Pets are amazing and they brighten our lives with their antics. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all pets are nice, especially cats! If you are a cat owner, then you know what I am talking about. These little fur balls can be quite annoying sometimes but hey, they’re still a member of the family!

20. Running Late

Is there something more annoying than waking up only to realize that you are already late for work? Better go back to sleep since you’ll not make it to work in time anyways.

19. Trying To Sleep

This cat’s face says it all! Don’t you hate it when someone keeps talking about their troubles when the only thing you’d like to do is to get a moment of silence?

18. Romantic Guy

Come on girl, this type of things only happen in the movies! I am not Leonardo DiCaprio.

17. Getting Rich

I can’t even blame the poor cat because this is what we all do every night. I am just hoping to hit the lottery.

16. Falling Apart

I hope I can be as calm as this black cat when my life starts falling apart. The next meme is going to crack you up!

15. Cat Hater

How can someone even hate cats? They are the cutest pets ever!

14. The Christmas Tree

This is the exact face we all make when someone catches us for doing something bad. Poor cat, he won’t be able to have fun this Christmas since the humans are watching him.

13. Mean Cat

Now, this is a cat I would never want to mess with! You have to admit that the dog’s face makes this meme super hilarious! Talking about hilarious memes, you better stick around for what’s coming next.

12. Ordering Online

Is it here yet? Maybe if I keep refreshing the browser the shipment will arrive faster.

11. Falling Asleep

Like this is even a choice you get to make. There’s nothing else to do other than to sit there until your hands go numb.

10. Alone Time

You can say goodbye to alone time once you get a cat. Make sure not to drink anything while you watch the following memes because you will laugh super hard!

9. True Love

I can already hear the cat saying something like this: “Look, I made you a heart. How lovely. Now go clean it!”

8. Handsome Boy

This cat sure looks satisfied with that new haircut. I wish I looked this happy while looking in the hairdresser’s mirror.

7. Protective Best Friend

Who needs a guard dog anymore when you can have a cat like this instead? I am sure no thief is ever going to break in the house while these cats are around.

6. Arguing

The most hilarious thing about this meme is the way the cats look at each other. It’s pretty clear that their argument was about something serious like who ate all the catnip?

5. Catnip

This is what happens when you let your cat sit around the TV while you are watching Spiderman cartoons.

4. Clingy Cat

I don’t even know what’s more hilarious. The clingy cat or the dog who doesn’t know what to do in order to get away from her?

3. Carol Is Here!

This is what we all did when we were growing up and that annoying aunt showed up around the house.

2. Home Alone

The most annoying thing about this is when you watched a scary movie a couple of days ago and the only thing you can think about is what type of monster is lurking in your kitchen.

1. Funny Cats

While these memes have been hilarious, they also show us how cats make our lives better. Cats can always bring a smile on our faces, especially when they fool around like the ones from the previous memes did.