Niagara Falls is an incredible place that’s known for attracting tourists all over the world. This location is so amazing that many people love to propose here because it makes everything so much more romantic. The best time to visit Niagara Falls is during the winter because it looks like a fairytale land. Check it out for yourself, #12 and #9 are our favorites!

20. Fairytale Book

Isn’t this scenery amazing? If Disney ever decided to make a live-action version of “Frozen”, this is where they need to film! Although, this picture pales in comparison with what’s to come.

19. Covered in Ice

This picture is surreal. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to live in that ice covered house? The cold would be pretty hard to stand, but the view would be fantastic! Talking about amazing views, you won’t believe how amazing the frozen waterfall looks.

18. Frozen Waterfall

Is this jaw-dropping or what? No wonder that Niagara Falls attracts thousands of tourists every year and why it is always used as a default picture in North American postcards. While the snow might look amazing, people who live around need to be careful about the ice! Scroll down to see why.

17. Slippery Road

As you can probably tell, the roads are quite slippery during winter. Therefore, all visitors who want to check out this amazing view need to be extra careful about where they step. There’s another thing that people need to take into consideration when visiting Niagara Falls during winter season…

16. Giant Icicles

There are giant icicles all over the place and if one of them falls, people need to be careful not be around! This is why local authorities are always present when tourists come to see Niagara Falls during the winter.

15. Painting

This shot is so amazing that people might mistake it for a painting. This shows us that visiting Niagara Falls during the winter should be something that everyone does at least once in their life. How old do you think Niagara Falls is?

14. Origins

Niagara Falls is estimated by experts to be around 12,000 years old. While this might seem like a long, long time for us, Niagara Falls is actually young in comparison with other rivers. Let’s check out how Niagara Falls was created.

13. Young River

Seeing how Niagara Falls is considered to be a young river, it puts things in perspective. Experts are saying that 12,000 years are just like a microsecond in geological time and that Niagara Falls still has a lot of room to grow. Nonetheless, this is how the river was created.

12. Erosion and Ice

Niagara Falls was created by water and ice erosion. This all started when glaciers began pressing down on the land during the last ice age. After many years of erosion, the sediment left behind by the glacier rose up. Did you know that there is an even bigger waterfall than Niagara?

11. Second Largest Waterfall

Despite Niagara Falls’s huge size, it isn’t the biggest in the world. The biggest waterfall in the world is Victoria Falls which is located in South Africa. Check out the upcoming picture to see what it looks like.

10. Victoria Falls, South Africa

This waterfall is so big that it makes it look like the planet is breaking in half! No wonder Niagara Falls sits in the second place when South Africa has this. Moving back, let’s see why Niagara Falls looks better than Victoria Falls.

9. Ice Chunks

The reason why Niagara Falls looks more like a fairytale land than Victoria Falls is that it goes through four seasons. While a hot climate might be nicer to live in rather than a cold one, the entire world looks so much better during winter. Just like we can see in the next pictures.

8. Frozen Lamppost

If you watched the “Narnia” movie series, then this lamppost might seem familiar because a similar one can be spotted throughout the “Narnia” movies. This is more evidence that Niagara Falls should be considered a fairytale land. Nonetheless, prepare to see the most amazing picture of Niagara Falls yet!

7. Beneath the Waters

This picture is taken from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and it shows us the ice and water flow that goes beneath the surface.

7. Tourists

Despite the freezing cold, tourists still come to snap pictures of Niagara Falls. Although, anyone would resist these cold temperatures if they got to admire such a mesmerizing view. Would you endure the cold temperatures for this view?

5. Cold Temperatures

Did you know that one-fifth of all the fresh water in the world lies in the Upper Great Lakes Michigan, Huron, Superior and Erie? Can you guess where the outflow of all those leaks goes?

4. Frozen Still

Yes, you guessed right! All that outflow water empties into the Niagara River which eventually arrives at the cascade. You won’t believe how many miles the water flows until it reaches the Great Lake Ontario!

3. Water Flowing Over Ice

After reaching the bottom of the falls, the water travels for a whopping 15 miles before it reaches the fifth Great Lake Ontario. What’s even more interesting is that the land between the lakes does not slope at all and it does something entirely different instead.

2. Huge Land Drop

Instead of forming slopes around the lakes, the land forms a huge drop instead. The drop is approximated to be the same height as a 20 stories building. This drop is regarded as the “Niagara Escarpment” by experts.

1. “Cool” Picture

Now, this is a literally cool picture! Let’s hope that we can get some more pictures before spring comes and the ice melts away. Nonetheless, Niagara Falls is surely a place that we all need to visit at least once.