Last January, life came to a standstill all around Portland Oregon and the adjoining States. As a matter of fact, Seattle reporters stated that a recent winter storm walloped the region with piles of snow.

While it may be true that the roads got blocked, schools had to abrupt class schedules and all, animals, on the other hand, seemed to have an awful lot of fun. This story is bound to amuse you in the most heartwarming manner…

20. Winter Storm Hits Several States


A massive winter storm took up the local Oregon Zoo by surprise. Zookeepers had to call it off early; somehow they entrusted the animals to their shelters and security cameras to make sure everything stays in order.

19. Life Got a Bit On The Dull Side, But Wait…


Many people avoided going on. In fact, during the high winter season, people rarely visit the zoo except for a few special occasions.

18. Animals Basking In The Ambience of Wintery Snow


However, these pictures and videos of unsuspecting animals enjoying the snowy season has melted the hearts of millions from around the world.

17. Zoo Videos Go Viral For a Special Reason


Some of the videos of different zoos were posted on the internet. The officials from Oregon Zoo went as far to share images of these cuddly animals at the zoo’s Facebook page. It ensured laughter and tons of smiles because these animals seemed to be having on helluva’ time. Something about snowstorms in Portland occasionally “persuades” even the zookeepers to remain indoors.

16. Portland and Seattle Hit Peak Snow Record Of All Time


Back in 2008, and 2017, the storms were so severe in Seattle and Portland that zookeepers had to take leave from their work.

15. Animals Remained Safe Though


In order to ensure animals’ safety, they double checked the security cameras to capture all the ongoing activities.

14. Security Cameras Captured Everything!


The cameras were kept operational despite the holidays to protect the animals. On the contrary, the video and images feed later surprised the officials on a humorous note. On Twitter, these images got over 20,000 retweets and shares.

13. These Four Legged Friends Had The Most Fun


For instance, a polar bear, seals, an otter or two and an elephant were caught doing the weirdest things. The elephant part is unbelievable because these big fellas’ normally don’t come out in the winter season, or while it’s snowing.

12. Sometimes Happiness Is In The Unlikeliest of Circumstances


Perhaps the animals were in a fun mood that day. A polar bear was caught taking slides. This cute guy even made his own snow angel by lying down in muck and snow and rolling around to his satisfaction.

11. The Shy Elephant Video Hits Record High On The Net


But that’s not all – the frolicking elephant seemed to be reluctant at first. Later on, he shoveled around a pile of snow with his trunk. As the big guy gained confidence, he decided to hurl snow all over him and other animals within range.

10. Official Zoo Videos Shared on Facebook

MSN News

These official zoo videos also gained an immense amount of traction on YouTube. In spite of the city’s troubles, the animals took full advantage of the snow and chill effect. These cute little Pandas let it all out in the snow when they realized what’s going on.

9. Some Animals Couldn’t Stay Away from Snow At All!

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Penguins had their own display of affection and excitement upon discovering foot deep layers of snow. What really surprised zookeepers and online viewers was the fact that those animals that are usually associated with warm weather just hurled around in the snow without any issues.

8. Even The Dogs Went Through Muck and Snow

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Wild dogs in captivity took turns as they slid around a natural snowy slide in the zoo.

7. Zookeepers Express Their Views After Watching Security Cam Footage

Back in the Woodland Park Zoo, officials stated, “Most of the animals have indoor and outdoor access. It means that they can move around as they please. But we were surprised to find out that these animals enjoyed their furs off without any issues or whatsoever.”

6. It Isn’t Just Polar Bears and Otters…


Another zookeeper from the Northern Trail exhibit said that many animals, including wolves, grizzly bears and elks braved the snow despite the severe weather conditions.

5. A Mouse and Fox Chase on Snowy Grounds


On the opposite, these unusual suspects not only investigated the landscape but enjoyed as well.

4. Zoo Reopens After Snow Storm


Otters, birds and many other critters expressed their joy for the winter season in their own cute way. The zoo reopened after the wave of winter season passed.

3. Zoo Officials Surprised to See a Massive Audience


When the zoos finally reopened, it brought in a flurry of locals who wanted to see the animals basking in whatever remained of the snow piles.

2. Winter Season May Be Over But…


By now, the Winter season is long gone, but let it be a strong reminder of the fact that animals can be clumsy and have fun under the oddest circumstances.

1. Stay Safe Out There


More than 40 percent of the U.S. States reported an average depth of 4 inches of snow, but it didn’t deter the spirit of happiness among birds and animals from all over.