The 20th century was marked by multiple terrible wars and a nuclear crisis caused by the rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union. With that potential conflict out of the way, we’ve got North Korea and its weapons of mass destruction to worry about.

In case a nuclear armageddon happens, most of us would not have a fully operational bunker to slip into and wait for the debris and radiation to subside. But this rich gentleman has a majestic nuclear bunker that would allow him to withstand any conditions with style.

It cost 17.5 million dollars to build, and these photos from inside the bunker show the luxury that some can enjoy regardless of the dire consequences that the future might bring to the rest of humanity.

27. It’s Deep, Large And Safe

This bunker is set in 32 acres of land and has 14 000 ft of living space. Its walls are 3 feet thick, and you can be sure that no ant colonizers will find a way to infiltrate. On top of that, the safety is increased by a CCTV (video surveillance) system that ensures you know everything that goes inside. The bunker also has a very interesting secret that might surprise you.

26. The Location And The Bunker’s Origin

When these photos were first released, many viewers assumed that the bunker was built from scratch. It looks pretty modern, and it’s equipped with all the latest luxurious technology. But in fact, this bunker was used as a military base in the past.

25. The Surrounding Area

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It is located in Savannah, Georgia, and it was built in 1969, specifically to keep military officials safe in case of a nuclear attack by the Soviets. The extra thick walls of this bunker can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear explosion. There are no buildings or human crowds surrounding the bunker which make it less susceptible to nuclear attacks. But what makes this bunker so special?

24. The Bunker Is Huge!

This bunker is huge, and it was created with a vision of sustaining over 100 people until the situation becomes safe enough to step outside. For this reason, it has multiple bedrooms, a large kitchen, a classroom and all the necessities to lead a relatively normal life while inside. The next photo shows what the multiple apartments within this bunker look like. And you won’t believe how luxurious they are!

23. Staying Classy

As you can see, each apartment has its own bedroom, bathroom, and a living room with a bed, a couch and a family table. With more than 14000ft of living space, the bunker was not designed to only save the lives of a few military officials, but of their family members as well. And here are a few photos that show what the apartments actually look like. You’ll be shocked!

22. The Living Space

The cool thing about these apartments is that they’re made in a very military fashion, and all of them are basically the same. You got the same furniture, the same appliances, the same technological capabilities. Stealing something from another apartment would not be an upgrade, you’d just have a duplicate of the same item you have at home. Basically, in this scenario the Eight Commandment becomes obsolete!

Leaving the jokes aside, the bunker is filled with luxurious pieces of furniture and after seeing the following photos… you won’t be surprised that it’s so expensive!

21. Inside The Bunker

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As you can see, this bunker does not have only the basic necessities that you’d expect. It’s also well-equipped with all the luxurious needs a billionaire would expect from such a life-sustaining facility. Here we see a swimming pool and a garden that is sustained by artificial lighting. If you’re not impressed yet, then you need to see the rest of the photos!

20. The Wine Cellar

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It also has an amazing collection of expensive wines in its wine cellar, hidden far beneath the Earth’s surface. In case you’re a wine lover, surviving the apocalypse from inside this bunker could, strangely enough, feel like taking a vacation. It has a secret that makes it indestructible, and you won’t believe what it is!

19. A Special Design

The bedrooms are not filled with crowded bunk beds as other bunkers are. This one only has king-sized beds and fluffy pillows. You won’t believe how the bathrooms look like! Check them out at #10 and #9.

18. The Living Room

But that’s not all, this bunker has a nurse’s room, decontamination showers and tons of valuable products and foods that would last you a dozen lifetimes. Now, it almost sounds like I’m trying to sell you this bunker, but it’s not for sale. At least for now. But there is an interesting secret about this nuclear bunker that will surprise you.

17. Modern Style

This nuclear bunker base was built in a style that is now fairly outdated. It looked like something out of a Fallout game, in terms of the appliances and the furniture. But it has been completely renovated in 2012., and it looks pretty indeed. But what about the most important room of an apartment?

16. Movie Theatre

Do you any other bunker that has a movie theatre? Well, this one has and it’s enough room for everyone to enjoy a comedy while the rest of the world is fighting a nuclear war. But hey, let’s not judge and move on to the best looking bathroom that we’ve ever seen in a shelter.

15. The Bathroom!

Yes, the only place where a man can get some well-deserved peace and quiet. Unfortunately, we have a fairly weak angle in this bathroom photo, but it does look like something I could get used to. The next photo shows us the rest of the room though, and it’s SPECTACULAR!

14. Better Than A Hotel

Naturally, the bunker has a well developed modern sewage system, so the apocalypse survivors at least won’t have to worry about that. Ready to see the modern kitchen? It will blow you away!

13. The Kitchen

The kitchen is bigger than most of us have at home, and it’s fully equipped! We wouldn’t mind having dinner at that table, but the next photo is even more impressive!

12. Pure Luxury

As you can see, every room is not only cozy but pretty luxurious and impressive. However, the next photo might get you a bit claustrophobic…

11. The Hallway

There’s not much to complain about here, but this hallway does look a bit narrow. I can imagine being stuck down there for years and feeling the walls closing around you at times. Hopefully, the neighbors don’t make much noise…

Let’s take a look at the outside part of the bunker!

10. Outside The Bunker

Considering that this is not a hotel, but a nuclear shelter, it also has a few military vehicles that would come in handy if someone would need to leave the bunker at some point. The garage is pretty impressive as well…

9. The Garage

This part of the bunker is not underground, as you would expect. But it’s still protected by thick walls and metal doors.

Although this is the most expensive bunker ever built, there are a lot of other places like this all over the world, that are equally impressive and interesting. You’ll be amazed by the huge differences. Check them out in the following photos!

8. Other Powerful Bunkers

This little house might make you think about LOTR and the homes of the Hobbits. It was actually built with that style in mind, but just like a Hobbit house, there are additional rooms firmly planted below the ground. This is a nuclear bunker, but we were not allowed any photos from the inside. The next bunker on this list is far more transparent though.

7. Scottish 0-809

Believe it or not, this bunker was built in WWII. Scotland is rarely mentioned in WWII classes, but the Scotsman did prepare for any unfortunate scenario. Once the Americans bombed Japan, the Scots decided to upgrade their nuclear defenses as well. The 0-809 is a remnant of that past, but in case of a nuclear war, it would still serve its purpose.

6. The Watchtower

No one knows what kinds of mutants might develop from the radiation. This watchtower is part of the Scottish bunker, and it provides a great post for checking out the vast area surrounding the bunker.

5. Tourist Attraction

Parts of this enormous bunker nowadays serve as a tourist attraction. Getting inside the bunker is not permitted, but various watchtowers and emergency exits scattered around the place are still worthy of visiting for anyone interested in historical military architecture.

 4. The Swamp Bunker

Sorry, but I’ll have to make another movie reference. IS THIS SHREK’S SWAMP HOUSE OR WHAT?? But in reality, this shack does not belong to Shrek nor is it part of the Elder Scrolls universe. It’s an entrance to a fully operational bunker. Why was it created in such a cool shack-like style? Beats me, but it definitely looks better than large cement blocks.

3. The Dugout Home

This is a dugout house built on a family property. It looks fairly typical of a building that can be found in certain rural areas. That was the main reason it was built in the first place. This house has a large nuclear bunker hidden inside, and only recently has a younger inheriter of the property revealed that secret. There is a sealed heavy metal door beneath the floor, and it takes a bit of knowledge to get to it without making a giant mess. It seems like this family was determined to survive the nuclear blast and rebuild the world by themselves.

2. The Cold Reality

Not all bunkers are that large or expensive though. Since they’re so expensive, most people can afford only smaller versions such as the one in the photo, for 2 or 3 people at most. However, the doors of the bunker featured in the next photo will blow your mind.

1. Entrance To A Private Bunker

This bunker belongs to Mike Thomas, and it’s part of a four bedroom luxury home in Brixham, UK. As you can see the doors that protect this bunker from any explosion are humongous.