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20 Photos of Adorable Shelter Dogs On The Day They Were Adopted

There is no happier day for a dog than the day they get adopted. Once they get picked out of a crowd of animals, a wave of happiness and relief overcome them. If you love seeing the look of absolute joy on a dog’s face then you’ll want to stick around for this list. Here are 20 of the cutest dogs that were photographed on the day they were officially adopted! Your heart will melt at #12 & #5.

20. Happy Smile


This is the face of a pup that is super happy to be going to her forever home. Just look at that tongue out and happy smile!

19. Relaxed


You can tell that this puppy can finally kick back and relax now that they’ve got a home. Just look at that pose! This puppy is ready for a life filled with love and leisure.

18. Can’t Contain It

Image: Buzzfeed

This guy is definitely thinking, “Oh my gosh! I am so excited! Can you believe they picked me? That’s right. Little old me.” His new owner looks pretty darn stoked too.

17. This Is My Happy Face


Who needs to fill a picnic basket up with lunch when you could fill it up with a pup? You can bet that this guy was happy to finally bond with his owner.

16. Grateful


That’s the face of a pup that is truly grateful to have been picked. Just look at those eyes and that smile – it’s undeniable.

15. Finally Comfortable

Image: Buzzfeed

This little guy quickly made himself at home in his new bed. He’s off thinking, “I could get used to this kind of living.” Enjoy it, friend, you deserve it!

14. At Peace


There’s nothing quite like a sweet moment shared between new owner and dog. These two seem to already have such a great connection. The happy smiles on both of their faces says a lot.

13. Upside Down Smiles


This little guy is rolling around in happiness. It can be super stressful for dogs to live in a shelter for long periods. So when a dog finally finds a home you can bet that they’re happy about it.

12. Hug It Out


This dog is so happy he couldn’t wait to get a hug in. He’s probably thinking, “Everyone check out my new best friend. We’ve known each other for a bit but the connection is undeniable!”

11. Best Friends

Image: Buzzfeed

Holding a puppy in your arms after you’ve adopted them is a great way to bond. Both owner and dog get to feel each other out and learn to trust in one another.

10. Grinning Nonstop

Image: Buzzfeed

“I’m going home! Yes, you heard right everyone. I have been picked and boy am I happy. I wonder if they have snacks and toys and a great big bed!”

9. Ready for Love


This little cutie is ready to be scooped up for love. Have you ever seen a happier face? We think not.

8. Finally Home


“A loving home and a huge backyard to run around in? This place is awesome!” This fluffy dog will definitely make good use of that backyard area.

7. Happy Place


“You’re telling me I have a brand new home and you guys have a backyard with flowers everywhere? This is too unreal. It has to be my lucky day.”

6. Paralyzing Happiness

Image: Buzzfeed

This guy is so excited that he’s having a hard time containing it. It can be a pretty overwhelming feeling to start a new life in a new home all in one day.

5. Sweet Smile


That’s the face of a dog that is truly enjoying his new lease at life. You can’t fake a sweet smile like that. No more waiting around for a home because this pup’s got one.

4. Finally Resting


Shelter life can be extremely stressful for any dog, no matter how big or small. This pup looks super happy to finally be able to relax during nap time. That’s one cute snuggle bug!

3. My Happy Face

Image: Buzzfeed

“Can you tell how happy I am? I need you to see it. Look at me and see just how excited I am to be going home with you!” You can’t deny that this pup looks ready for his new home!

2. Adventure Time


Look at how happy this dog is to be out of the shelter and out in the great outdoors. There is truly no greater joy for a dog than a moment like this.

1. Smell The Roses


This dog is excited to see all of the sights and smells in his backyard. Looks like he’s come across some flowers on his trip. This guy knows exactly where to go!

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