Even though depression is a state of mind, it will affect every aspect of your life. People who are depressed don’t have the will to do anything and in some cases, depression makes people not able to communicate with their loved ones. Today we are going to present you the heartbreaking story of a mom who’s depression got so bad that she couldn’t connect with her children anymore, but everything changed when she received an amazing gift.

20. Depression


It’s difficult to understand what being depressed feels like if you never had it before and even though some people might not think that it’s a serious condition, depression will take a heavy toll on anyone’s life. Just look at the next picture and you’ll see what I am talking about.

19. Nguyen Thi Hang


The woman we are seeing in this picture is Nguyen Thi Hang and depression changed her life in the worst way. As you can clearly tell, Hang isn’t able to give her children the attention they need, not even when they are crying. You won’t believe for how long Hang has been feeling like this.

18. How it Started


“By age 17, a deep pit of depression had taken over my existence. Like an empty carcass, I had lost any spark of life”, said Hang when asked about how it all started. Can you imagine how tough it must be for her to feel like this for years on end? At that point, she didn’t know that her life will soon change.

17. Teenage Years


Being a teenager is the best time of your life. The only real worry teenagers have is school and their main activity is having fun. However, this was not the case for Hang because depression took her will away. Let’s see what caused Hang’s depression to be so tough on her.

16. Emotional Instability


It all started with Hang’s early childhood when she needed to live with her grandparents because her father and mother needed to work in a different province. She still remembers crying every day because she missed her parents so much. However, she wasn’t expecting this to happen when she got back.

15. Reunited Family


As Hang got older she was reunited with her family, but things didn’t go as she expected. She always dreamed of being reunited with her mom and dad, but after being with her parents for a couple of months she realized that they don’t get along too well. Hang’s parents would fight non stop and this led to the inevitable

14. Divorce


After living for a couple of years with her parents, they had a divorce. This made Hang’s depression became even worse and she wasn’t able to sleep anymore. Her parents even took her to a hospital where they diagnosed her with paranoia and hysteria. Luckily, she was just about to meet her husband.

13. Meeting Someone Special


One day Hang lost her identity card and the man who found it and returned it to her would turn up to become her husband. This was a ray of sunshine in Hang’s rainy life, especially since her husband was understanding of her depression.

12. Depression Comes Back


Sadly, depression came back and Hang was feeling worse than ever. The worst thing about this was the fact that she couldn’t take care of children anymore and this took a heavy toll on her mind. However, things were about to change when one of her aunts visited her.

11. Auntie’s Teachings


One day, Hang’s aunt came to live with them for a while. Hang didn’t know much about the aunt, just that her other relatives said she was mean. To Hang’s surprise, the aunt was really nice to her and compassionate with her children. This visiting aunt would give Hang a gift that would heal her depression!

10. Precious Gift


The aunt saw how depressed Hang was and that she wasn’t able to do anything else than to lay in bed all day long. This is when she decided to give Hang a precious gift which will get rid of her depression. But what kind of gift was this?

9. Falun Dafa


The gift wasn’t something material, but a word of advice. The aunt told Hang to read the book of Falun Dafa and try meditation practice. Hang was skeptic at first, but the aunt reassured her that things would be better if she did this. Hang realized that she didn’t have anything to lose and she picked up the Falun Dafa book. What happened next is amazing!

8. Reading the Book


Hang started reading the book her aunt told her about and she was fascinated right from the start. The book was teaching her about life principles and how to self-cultivate her mood. Hang started feeling better and one day she even got a surge of energy which motivated her to do house chores, something which she never does. Seeing this, Hang decided to do THIS…

7. Meditation


Hang started practicing Falun Dafa every day and her mood was getting better. This was truly amazing because she tried Western medicine and it didn’t work, but mediation was doing the trick. But how does it work?

6. Falun Standing Stance


This is how calm Hang looks while practicing the famous Falun Standing Stance. This is the second exercise in the book and she’s already mastered it. Nonetheless, now that her mental state was improved she could finally take good care of her children. And this is not all!

5. Calm Meditation


Hang says that even though depression might strike her back, now she knows what to do. She instantly goes to meditate and her mood slowly gets better. What do you think her family has to say about Hang’s progress against depression?

4. Happy Family


Hang’s husband says that he is glad to see her wife is doing okay and that they finally have the chance to be a happy family. Check out the next picture to see how happy Hang looks nowadays.

3. Big Smiles


As you can clearly see from this picture, Hang doesn’t get sad anymore and she loves to smile instead. The other amazing thing about this picture is that it shows us how happy her kids are to have their mother around.

2. Before & After


Looking at this before and after comparison, it seems like we are looking at two different people. The gift Hang received from her aunt was something unexpected, but it worked wonders. Check out what Hang has to say about this.

1. Amazing Practice


“Falun Dafa not only saved my life but gave me spiritual fulfillment, showed me the true meaning of life, and enabled me to be responsible to my family and society”, said Hang. Maybe we should give Falun Dafa a try seeing the good impact it had on Hang’s life.