There are many stories about dogs who warn their owners about incoming dangers. It’s like they have a sixth sense which helps them see what’s about to happen next. Dogs especially are able to detect subtle emotions which we often overlook.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that Alhanna Butler got worried when her dog suddenly started acting weird from the moment she got pregnant. Fortunately for Alhanna, the dog picked up something that was putting her health at risk.

20. Furry Friends

Owning a pet is amazing and they are just like another member of the family. However, things got strange when Alhanna Butler and her fiance, Ricky got pregnant. Their Akita Inu dog started acting quite weird.

19. Happy News

Alhanna and Ricky have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and they couldn’t be happier when they found that they were going to have a baby. On the other hand, their pet dog was not that happy about what was going on. Why do you think the dog started acting strange?

18. Keola

Keola is the name of the dog and as you can clearly see, she wasn’t too happy about her owner’s pregnancy. You won’t believe what Keola did after her owner got pregnant…

17. Acting Strange

Keola kept her nose pressed against Alhanna’s belly at all times. This weird behavior didn’t seem to bother Alhanna that much and she ignored what Keola was doing. Little did she knew that Keola was trying to let her know that her life is in danger!

16. Preparing for Motherhood

Alhanna decided to stop worrying about Keola’s behavior and she started getting ready for motherhood. As time passed on, it became harder for Alhanna not to wonder about what Keola wants to tell her. This is when things got serious.

15. Ricky Notices Something

Things got serious when Keola was not even letting Ricky touch Alhanna’s belly. This didn’t happen before and Ricky realized that Keola must have a good reason for acting like this. Unfortunately, this is when things took a turn for the worse. Check out what happened to Alhanna.

14. Back Pain

After eighteen weeks of being pregnant, Alhanna’s back suddenly started hurting. Was this what Keola was sensing all along? The pain got worse over time and Alhanna decided that it was best for her to check in with the doctor. This is what the doctor told her…

13. Nothing to Worry About

The doctor told Alhanna that there is nothing for her to worry about. The back pain she is suffering comes from the baby’s weight. Alhanna put her trust in the doctor and decided to head home but what she did next saved her life!

12. Social Media

Right after getting home, the dog started acting weird once again. This is when Alhanna decided to make a Facebook post and ask people about what was going on with her dog. To Alhanna’s surprise, everyone told her to trust the dog’s instincts and to get another checkup. Alhanna was still unsure about this and her mother decided to step in.

11. Alhanna’s Mother

Alhanna’s mother saw the Facebook post and she decided to convince her daughter to get another checkup, just to be sure. Who knows, maybe the dog was onto something. You will be shocked to find out what the new doctor told her!!

10. Life-Threatening Condition

The doctor found out that Alhanna has a double kidney infection! This is a life-threatening condition and she could have died. The doctor didn’t waste any time, especially since Alhanna was pregnant and decided to do this next thing.

9. Getting Proper Care

Time was of the essence and she was put on a serious antibiotic regiment which would help reverse her kidney damage. This made Alhanna realize something quite important about Keola…

8. Life Saver

Alhanna realized that Keola didn’t only save her life, but her baby as well! She learned a valuable lesson that day and she will forever listen to her dog’s instincts from now on. Alhanna eventually got better and gave birth to a baby boy. Keep reading to see him!

7. Meet Lincoln

This is Lincoln, the baby that Keola helped save. The most amazing thing happened when Alhanna brought Lincoln home for the first time!

6. Best Friends

Usually, dogs are jealous when their owners have babies because they give all their attention to them. However, this is not the case for Keola since she instantly fell in love with Lincoln. Although, Alhanna wasn’t sure if she should let Keola around the baby…

5. Watchful Eye

At first, Alhanna kept a close eye on Keola whenever she was around the baby. No one can blame Alhanna for being extra careful around her newborn baby, but what she saw next amazed her.

4. Gentle Dog

Alhanna saw that Keola was acting as a guardian to Lincoln. Despite being a big and strong animal, Keola was really gentle whenever she came around Lincoln. This warmed Alhanna’s heart and she couldn’t be happier. Want to know what’s even better than this?

3. Best Friends

The best thing about this is that Lincoln felt safe around Keola and he loved playing with her. Keola would play with him until he fell asleep and this made Alhanna’s job as a mother so much easier. Here’s their baby boy, check him out in the following photos.

2. Growing Up

Time passed and Lincoln started getting bigger, but Keola was still treating him like a pup. Alhanna says that she loves going out on walks around the neighborhood with Keola and Lincoln. This is what we can take from this lovely story…

1. Dogs are Wise

Dogs are wise and Alhanna’s story proves that they also have a sixth sense when it comes to life-threatening scenarios. Fortunately, Alhanna decided to listen to her dog and got checked up by a special doctor before things took a turn for the worse.