20. Crazy Bird Lady

Image: thepostcalvin.com

We all know that one lady who is crazy about birds. She usually hangs around the local park and is there for 13 hours of the day feeding the pigeons bread she got from the store specifically for them.

19. The Creative Bird Lady

Image: blogspot.com

What if we told you there was a creative bird lady? One that made her own shoes…! You may think “what, why!?”, but after you say that you might be intrigued to know that it’s true, and she lives in Japan.

18. Kyoto Ohata

Image: imgur.com

This crazy bird lady named Kyoto Ohata decided to make pigeon high heels. You may think she’s just crazy about birds, but the reasoning behind her creation will warm your heart!

17. Act Natural

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Kyoto Ohata was concerned with the uncomfortable nature humans present to the pigeons in the park. They’re often scared off by humans, so she wanted to create a way for birds to interact with humans, and feel comfortable while doing it.

16. Pigeon Party

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From a distance, you may think these shoes are actual pigeons, without a human standing on them. Her invention has proven to work, and now they flock around her at even higher rates than before!

15. How They’re Made

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So now you want a pair? I mean who wouldn’t after seeing her model them. It’s actually quite simple, and Kyoto Ohata has provided a step by step DIY process for making the fashionable shoes.

14. Break Out the Crafts

Image: mymodernmet.com

First, you’ll need to carve the pigeon’s heads out of foam. This can be done with a small knife, and it’s easy to get the general shape of a pigeon’s head. Have at it!

13. Adding The Felt

Image: mymodernmet.com

This is where the bird really starts to take shape. Begin covering the molds you made in grey felt, or any other color felt depending on what kind of bird you’re making.

12. Mix it Up

Image: imgur.com

Don’t be afraid to mix the colors up. This can be done by taking different colored felts and taking a pointy object to collect small tufts of fabric to gently place on the already placed fabric.

11. To the Store!

Image: mymodernmet.com

Next comes the shoes! If you don’t have an old pair of heels you don’t wear anymore laying around the house, you can go buy a cheap pair at a discount store. You’ll be making them ten times better, so they don’t have to be anything special.

10. Adding the Wings

Image: mymodernmet.com

For this part, you’ll want to gather a stronger felt that what you used to cover the mold. This way it will stick out more as if it were a real pigeon’s wing!

9. Detailing It


They say the devil is in the details, we say the pigeon is in the details. In this segment, we’re going to add the feathers of the bird. For this, you’ll need to take a darker felt, and cut out smaller oval-shaped pieces, and glue them onto the wings.

8. Sticky Business

Image: mymodernmet.com

Time to glue those bad boys down! You can either put glue on the shoe itself, as shown above, or apply the glue to the back of the wing.

7. Facial Features

Image: mymodernmet.com

Go back to the softer felt you were using earlier. Now you need to roll up about eight different balls, these will be used for the bird’s eyes, and other important features.

6. Covering the Toes

Image: mymodernmet.com

Similarly to what we did when we cut out the larger wings do the same with the smaller ones. These will cover the toes and will require the same denser felt since these will see the most action when walking around.

5. Chicken Feet

Image: mymodernmet.com

Time to make the feet! This can be accomplished by taking metal loose wire and wrapping it around itself to form the bird’s leg. Next, take a larger piece of wire, and morph it to resemble a birds foot.

4. Making it Look Real

Image: mymodernmet.com

Adding red felt can increase the realistic look of the bird’s feet. You can choose any color for this, but if you’re trying to go for the pigeon look, we’d recommend using light red felt.

3. A Few Final Touches

Image: mymodernmet.com

Mixing red and white paint will make a pinkish color, that can make the feet look more like real pigeon feet. This is optional but will add a lot of realism to your creation.

2. Complete!

Image: mymodernmet.com

Attach the feet to the heel of the shoe, and voila you’ve got yourself a fancy pair of pigeon shoes. If done right these shoes should attract every pigeon in your local park!

1. Introduce them to the World

Image: mymodernmet.com

Now instead of simply passing by that crazy bird lady in your local park, slip these on, and sit next to her. An interesting conversation will ensue, and you’re officially a crazy bird person yourself, congratulations!