they just synchronized their way to get the beautiful reef structure. The bright colored artistic reef structure attracts a lot of sea fauna and is surely one of the most amazing animal creation.

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