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Moscow During Snowfall Looks Like A Magical Winter Wonderland

Moscow is known for its snowy winters, but for the last few days, the whole town looks like a child’s winter tale. These pictures taken by Kristina Makeeva will make you wish you were there! Number #5 is certainly our favorite!

20. Beautiful Moscow

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Everyone has heard about Moscow, but not everyone has seen how beautiful the town can be in the winter days. Who knows, maybe after these pictures you will decide to travel and visit Russia’s biggest city!

19. Professional Photography

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Thanks to Kristina, we can see the magnificent beauty of Moscow through the internet. The pictures look like they are straight out of a child’s tale.

18. Love

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We can see a cute couple with Kremlin in the background and the slowly falling snow makes this picture perfect. The photographer is telling me to go and book a flight!

17. A Snow Bunny

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People get creative, but this is creativeness at a whole another level! Hopefully, this is not the last time we see this adorable bunny!

16. Beautiful Kremlin

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The pictures show us how big and beautiful The Kremlin is. The flight is booked and all I need to do is find my passport! What are your plans?

15. Colorful Moscow

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We’ve seen a lot of city lights throughout the world. But nothing compares to this picture. It is just plain beautiful.

14. Creative

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At first glance, this might look like it’s not real, but thankfully it is. The pictures get better and better! The next one is special on its own!

13. A Different View

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Kremlin is not the only thing Moscow has to offer. The town is known for its many beautiful structures and we are about to see them!

12. Family Time

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The town certainly looks like it can bring a lot of joy and happiness to every kind of family. The kids will absolutely love this kind of environment!

11. A Photoshoot

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Even though it can get quite cold, It’s all worth it in the end. If you decide to travel to Moscow, you won’t make a mistake. And again, don’t forget to bring your kids!

10. Family Time

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It can’t get better than this. What else is more important than spending some time with your loved ones on a beautiful snowy day? You can even hire a photographer of your own!

9. Amazing Snow

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I am starting to get kind of jealous of all of this. It is just too much for a person that wants to travel the world at all times!

8. Sidewalk

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The whole town is decorated to the last detail. The sidewalk is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved one.

7. Magnificent

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We are back at the Kremlin and it is more beautiful than ever! This looks like the perfect place to take photographs!

6. Glowy Moscow

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Even though the pictures are as beautiful as ever, there is always a better way to experience all of this… to travel there! The next one is our favorite!

5. Professional Photography

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This one is our favorite. The picture clearly shows how snowy Moscow can get! I would love to be there one day!

4. Creative Angle

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But wait, there’s more! I don’t know about you, but I can look at these pictures all day. It shows us the true beauty of winter.

3. A Fairy Tale

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The journey is about to end soon, but the experience was great for every person that loves to see the beauty of our world. There’s one last shot from the beautiful Kremlin!

2. Last Shot

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The pictures can get the inner child out of every person! If you are financially capable to visit Moscow, it’s time to do it!

1. Moscow in Winter

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Kristina showed us how amazing Moscow can get in the winter, and we hope she continues with her phenomenal work!

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