Some people need to understand that if they can’t afford to own pets, they shouldn’t get them in the first place. There are hundreds of stories about pets who were left out on the streets to be homeless, but this story is the most heartbreaking one! On the bright side of things, at least this story has a happy ending.

20. Abandoned Cats

This heartbreaking story starts when a vet hospital from Melbourne, Australia found a family of cats abandoned in a box. The box was left under a tree in a random park and the mamma cat was doing her best to keep her newborn kittens warm while the dad protected them.

19. Good Samaritans

The cat family got lucky because two good Samaritans spotted them while they were walking through the park. Seeing that this feline family had four newborn kittens, they took the cats straight to the vet.

18. A Helping Hand

The cats were taken to the vet hospital, but they didn’t know what was happening. The dad cat was still on guard and he didn’t let anyone get close to his babies! The next picture will show you how serious he is.

17. Protective Dad

Not knowing that the vet and his staff are there to help, the dad cat tried his best to protect his kittens. Luckily, he quickly realized that the vet was actually trying to help them out. What do you think the mamma cat was doing all this time?

16. Nursing Her Babies

Just like any mother would do, the mamma cat was nursing and taking care of her babies. You won’t believe what a volunteer of the group Cat People of Melbourne had to say about this.

15. Loving And Affectionate

“Both the dad cat and mum cat are very loving and affectionate with the kittens, who are around two weeks old”, said Gina Brett. The cat rescue volunteer knew that she needed to find a home for this feline family and she decided to make a Facebook post about it. What happened next is amazing!

14. Looking For An Adoptive Family

“I put up a post on Facebook, asking for foster carers for them. Two wonderful people stepped up and the cat family was picked up and taken into their home the very next day”, said Gina Brett. This was amazing to see and Gina was happy to know that the cats were getting a chance at a good life.

13. Finally Safe

The feline family was finally safe! Finding an adoptive family for so many pets at once is usually impossible, but these cats got lucky!

12. Rosie and Rascal

The new family named the mamma cat Rosie and the dad Rascal. This heartbreaking story reminds us of another feline family who was left out in the cold, but some people helped them out. Make sure to stick around because this following story is even more incredible.

11. Cardboard Boxes

This story starts when Margie Morris who works at Project Purr Animal Rescue found these two boxes in front of the rescue center. What do you think it’s inside those boxes?

10. Orange Kittens

One box was filled with orange kittens and a larger cat, their mother. The other box was empty because whatever was inside it had run away.

9. Taking Care Of Them

The rescue center knew that no one else was going to help the mamma cat and her newborn babies and they decided to make a little bed and a kennel for them. They also started feeding the mom food that contained vitamins because she didn’t look too good.

8. Loving Mother

“As small as they are, the kittens will play, and they’re wrestling each other and jumping around, and they cuddle up next to the mom. She loves them and she’s taking very good care of them”, said Margie Morris. This is when Margie Morris noticed something weird about the mamma cat.

7. Unexpected Turn Of Events

Margie Morris noticed something completely unexpected, the mamma cat was pregnant! This just didn’t make sense!

6. More Kittens

The mamma cat gave birth to four little kittens. Margie Morris did the math and came to the conclusion that there’s no way this cat is also the mom of the first kittens she arrived with. This is when Margie Morris realized this shocking thing…

5. Surrogate Mother

Margie Morris came to the conclusion that the older cat was just a surrogate mother and that the kitten’s real mother ran away. The surrogate mother could’ve run as well, but decided to stick around with the newborn kittens. Isn’t this amazing?

4. Amazing Moment

“I’m just grateful that she didn’t run away and leave the babies. I think that might be the best thing I love about that cat – she did not leave the babies”, said Margie Morris.

3. Abandoned Pets

Sadly, the rescue center is constantly taking abandoned cats from around the town. This is breaking Margie Morris’s heart, especially when knowing that no one else wants to help the kittens. Nonetheless, the rescue center is taking all of them in.

2. Life Savers

The folks who work with Margie Morris at the rescue center are life savers. They work for free and don’t ask for anything in return. This shows us how amazing the people who dedicate their free time to rescue centers are!

1. Happy Ending

Fortunately, both stories had a happy ending but this is not the case for all abandoned pets. Let’s hope that people start spaying their pets if they can’t afford taking care of them and their babies.