Are you ready for the most heartwarming pictures of the unexpected friendship between a bear cub and a cat? Even though bears and cats are not known to usually get along, this cute little bear makes an exception to that rule. Nonetheless, get ready to see some of the most adorable pictures ever!

20. Ka Wao

This little cub is called Ka Wao and as you can clearly see, his best friend is a cat! How do you think this friendship started?

19. Unlikely Friendship

The bear cub and the cat became friends since the moment they first saw each other. They both live at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) rescue center and that’s where they first met. Prepare to be drowned in cuteness!

18. Cute Bear

It seems like everyone forgot to tell Ka Wao that bears are ferocious! This little cub loves to play around all day long and he enjoys spending time with his feline friend. The next picture will melt your heart.

17. Adorable Picture

How can someone ever get mad at this cute guy? I had no idea that bear cubs can be so adorable, did you? But there’s something that you need to know about  Ka Wao…

16. Mamma Bear

You know what’s even more amazing than the fact that Ka Wao is best friends with a cat? The fact that he was never supposed to be born in the first place. Make sure you keep reading to find out why.

15. Gallamair and Kaka

Gallamair and Kaka are the little cub’s parents and they weren’t supposed to have any babies. In fact, the folks who work at the rescue center wanted to make sure of that by doing this next thing to Kaka…

14. Bear Vasectomy

The rescue center performed a vasectomy on the papa bear. Although, the operation wasn’t successful and Ka Wao was born. What happened next surprised everyone!

13. Feline Friend

“Ka Wao is a very mischievous, adventurous little cub”, says one of the caretakers. These traits might be what helped him become friends with the cat. Then, the adventure started!

12. Going On Adventures

The cutest thing about this little cub is that he loves going on adventures. He always takes his feline friend with him and starts exploring the rescue center, just looking for some trouble. And sometimes they find it…

11. Big Bear

We can’t stop from wondering what will happen when Ka Wao grows into a big bear. Will they still be BFFs? Ka Wao isn’t the only one to share an unusual bond with another animal, just look at these adorable unlikely friendships!

10. Unusual Friendships

Hugging isn’t only for humans! The upcoming pictures will make your jaw drop!

9. Bubbles and Bella

Bubbles the African Elephant is best friends with Bella the black Labrador. Now, this is a truly unusual friendship and Bubbles needs to make sure not to ever step on Bella. Have you ever seen a giraffe and an ostrich cuddling? Check them out in the next photo.

8. Giraffe and Ostrich

While this friendship might be unusual, at least they have something in common! I bet that the only thing they talk about is the struggle of having long necks.

7. Dog And Fox

Even though dogs are usually hunting foxes, this is not the case for Tinni. Tinni is a friendly dog that started an unlikely romance with Sniffer the wild fox. If you think this friendship is unbelievable, then you really need to see what’s coming next.

6. Dog And Owl

Isn’t this friendship adorable? I bet this is the first time you see a dog hanging out with an owl on his lap. Talking about adorable dogs, the next photo will make you laugh out loud. 

5. Fred And Dennis

As you can clearly see, Fred the Labrador is very protective of his little duckling friend named Dennis. To make things even more amazing, Fred saved the little duckling from a fox that was trying to eat it!

4. Cute Puppies

It looks like the chicken’s maternal instincts kicked in right when these little puppies were born. If there’s something we can be sure about, then it must be that those puppies are never going to get cold while the chicken is around.

3. Lion And Dog

This dog is called Milo and he befriended the king of the jungle! The reason why the lion is so caring for Milo is that the dog took care of him when he was little.

2. Fox And Cat

Can you imagine how much fun these two friends have? They were spotted near Lake Van, Turkey and not much is known about their unusual friendship other than that they love spending time together.

1. Bear And Tiger

Is this the Jungle Book? No, it’s not! I don’t think anyone is going to mess with this man while he is being guarded by a huge bear and a tiger.