21. Stuffed Banana


Take a syringe and fill it up with Nutella. Then stuff a banana and enjoy one of the most delicious snacks!

20.Beach Protection


Take an old sun lotion or sunscreen and put in there all your valuables. This way no one will ever consider stealing your things and you can enjoy your day at the beach peacefully. The next lifehack is crazy!

19. Doughnut Container


Take an old cd container and put your doughnut or your burger inside. Takes up no space and keeps food fresh and beautiful! Tune up for more food lifehacks in the next slides!

18. Pancake Bottle


Did you ever consider that empty ketchup bottles can be the best place to keep your pancake mixture? Just store it there, take a pan and enjoy fresh pancakes in seconds! That’s for food, for now, let’s discover some technology lifehacks!

17. Homemade Smartphone Amplifier


Is your iPhone’s or Android’s speaker not loud enough? Just take some paper rolls and make a homemade amplifier for more dBs. Then party hard!

16. Cable Management


Who doesn’t have a problem with cables? Just do this lifehacks and you’ll never bother untangle or losing a cable again!

15. Oreo Holder


Love dipping Oreos into milk but don’t want to bother wetting your hands? Just pick up a fork and enjoy your Oreos like a boss. The next lifehack changed my life!

14. Grilled Cheese


Ever wanted to make grilled cheese for breakfast but didn’t have the time to cook? Just flip your toaster and grill your cheese like a pro.

13. Color Keys


Dip your keys into nail polish to pick every time the right key. 100% success rate and the bonus of having the most fabulous keys! Find out where to hang your keys in the next lifehack!

12. Tennis Ball Lifehacks


You can’t image what you can do with old tennis balls! You can make them the perfect holders for anything.. and they’re cute too! Click next for one of  the most useful lifehacks of this slideshow.

11.Ice-Cold Fast


Use the power of physics to get your beverages ice cold fast. Just wet a napkin, wrap them with it and put it in the freezer. Minutes later you’ll enjoy your beverage as if it were in the freezer all night. Works perfectly for beer!

10. Strawberries Lifehack


Use a straw to remove the stem from a strawberry,

9. Drawer Chopping Table


Put your chopping table in a drawer and make your kitchen high-tech.

8.Easy Chopsticks


If you’re like me you’re always struggling using chopsticks. Just take the spring of a peg and be the king of China-Town!

7. Pants Lifehack


Don’t deny it…flying low is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you. Solve this problem once and for all with a simple keychain. The next couple of slides have to do with breakfast, find out how to make your mornings easier!

6. Best Breakfast Cookie Ever


Bored of plain stuffed cookies and want to experiment? With this lifehack, you can put whatever you want into your cookies. Delicious and perfect breakfast!

5. Microwave Space Problem


Level up your microwave with this simple lifehack. Two in one because no one has time to waste.

4. Smart Clothe Packing


Travelling comes with the terror of packing your clothes. With this simple technique, you can save valuable space in your backpack and take all your clothes with you.

3. Losing Small Items Problem?


What happens if you lose some small objects in, let’s say… a carpet. Just put a net in your vacuum cleaner and find them easy and fast.

2. The Pringles Problem


No more broken chips. Eat your pringles like a boss.

1. Seed Starter Pot


Cute, small and smart! Paper rolls have a lot of uses, after all, right?