Japan is an amazing country and everyone should make it as their priority to visit it at least once in their life. What’s interesting about Japan is not only the country’s history but the culture as well. For example, Japanese people are known for loving cute animals more than anything else. In fact, there are many coffee shops with animal themes where people can enjoy their brew and pet cute animals while doing so.

23. Meet Two Best Friends


However, there is a coffee shop that offers something special to their customers. This coffee shop’s residents are a cat and an owl, which are best friends, by the way! Let’s check out their amazing story. Photos #14 and #6 are our favorites!

22. Hukulou Coffee Shop


While the Hukulou Coffee shop from Osaka is known for its tasty brews, these two adorable pets are what’s making the shop famous. The owlet is named Fuku and the kitten is Marimo. Let’s see how their adorable friendship started.

21. Love at First Sight


Even though owls and cats are not known for being friendly with each other, these two became friends from the first moment they met. Looking at this picture, you can clearly see why so many people visit this coffee shop. Everyone wants to pet them! But what makes their story so special?

20. Great Friends


Cats are known for being quite ferocious, especially when they are in the same vicinity with birds like Fuku. However, Marimo is not an ordinary cat because he loves spending time with his friend, the owl. How much time do you think it took them to become best friends?

19. Friendly Owl


The owner of the coffee is shop is saying that Fuku and Marimo got along right from the start. The owner also said that at first, he was worried that the two might get into fights. However, his worries went away after a while. You know what’s even cooler than this?

18. Cuddling


Despite one being covered in fur and the other in feathers, Fuku and Marimo love to cuddle with each other. You won’t believe what the coffee shop owner thought when he first saw them cuddling.

17. Getting Scared


The coffee shop owner said that he got scared when he saw them get so close, he was still concerned by the fact that Marimo will follow his feral instincts and attack Fuku. Luckily, this never happened. And then…

16. Inseparable


The two are inseparable and they love spending time with customers who visit the coffee shop. Petting a cute owl and kitten while drinking a warm coffee is surely the best way to start your day. You know what’s even crazier than this?

15. Accustomed to Owls


This is not the first time Marimo spent time with owls. There have been many other birds at the shop and Marimo got along with them just fine. However, he didn’t become friends with any of them but that changed when Fuku came around. And the cuddling never seems to stop, check them out int he next photo. They’re adorable!

14. True Friends


While looking at these pictures, we can clearly tell that love is mutual between these two different animals. It’s great seeing that Fuku and Marimo put aside their differences and became true friends. But there’s a secret behind all of this and you won’t believe what it is!

13. Having Fun


One of the coolest things about watching these two is that they are in an endless pursuit of having fun. They don’t have a worry in the world and they never get bored. Although, there is still one issue that the two have to deal with.

12. Not a Morning Person


Fuku is a night owl and he doesn’t like mornings. Marimo knows that Fuku is grumpy in the mornings and he leaves him alone. Now, this is how great friends give each other space. However, things get wild after Marimo gets bored of waiting for Fuku to wake up.

11. Coffee Time


While Fuku might live inside a coffee shop, coffee doesn’t do the trick for him. Therefore, Marimo has to be the one to wake up Fuku when he sleeps late. Looking at this picture, we can clearly tell how grumpy Fuku can be. Luckily, Marimo manages to get him in good spirits in no time. And guess what?!

10. Always Together


The coffee shop says that Fuku and Marimo are inseparable. They have a strong bond which is quite unique. In fact, this might be the first owl/cat friendship in the world. Check out what happens when someone tries to separate Fuku and Marimo.

9. Inseparable


If you haven’t noticed by now, there isn’t even one picture with either Fuku or Marimo alone. They are always by each other’s side. And that’s not all!

8. Dynamic Duo


While it might be hard to tell how and why the friendship between these two got so strong, the coffee shop owner couldn’t be happier because they are a local attraction. Tens of customers from all over Osaka come to visit the shop just to get a chance to see Fuku and Marimo. How do you think the two friends feel about this?

7. Loving the Attention


Fortunately for the coffee shop owner, the two friends love to be in the center of attention. Therefore, they don’t have any issues when customers come to take pictures of them. Curious to see how they look like now as adults? Chech out the following photos! They’re amazing…

6. Growing Older


As time passed, the two grew older and their friendship got even stronger. Living in the coffee shop wasn’t that bad after all. The two got all the food they needed, a comfy place to sleep on and lots of love and attention from customers. Keep reading to see how the two friends spent Christmas.

5. Christmas Holidays


Even though Marimo is quite big he still looks super cute, especially next to these awesome Christmas decorations. The next photo is downright hilarious!

4. Bath Time


It seems like the coffee shop owner is not even able to separate them when it’s bath time. It must be hilarious! 

3. Long Lasting Friendship


Even though Marimo is getting way too big to fit in the same bed with Fuku, the bond they formed while growing up will never break. It’s amazing to see how some animals can put aside their differences and get along like this.

2. Great Example


Marimo and Fuku are super cute, but the most important thing we can take from their friendship is that we should all set aside our differences. Their unexpected friendship is a great example to us all.

1.Adorable Animals


Even though we’re kind of jealous that we can’t pet these two, we’re really happy that we got to see these amazing photos.