Meet Louboutina, the pooch who can’t stop giving people hugs! This adorable Golden Retriever has a special connection with… well, everyone and whenever she walks down the street with her owner she stops to hug random people on the street. How adorable is she?! If you’re having a bad day, we promise that the following photos will bring a smile to your face. Photos #14 and #7 are our favorites!

20. Meet Loubie, the Cuddliest Golden Retriever Ever!


Cesar Fernandez and Louboutina have become the famous inseparable human-dog duo lately. If you are ever in need of free hugs from the cutest doggo ever, just take a stroll through 5th Ave. or 14th Street – Chelsea. There is a strong chance that you’ll see a man and a golden retriever giving out full blown hugs to anyone who’s looking for a little mood lift. But what makes this pooch so special?

19. She Just “Gets” It!


The dog seems to have a knack for sniffing out people who are feeling down, or depressed. So whenever she feels that someone needs a hug she does this amazing thing…

18. The Golden Retriever Is Realy Popular


According to the locals and the insane amount of people pouring in from all over Manhattan, the dog has become a reality star in little over no time. And we totally understand why! Here’s how everything started…

17. Louboutina and Cesar Are Immensely Famous


Random people and bystanders are not the only ones who seem to be on the lookout for Louboutina. She’s often sought by celebrities who happen to catch the glimpse of the adorable pupper at the side of the street. And that’s not all!

16. But wait! How Did The Golden Retriever and Her Owner Meet?


According to Cesar, he met Loubie when she was 5 years old. By profession, Cesar works at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in Manhattan. He renders his services in the Program of Languages and Interpreter department as a medium between parties who have trouble communicating with doctors or hospital representatives. But there’s more to the story as you’re about to find out.

15. There’s More to the Story Than Most People Know


Loubie, on the other hand, was given to Cesar Fernandez as a gift several years ago. Besides cuddly looks, the female pup was like any other regular dog until she grew up. By the time she was 3 years old, she’d hold hands with her master anywhere he’d go. And then, it just turned into this weird but adorable habit…

14. What Does the Dog Owner Have to Say?


Cesar recalls his earliest interaction with Louboutina as a vivid recollection of the dog’s attempt to hold hands. She’d occasionally reach out to her master with a cute little paw outstretched over her head. However, there’s a slight twist to the tale… Read on…

13. Cesar Had No Clue What Loubie Was Up To!


At first, Cesar didn’t know what Loubie was getting at, but he eventually got the cue. By the time, the retriever got 5, she started wrapping her front legs around Cesar. It was her way of hugging him, showing him utmost affection in the most innocent and heartwarming fashion. The next photo is adorable!

12. Looking Cute as Always


Let’s admit it; the dog looks awfully cute while she’s doling out hugs to everyone nearby. According to experts, Louboutina is a friendly dog by nature. She is different in a way that she has the tenacity to express her affection through physical gestures such as hugs.

11. What Do Dog Experts Have to Say about Loubie’s Behavior Pattern?


Such actions are usually rare in dogs because they normally wag their tail or plop around their owners whenever they’re excited.

10. The Social Media Simply Adores the Golden Retriever


The photographs went viral all over the internet recently. Thanks to people who keep on stumbling over this gorgeous heartwarming discovery, the images have been retweeted over a gazillion times by now.

9. The Dog Is Overly Active For Her Species!


Louboutina is also a social creature – the dog doesn’t seem to shy away from anyone. It’s as if she knows that someone is in need of a little chin up attitude, and she just hugs the person in the most adorable manner ever.

8. Strangers Only Have to Walk Up to the Dog to Get a Free Hug


Even random strangers, who just hit the dog’s radar on the positive side, are happy to have met Louboutina. People have been sharing their own stories of random encounters with the adorable golden retriever that they just met in Manhattan.

7. Are You Following Loubieon Her Social Media Pages???


By the way, Louboutina has her own dedicated Facebook and Instagram page. Cesar likes to take snapshots of the dog giving out hugs to anyone she lays her paws on! In a recent interview, the golden retriever owner said, “She likes people a lot, and enjoys being in large crowds. Of course, she knows when she’s being photographed and she loves it. She is not camera shy at all.

6. Louboutina Has a Day Time Job Too Besides Cuddling


In case you didn’t know, Loubie is groomed as a therapy dog. It’s her “job” to make people feel better about themselves in times of need or depression. Dogs generally have the innate ability to detect human emotions. They not only connect well with their owners, but also feel emotional vibes from strangers.

5. Dogs Are Sometimes a Mysterious Creature

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No wonder that a dog is able to go into defensive or full on hugging mode at the sight of a new person.

4. The Dog Is Well Known In the Local Vicinity


Louboutina is also insanely popular in her local neighborhood. The residents know the dog too well by now, and they are awfully pleased to hug the pooch at the start of their daily work regimen.

3. Cesar Is All Praises About Loubie


Chavez recently added, “We live in downtown Manhattan, and walk all over Chelsea area. Whenever Louboutina stop and sticks out her paw, I always hear people saying aww and how cute.”

2. A Startling Discovery About the Golden Retriever


By the way, Loubie was never trained to display her affection; she just gets normal humans do. If you are ever in Manhattan Chelsea, you should pay a visit to Loubie and Cesar Chavez.

1. Care to Share Your Love for the Cutest Golden Retriever Ever?


Don’t forget to take a few snapshots and share them on social media. Hugs are always free, and they are bound to make your day when received from the cutest golden retriever ever!