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Meet Pigcasso, The Pig Whose Paintings Sell For Thousands Of Dollars

Meet Pigcasso, The Pig Whose Paintings Sell For Thousands Of Dollars

Pigcasso was rescued with his sister Rosie from a slaughterhouse that’s located near Cape Town. The two pigs were saved by Joanne Lefson who came up with the amazing idea to give Pigcasso a brush and some paint. Little did the woman know, Pigcasso’s paintings would end up selling for thousands of dollars!

20. Meet Pigcasso

These two are Pigcasso and Joanne, the woman who saved her from slaughter. Joanne saved the pig back in May 2016 and she has been honing her painting skills ever since! As crazy as this sounds, the pig’s paintings are selling really well!

19. Professional Painter

Even though you would never expect a pig to paint better than an average person, Pigcasso’s art is quite impressive. The pig loves to paint landscapes and people love to buy her art, but let’s see how this all started.

18. The Beginning

It all started in May 2016 when Joanne Lefson saved Pigcasso and her sister Rosie. Joanne had no idea that she was actually discovering a talent and she took the two pigs to a farm in Franschhoek.

17. Animal Sanctuary

The farm where Joanne took Pigcasso and her sister is actually her own pet rescue sanctuary. The sanctuary was still being built when the two pigs arrived and this is how Pigcasso managed to find a brush and paint. And then the magic happened!

16. Fooling Around

The woman thought that the pig was just fooling around when she first saw Pigcasso picking up a brush in her mouth. However, she decided to jokingly give the pig a canvas. What happened next will amaze you!

15. Empty Canvas

Joanne handed Pigcasso an empty canvas and left her alone. You won’t believe what she found when she returned!

14. Pigcasso Is An Artist

The woman couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she returned. The pig took the brush in his mouth and created art! Joanne was still in disbelief and she decided to hand her another empty canvas.

13. Cool Paintings

Pigcasso didn’t disappoint and he created another amazing picture. Joanne found this to be hilarious and decided to post some pictures on the internet. This was a great move from her because it attracted the attention of many art enthusiasts.

12. Getting Attention

Even though Joanne uploaded the pictures because she thought it was funny, people started asking her about how much she charged for the paintings. What do you think she did next?

11. The Paintings Are Expensive

Joanne realized that more and more people want to purchase Pigcasso’s paintings and she listed them for sale. To her surprise, this amazing thing happened next!

10. The Paintings Sell Super Fast

To Joanne’s surprise, the paintings sold super fast. She couldn’t believe that Pigcasso was actually making money, but she was happy that this was happening. How many painting do you believe Pigcasso sold over the course of time?

9. 44 Paintings Sold!

Joanne says that she managed to sell 44 paintings that Pigcasso made. Isn’t this amazing? And that’s not all!

8. Pigcasso Is Not A Diva

To make things even better, Joanne said that the attention Pigcasso is getting has not gotten to her head. Pigcasso is still an ordinary pig that loves nothing more than to eat and sleep all day long. The next photo is hilarious!

7. Global Celebrity

One of the most amazing things about Pigcasso’s paintings is that they have been sold all over the world. At first, most of the paintings started selling in the US but then it moved on to the UK, South Korea and even Malaysia.

6. Still Humble


While most people would let fame and money get to their head, this isn’t the case for Pigcasso. This artistic pig doesn’t care at all about being famous and the only thing that it loves doing more than anything is to paint on empty canvases.

5. Art Exhibition

The most amazing thing about this entire story is that Pigcasso actually launched her own exhibition! Can you believe that? An art exhibition led by a pig.

4. Special Pig

Pigcasso is officially the first non-human being in the world that headlined her own exhibition. Now this proves to us that Pigcasso is truly a special pig. You won’t believe how the exhibition is being called.

3. The OINK Exhibition


Joanne wanted to make sure that everyone knows who is headlining this exhibition and called it “OINK”. Also, Joanne wanted to use the spotlight of the exhibition to shed some light on important matters. Check out the next picture to see what this is all about.

2. Animal Agriculture

Joanne wants to take advantage of the media attention that Pigcasso’s art gallery is receiving in order to highlight the effect of animal agriculture on the planet. Let’s hope that Joanne is able to accomplish her goal.

1. Talented Pig

If there’s something that we can take from this story, it must be the fact that artists are born and not made!


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