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While experts might say that cats are feline domestic animals, I have to disagree. Cats are basically liquid, they take the shape of everything they get in. Just like Bruce Lee said: “You must be shapeless, formless, like water”. If you don’t believe me then check these pictures I have set up as proof and you will know what I am talking about.

20. Sun Shade


This cat is living it up! Chilling under the shade while the rest of us stay in the hot sun. If it weren’t for the black tail, I wouldn’t even be able to see it under there. The next picture takes cuteness to the next level!

19. Pocket Cat


So this is why t-shirts have front pockets? I never knew what to put in them but now I know. The way this kitten fell asleep is hilarious but the next one is even better.

18. The Frying Pan


This cat must love the smell of food if she can sleep in a frying pan. While this is cute, it might prove to be annoying when you will find cat hair all over your fries.

17. Food Bowl


These cats also love the smell of food. The way they fell asleep is adorable! Click next to see how tired cats can get after playing all day long.

16. Sleepy Head


This is what happens when your cat plays around the house all day long. The little guy almost made it to bed though. The upcoming cat fell asleep like a boss!

15. Boss Cat


This is how everyone looks when they chill out during their day off. The best thing about this picture is how the owner looks at the cat, he must be jealous because the cat is living the good life.

14. Soft Pillow


Who needs pillows when they can have soft tissues instead? I think it must be awesome to live like cats do and sleep wherever you want, anytime you want. Want to see which place is the most comfortable for cats to sleep in?

13. UGGs


Just look at this cat’s cute face. The cat is so comfy in that UGG boot because of the soft material. The owner is never going to get her boot back.

12. Comfortable Spot


While the previous cat fell asleep in a comfortable UGG boot, this one doesn’t seem to even care about comfort. Let’s hope this cat doesn’t have any bad dreams and falls off. The upcoming cat takes things to the next level.

11. Natural Enemies


Who says that cats and dogs need to always fight when they can just be friends like this instead? The cat got a comfy bed and the dog got a warm blanket so it all works out for both of them. 

10. Clothes Line


Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to purchase a special bed for your cat and then to see her sleeping all over the place like this? Now that would be a bad investment.

9. Snoring


I can already hear this cat snoring just by looking at this picture. On the bright side though, at least she is sleeping in her special bed so the owner doesn’t regret buying it. The next cat’s sleeping position is quite dangerous.

8. Dangerous Lifestyle


I know that people say cats have nine lives, but this cat’s sleeping position is way too dangerous. If this was my cat, I would make sure to always keep the windows closed.

7. Comfy Bin


This photo shows us once again that cats can fall asleep anywhere, even in a metal bin! To make things even better, the cat couldn’t be happier. Just look at her smug smile. Keep reading to see how a fluffy cat stuffed herself into a box.

6. Cardboard Box


There’s nothing that cats love more than empty cardboard boxes. This is the ideal sleeping place for them, no matter their size. Just look at how this fluffy cat managed to stuff herself in.

5. Wine Glass


This must be the cutest wine glass that I’ve ever seen. Although, getting out of there it’s going to be hard for the kitten. Good thing the owner was around to take the picture and to help the cat get out.

4. Afternoon Nap


If there’s something that cats love more than anything, it must be naps. Taking an afternoon nap in the fresh air is a great feeling for everyone and not only cats. Regarding naps, the following picture is hilarious.

3. Like Owner, Like Cat


The only thing that would make this picture more hilarious than it already is, it would be if the cat also had a beer by its side. Check out what’s coming next because you won’t believe how flexible this cat is.

2. Yoga Cat


I know that cats are flexible, but I didn’t know they fall asleep in super difficult Yoga positions. Make sure to click next if you want to see the cutest picture yet.

1. Warm Pipes


Now, this kitty is living the life. Who needs blankets to keep themselves warm when they can sleep on the radiator instead? I don’t think I need to show you any more proof that cats can fall asleep anywhere.

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