It’s common for many people to avoid adopting pets that come from abused homes because they fear the trauma could make them either less gentle or even aggressive. But most rescued animals always find love in their hearts and become the best companions. The same happened to the rescued English pointer Nora after she was adopted.

Her time as a puppy was heart-breaking, but after being rescued her life became amazing and she also got a beautiful surprise!

20. A Rescued Adorable Puppy

Nora’s short life as a puppy was traumatizing. She lived in a cage and she was only 10 months old when she got pregnant. Lucky for her, she was rescued from a puppy mill in Manitoba, Canada in 2008. Then her life changed completely!

19. Animal Control Saved Nora

Nora and the other dogs at the breeding facility were seized and Nora received a foster home through the organization Funds For Furry Friends. There, she would meet Elizabeth Spence, her future owner. This is what she said about the poor pup.

18. Counting the Ribs

Elizabeth Spence said that the poor dog, even being pregnant, ‘was just skin and bones. […] She was dirty and terrified, and she had chain burns around her neck’. Two days after being rescued, Nora gave birth to her litter of five, out of which only four survived.

17. Looking for Adoptive Families

After the pups got weaned, they all needed a home, including Nora. That’s when her life would completely change. The Spence family wanted another dog and they immediately fell in love with Nora when they saw her.

16. Nora Has Been Abused

But when Nora got to her new home, she was frightened… ‘When you’d go to pet her, she’d go down to the floor and she’d hunker away. […] she was afraid that she’d be hit’, said Elizabeth Spence. But Nora will soon transform!

15. Meeting Archie

Nora met Archie, Elizabeth’s baby, and she completely came out of her shell. She bonded with him, and the mother would always find them napping together. The obvious next move was to get the camera and capture the scenes…

14. Famous on Instagram

All these adorable photos are on Elizabeth’s Instagram page – wellettas, where she gathered over 131.000 followers that check her beautiful family of kids, dogs, and cats. They’re living in heaven, although the mom also said this…

13. Archie Joined the Family

When the baby was born, Elizabeth started posting her photographs for family and friends, but then her Instagram page gathered a lot of attention, so she started to regularly add more adorable pictures of how her daily life looked like.

12. Nora, the Babysitter

Wherever Archie is Nora will come by his side. Nora loves to ‘snuggle up with him’, said Elizabeth. And ‘if Archie is having a bath, Nora is lying on the bath mat […]. If I’m nursing him she wants up on my lap, too’, and she will do this…

11. Nora is a Good Girl

‘If he’s going through my cupboards throwing all the dishes on the floor, she’ll be there cheering him on.’ Now that’s the spirit! Nora likes playing with Wellington and Loretta, Archie’s older siblings and look how amazing they are!

10. Teaching the Kids

‘We taught the kids from a very young age to respect the dogs and to treat them well’, said the mother. This is why their pets love and trust the kids, and are very comfortable around them. Even the cats enjoy the family life, check them out in the following photos!

9. Three Cats, Three Dogs and Three Kids!

If you’re wondering what job Elizabeth has is taking care of her 9 babies and her beloved husband. It’s a very difficult full-time job that comes with a lot of perks like cuddling! ‘It can be crazy, it can be messy, it can be expensive’, she said, but…

8. We’re Happy!

We’re happy with the choices we’ve made and we love our big family’. How come they have so many pets? They got Nora, but they also have another English pointer that looks exactly like her. You won’t believe how they got Remi!

7. A Wonderful Call

In 2017, the Spence family received a call that would surprise every member of the family, especially Nora. A family that had one of Nora’s daughters couldn’t keep the dog anymore, so they asked for help. They had to see the dog…

6. Puppy Eyes

‘We just had a baby and we had all of these animals, but I gave my husband the proverbial puppy dog eyes’, said Elizabeth. She convinced her husband to ‘just meet her’. You can guess that one meeting was enough!

5. How Remi Became Their Third Pup

When Nora met Remington – aka Remi, it was obvious that she was the one making the decision of keeping Remi: ‘They just immediately started playing – jumping on each other, rolling all around,’ said Spencer.

4. It Was Like Time Stood Still

Elizabeth said: ‘I think Nora definitely knew […] but I’ve never seen Nora so immediately affectionate with another dog.’ Nora has been reunited with one of her pups after seven years and we think it was meant to be!

3. It’s a Heartwarming Story!

You can bet that Elizabeth’s story is quite unique; all it took was adopting Nora. Now she spends her days walking in the house, among the ‘pile of kids, cats and/or dogs lying about the house somewhere’, snapping pictures and being a cool mom!

2. We Love Each Other

Spence’s photos make a lot of people happy. She said that her photos have a meaning: it’s ‘a big emphasis in our family, just loving each other and putting family first and taking care of the animals’. The photos of Nora and Archie have a purpose…

1. People That Want Pets Should Adopt Shelter Dogs

Elizabeth thinks that her photos will inspire people to adopt dogs, even if they come from abusive owners. Rescue dogs need love and they will surely give it back to all family members, just like Nora did with the Spence family.