Deadpool is a former Special Forces operative and he is immortal. This guy is not your usual Marvel superhero because he doesn’t always use his superpowers and fighting skills for good. In fact, Deadpool is a mercenary and today we are going to show you how he wrestles with alligators! The man from our story was only dressed as the famous superhero but still…

20. Not This Deadpool

Deadpool is the main character of our story, but not the Deadpool you know and love. This guy isn’t Ryan Reynolds, but a professional alligator wrestler. As crazy as that job might sound, it does really exist.

19. Real Alligator

While the superhero might not be real, the alligator is 100% real. Let’s see how and why Deadpool decided to wrestle one of the world’s most ferocious predators.

18. Alligator Fight

These two alligators live on the Colorado Gator Farm and as we can clearly see, they started fighting. One of the alligators got hurt pretty bad and Deadpool came to rescue him.

17. Deadpool To The Rescue!

One of the alligators was badly injured and Deadpool needed to do something about it. If he didn’t step in, the hurt alligator’s life was in danger. The next picture will send shivers down your spine!

16. Bone Crushing Bite

The alligator can bite so hard that he crushes bones! With that being said, Deadpool made sure to call a friend to lend him a helping hand. The next picture will show you how strong Deadpool really is.

15. Superhero Strength

Even though this Deadpool might not be the one from the movies, he is actually pretty strong. Do you think you could hold down an angry alligator? Here’s what he does next…

14. Angry Alligator

The worst thing about wrestling alligators is that they are super angry. Deadpool was having a hard time calming the animal, but the man in the blue shirt came up with this risky but brilliant idea…

13. Calming The Alligator

The man in the blue shirt came up with a brilliant idea to calm the alligator, but he needed to take a huge risk! What he does next will make your jaw drop.

12. Petting The Gator

Without giving it any second thought, the man puts his hand on the alligator’s head. This is a super risky move, but it’s nothing in comparison with what’s coming next!

11. Mouth Shut

As the alligator was focusing on the left hand, the man moved quickly and close his mouth shut. However, there was something else that Deadpool needed to do to make sure that the alligator stays calm and you won’t believe what that is.

10. No Vision

The best way to ensure that the alligator doesn’t start biting them was to cover his eyes. Would you have the courage to keep your hands this close to a gator?

9. Hard To Breathe

While the mask looks cool, it was getting quite hard for Deadpool to breathe in it. Keep reading to see who is hiding underneath the mask!

8. Jason McDonald

Yep, this is not Ryan Reynolds! The man beneath the mask is Jason McDonald who is a professional alligator wrestler. Even though he might not be immortal like Deadpool, I think it’s safe to say that his bravery makes him a superhero anyway.

7. A Closer Look

Now that the alligator was stabilized, the two men started analyzing his wound. The wound was looking bad and the men needed to take care of it.

6. Treating The Wound

Jason McDonald and his friend start treating the wound so it won’t get infected. However, this was just the easy part. What they needed to do next will leave you in awe.

5. Sewing The Wound

The wound was pretty serious and the two alligator wrestlers needed to sew it. This is when things got risky because the alligator didn’t know what was happening and he kept trying to bite the men who were helping him out.

4. The Job Is Done

Now that the wound was cleaned and sewed, the two men needed to release the angry alligator. Do you think they manage to do this without getting bitten?

3. The Hard Part

Catching the alligator is not the hard part, releasing him is actually riskier. Luckily, the two alligator wrestlers knew what they were doing and had a special technique for situations like this.

2. Releasing The Alligator

The two men picked up the super heavy alligator and carried him into the water. Check out the next picture to see what happened next.

1. Freedom!

The alligator was released next to the water. To make things even better, Jason McDonald and his friends are already looking to move the hurt alligator to another farm where he won’t get in fights.