Dogs are absolutely the cutest things in the world! Even if you’re a cat person, you have to agree that dogs are just adorable. However, not all people in this world are good people, and sometimes there are some who do unspeakable things that make our hearts wrench. Keep reading on to find out about the story of a dog who faced one such person…

21. Fetch!

A normal cute adorable French Mastiff, just like the one pictured above, seems to have met one of the worst dog owners in the world and soon was faced with a tough situation, that will be seen in the next slide.

20. Life or…

This dog was found in this absolutely horrible condition in a wasteground in Carrieres-sur-Seine, west of Paris by a man walking his own dog. You won’t believe what had happened to him, coming up in the next slides.

19. His condition

The man soon realized that the dog was buried in dirt and was quick to call the police, as well as start attempting to get it out. Keep reading to find out if the police made it in time.

18. Buried Alive

The poor dog was found buried in the thick dirt, dust and sand looking extremely hurt and on the verge of passing out. In fact, you won’t believe what the man who found him had to say about him.

17. Critical Condition

The man who found him sad, ‘Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her.’ Not just that but it was also uncovered that the dog had arthritis, which meant that it was in critical condition. It was crucial to save him as soon as possible.

16. The fuzz!

The police arrived and went hard at work digging the dog out, carefully trying to ease the thick pile of dirt surrounding the poor animal. They soon discovered something that shocked them!

15. Weighed Down
It turned out that the dog was tied to a heavy bag of gravel, which meant that it would have been unable to move even if it had managed to break free from the sand, meaning that this was quite obviously not a mistake. But who would do such a thing?

14. Intent to kill

Here we can again see the bag of gravel and the helpful man who found the dog, helping to dig him out. As you can see, the dog was buried quite far into the ground. Would he be saved in time?

13. Motivation

The dog was obviously quite distressed and frightened after being buried, and in this picture, you can see another dog trying to calm it down by giving it some friendly licks. However, the dog’s condition was so bad that much more than licks would be needed…

12. Health

The dog was in horrible physical condition with a police officer saying that it was ‘shocked and dehydrated’ and soon they had to take further action. Keep reading to find out what it was.

11. To the vet

It was taken to the vet to be treated for its dehydration and mental instability due to the shock from being in such an absolutely horrifying situation. Now, the police had to do another important thing. And they had to do it fast!

10. Man Hunt!

The 21-year old owner of the dog was tracked down and caught by the police. He denied burying the dog, saying that the animal had run away. However, investigators had something else to say about this.

9. Intense Investigation

However, the investigators agreed that this was ‘not very plausible’ and are expected to question the owner.‘The dog is more than 10-years-old and suffers from arthritis. It’s difficult to imagine her running away,’ said a source close to the investigation.

8. Court case!

The owner will now go to trial for animal cruelty and may be sent to prison for up to two years and be forced to pay a fine of £20,000. Some other people have already started taking actions on their own.

7. Making a change

A petition was posted online by a user called Cecile Lermaniaux. This petition called for the owner that buried the dog getting maximum punishment for such an act of cruelty to an animal. The number of people that signed this will shock you.

6. Support of the people!

As you can see above a whopping 561,697 have signed the online petition, showing that people are quite readily supporting this cause. However, this is not the only abused dog in the world. Keep reading to find out about other tragedies.

5. Starved

This poor dog, named Lola, was found in a desperate condition, so weak and malnourished that she was about to die, due to the lack of care from her new owner. Her story is truly devastating as you’re about to find out.

4. A new owner!

Lola had a happy ending as she was adopted by a loving new owner, Mark Rossi and is now living a normal and healthy life with her new owner. Let’s move to on to another dog now, who was abused in an absolutely horrific manner that will leave you uncontrollably sad.

3. Absolute terribleness

This cute little dog was abused in an absolutely horrific manner with its leg cut off, and eye gouged out. I will never understand why people do this sort of thing. Thankfully an organization called Hope for Paws rescued this dog named Kayla. Although she has been through a lot, she managed to survive and you won’t believe how she looks like now. See it for yourself in the next photo.

2. Recovering

Kayla kept fighting and in the end, she was able to recover from the injuries and is now living a healthy life. Now on the next slide, I want to leave a very important message.

1. Love and peace

I urge everyone reading this to never forget that animals can feel pain and suffering too so we should always try to treat them with all the love and care we can. There are a huge amount of cases of animal cruelty per year and we can prevent this by never forgetting that we are all beings, and we all need to show love.