Who says that cops are heartless? Even though they might give us tickets without any issues, they become sweethearts when they meet with cute dogs. Police Officer Joshua Sailor who works in Queens showed the entire world that cops want to make a difference when he adopted little Mila from an abandoned building.

20. Love At First Sight


This is Police Officer Joshua Sailor and right by his side, you can see Mila. The two met in bad circumstances, but it was love at first sight! You won’t believe how bad Mila looked when Joshua found her…

19. Adopting Mila


Mila was trapped inside an abandoned building and Joshua came to help her since he works in an emergency service unit of cops that takes care of dangerous problems. Little did Joshua know, he would end up adopting Mila!

18. Healthy Pup


Mila looks healthy and happy! Although, things were not going well for her when Joshua found her trapped in an abandoned building. Click next and see for yourself!

17. Mila Was Not Looking Good



As you can clearly see, Mila was sad and hurt. Someone chained her in the abandoned building and she was left without food and water for days on end! Luckily, some neighbors called 911 and Joshua was sent there.

16. Hungry Dog



Joshua unchained Mila as quickly as he could and fed her. He knew that she had been mistreated just by looking at her. Let’s see what Joshua had to say about his first encounter with Mila.

15. The Dog Needs Love



“She ran right up to me. I realized that this dog needed a lot of love and I have a lot of love to give”, said Joshua. However, what Joshua saw on the door that kept Mila trapped shocked him! You won’t believe what the Police Officer saw!

14. B***** Scratch Marks



The thing that scared the Police Officer was the fact that Mila scratched the door so much that she left blood on it. This was a terrific sight and the man knew that he needed to help Mila get better.

13. Helping Mila



“She damaged her nail beds. She was so thin you could see her hip bones and her head was so much bigger than her body”, said Joshua. This is when he knew that he needed to adopt Mila…

12. To The Vet!



Joshua didn’t waste any time and he took Mila straight to the vet. Even though most dogs would be afraid of the vet, Mila showed everyone how special she really is. Keep reading to see what happened at the vet.

11. Mila Is Fearless



“She came running into the room and ran straight to me, ignoring the treats that they had put out on the floor. I’ll admit I got a little chocked up. I said, ‘That’s it, she’s coming home with me’.” added the Police Officer.

10. They Need Each Other



The most amazing thing about this entire story is that Joshua says he needs Mila as much as he needs her. Adopting her was a win-win scenario for him. Let’s see why the Police Officer says he needs Mila so much.

9. Animal Lover



The Police Officer has loved animals all his life. He even worked at the vet’s office for a while and this is why he always wanted a dog. It seems like both Joshua and Mila are lucky to have found each other. And that’s not all!

8. Joshua’s Girlfriend Is Jealous!


Joshua and Mila spend so much time together that his girlfriend is a bit jealous of them. Joshua is kidding with the part about his girlfriend, but he does really spend a lot of time with Mila.

7. Best Friends



Joshua says that Mila is just like his best friend and that the thing he loves the most about her is how happy she is, especially when knowing that she was in such a bad place before they met.

6. Forgetting The Past



Joshua knows that Mila was mistreated and he wants to make sure that she forgets all about that by giving her as much love as he can. Isn’t this amazing?

5. Queens Police Officer


This Police Officer wants to make a change in the world every time he puts on the uniform and seeing how much he has changed Mila’s life, we think it’s safe to say that he is making a wonderful job.

4. Joshua Is Being Honored


Another amazing thing that came from this story is the fact that the ASPCA will honor the Queens Police Officer for his amazing deeds. Check out the next picture to see what the ASPCA has to say about Joshua Sailor.

3. Dedication and Compassion


“The ASPCA is proud to recognize Officer Sailor and the other officers and assistants district attorneys we’ll be honoring next week. Their extraordinary dedication and compassion have directly benefited countless animals and demonstrate the importance of helping animals.”

2. Inspiring Story



Let’s hope other people take Joshua Sailor’s actions as an example and start helping the ones in need, especially dogs who are being mistreated by their owners.

1.Lots Of Treats



The Police Officer says that he makes sure to give Mila lots of treats every day so that she knows she is loved and that nothing bad is ever going to happen to her. Isn’t this sweet?