After seeing an animal in need of help, a group of strangers didn’t waste a second to save this poor baby dear. They didn’t know what happened to it, but one of its front legs had been severed. Something had to be done fast, or else the baby dear would lose its life.

Today, the Australian fallow is completely recovered and happily jumping on its three feet. Meet Rudie, the cutest deer of them all!

20. A Painful Accident

The rescuers found the poor animal who was in pain, and they had to think fast and pick up the baby deer to take it to the animal hospital. A veterinarian had to know what’s to be done to save the little guy’s life. It was heartbreaking!

19. Assessing the Situation

Once in the animal hospital, the rescuers though that the animal has been hit by a car. The veterinarian saw the deer’s state and knew for certain that it would need to go into surgery. Would the baby deer make it through?

18. The Deer Needed Surgery

Once into the surgery, the veterinarian had a challenging work to do, but he successfully amputated what was left of the deer’s front leg. If the leg wouldn’t have been amputated, the deer would have died. Instead, it remained three-legged and alive!

17. Alive, On His Own Three Feet

Even though the baby deer now had three legs, it didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy life. He would have to learn to adapt and everyone knew the deer needed a caring home. Out in the wild, he wouldn’t make it…

16. Rudie, The Deer

The deer was called Rudie and it was soon after getting well, that the staff at the animal hospital realized that Rudie needed a home. The deer wouldn’t have survived alone, with no parents and in that physical condition.

15. Searching For a Home

It was then that the veterinary staff realized Rudie still needed a place to call home. There was no way they could release him back into the wild given his age, lack of parental care, and physical condition.

14. Soon, Rudie Would Have His Own House!

One of the veterinary technicians that were present when Rudie got the surgery decided she would take the baby deer to her house. Brace yourselves, cuteness alert!

13. Rudie, a Young Deer

This baby deer was very young and he needed to be taken care of. With such a misfortune from the start, Rudie was going to get the best out of his new life. The veterinary technician took good care of him and you won’t believe how happy he is now. See it for yourself in the next photos…

12. Thriving in the New Home

Rudie was like all babies: eager to discover and full of energy. He would soon find his way around the garden and the house and not only he was a fighter, but he was also super cute!

11. Walking Around Was Tough

It took Rudie some time until he adjusted to walking on only three limbs, but as soon as he got his balance, he started roaming the backyard and eating a lot. He also had a great company and look at how great they got along.

10. New Friends

Rudie met the woman’s dogs and he would soon become BFFs with them. They would all chill in the sun outside. Taking Rudie in was the best decision the veterinary technician has made. Rudie also became famous!

9. A Kind Deer

The baby deer had a kind and very gentle nature, allowing him to make friends with different species of animals. The veterinary technician has saved many other animals in her years of practice and she knew how hard it was to fit in.

8. Insta-Famous Rudie

Rudie got famous on Instagram. The woman started a page for Rudie to show everyone how the deer adapted and grew in his new home. Not only she provided all the care for Rudie, but she also adopted him a new friend!

7. New Faces!

Rudie met a new friend. The veterinary technician took in another deer, which was almost the same age as Rudie. They become best friends and played around all day long.

6. The Sweet Deer

This baby deer was so sweet and cuddly, that his human mom thought of bringing him to local nursing homes to bring happiness to the residents. Indeed, he brought a lot of joy while hopping around from one resident to another.

5. Making Instagram a Cute Place

Rudie’s Instagram page, rudiethereindeer, has gathered over 16k followers! Followers from all over the world get updated on Rudie’s everyday life with his mom and the other foster animals. He’s there to brighten all our days.

4. Giving Some Love Back

He likes to get cuddled and scratched and will not shy away when his human mommy kisses him in public. In one of their pictures, he’s getting a kiss from his mom! We’re drowning in cuteness!

3. Acting Like a Child

The deer was just like a child. He loved making silly faces and play with his friends, the dogs, and the horse. He was always up for a picture and a little mischief too!

2. Ho Ho Ho!

Rudie was also a cute reindeer, so his mother dressed him up with a Santa Claus hat for Christmas. He’d win the prize for cuteness in any outfit, even as a shark. Yes, we said shark outfit! Check him out in the last picture!

1. Won’t Back Down

Even though he had a rough start, Rudie was leading a full and happy life. He didn’t need all legs to be a shark, anyway…

Rudie brings a smile on everyone’s faces! We’re proud of everyone who helped him get over the rough moments of his early life and we’re so happy to see he’s doing well!