Before we get into this story, we need to warn you that it can be quite heartbreaking. This story is about a cute little cub that was abandoned by his mother. Things were not looking good for the little tiger until the zookeepers came up with a brilliant but risky idea.

20. Tiger Cubs

Our story starts in a zoo where a Bengal tigress gave birth to a litter of tigers. Sadly, most of the tiger cubs didn’t make it and only one of them survived.

19. Survivor

This little guy is a true survivor! Unfortunately, his siblings didn’t make it, but he was alive and well. You won’t believe what faith had in store for him.

18. The Tigress Is Mean

Even though the young cub was a strong survivor, his mother didn’t seem to like him very much. This was making the cub feel lonely and it was breaking the zookeepers’ hearts. What happened next will shock you!

17. The Tigress Hurt The Little Cub

Instead of loving and caring for him like all mothers do, the tigress did the exact opposite! She was mean to the cub and she injured him very badly. What do you think the zookeepers did next?

16. He Is Better Off Alone

The zookeepers realized that keeping the cub and his mother together was not good for anyone. They needed to come up with a solution to this problem and quickly!

15. He Still Needs A Mother

Even though the tigress was hurting the little cub, he still needed a mom in order to survive. Luckily, one of the zookeepers came up with this brilliant idea!

14. Brilliant Idea

One of the zookeepers realized that their labrador recently gave birth and she could care for the little cub. However, the cub was still a tiger and this was a risky move.

13. Extra Cautious!

Knowing too well that tigers are not that friendly with other animals, the zookeepers were extra cautious whenever the cub met with the Labrador. What happened next left them in awe!

12. They Get Along!

To everyone’s surprise, the black labrador and the tiger cub liked each other instantly! This was amazing to see and the zookeepers were happy.

11. Walking Together

The two got along right from the start and they loved walking together. However, the zookeepers were still supervising them to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

10. Goofing Around

The best thing about watching these two is the fact that they love having fun! As you can clearly see in this picture, the two animals enjoyed goofing around. The upcoming pictures are going to bring a smile on your face!

9. Smiling Dog

Isn’t it amazing how happy the black labrador looks? It seems like the dog’s maternal instincts are kicking in faster than expected.

8. Playful Cat

Even though this cub is a tiger, he is still a cat at heart! This must be one of the things that make being a zookeeper so amazing. Make sure to keep reading because the next pictures are downright hilarious.

7. They Are Happy!

The two animals set aside their differences and they just had fun together. Seeing them happy like this was amazing for the zookeepers and it sure made their day better.

6. Feeding Time

The main purpose of getting these two together was so that the dog could feed the tiger cub. Luckily, this was working flawlessly and the tiger was getting all the milk he needed to grow.

5. Growing Stronger

Now that the black labrador took the tiger cub as one of her own, the tiger is surely going to grow strong and big. Isn’t it amazing how fast the dog’s maternal instincts kicked in?

4. The Plan Is Working

Even though the zookeepers took a big risk by putting these two together, the plan was working and this made them happy. We have to admit that it’s not often we see a baby tiger feeding on a dog!

3. Great Times

The most amazing thing about this entire story is how fast the dog and the tiger became accustomed to each other. Seeing them together is a sight to behold and we can be sure that this is also going to attract visitors to the zoo.

2. Getting Bigger

We can only imagine how amazing it’s going to be when the tiger grows to his full size! The zoo’s visitors will surely get a show worth watching.

1.Striped Dog

The black labrador doesn’t see the tiger cub any different, she probably just imagines he is a striped dog! Nonetheless, what really matters is that they love spending time with each other.