There’s an ongoing joke about redheads that they don’t have souls and while that might be funny, we assure you it’s just a joke. In fact, redheads actually have some big advantages over regular people. A new scientific study is showing that redheads are the equivalent of superhumans and today we are going to present what makes them so powerful.

20. They are Rare!

First off, we need to mention that redheads a.k.a gingers are quite rare. These people make up only 2% of the world population. However, it seems like there’s a large number of them involved in Hollywood movies. Check out the next picture to see who I am talking about.

19. Movie Celebrities

Even though redheads are rare, there’s a large number of them who made it in Hollywood and this is what makes us so interested in them. Their fiery hair grabs our attention and redhead women are known for their amazing beauty, just like this next celebrity.

18. Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a great example of how beautiful redheads can be. But you know what’s even more interesting than their beauty? Their scent! Yes, redheads have a certain scent that’s not like the rest of the world. This is one of their special powers.

17. Special Scent

Back in 1886, Dr. Augustin Galopin who wrote the famous “Le Parfum de la Femme” said that redheads have a certain earthy and sensual smell. This was just an allegation at first, but it was soon proven to be scientifically correct. But why does this happen only with redheads?

16. Acidic Skin Surface

Scientists are saying that the skin mantle which is a think acidic film on our skin’s surface is way more acidic than on regular people. This results in a special, perfumed scent that gives redheads a certain smell. You won’t believe the next superpower that redheads have!

15. Not Needing Vitamin D

Unlike brunette or blonde haired people, redheads do not need that much vitamin D. This is a true superpower because a lack of Vitamin D usually leads to diabetes or arthritis, but this is not the case for them. Now, let’s check out why they don’t need that much vitamin D in their system.

14. Pale Skin

Redheads are known for their pale skin, but what many people don’t know is that the pale skin actually helps them produce their own vitamin D. Sun burns brighter on pale skin and this is why redheads manage to create more vitamin D than regular people. Did you know that redheads know when the weather will change ahead of everyone else?

13. Predicting the Weather

One of the coolest superpowers that redheads have is the ability to predict the weather. Redheads feel extreme temperatures much better than other people and this helps them tell when it’s going to be cold or hot. You won’t believe what causes redheads to be so sensitive to weather.

12. The MC1R Gene

Scientists have found a special gene that’s called MC1R. This gene is exclusive to redheads and it is the one that gives them the ability to predict the weather. Although, this is a double-edged sword because it also makes redheads feel the cold worst than other people. The next superpower is definitely making the rest of the world jealous.

11. Pain Tolerance

The McGill University made a study which showed that redhead women have a higher pain tolerance than most people with different hair colors. This is a true superpower and we can be sure that redheads are glad to have it. Check out what another study had to say about this superpower.

10. Not Feeling Too Much Pain

There was another study done by the University of Oslo which took things to the next level. This study pricked red-haired women with pins and surprisingly, they barely felt a thing! I for one would hate being pricked with pins, but I guess this is not a problem for red-haired people. Although, the next superpower is not that nice to have.

9. Anesthesia Tolerance

While pain tolerance might be nice to have, anesthesia tolerance is not that cool. A scientific study from the University of Louisville found that redheads need 20% more general anesthesia during surgery in order to fall asleep. This gets even worse when going to the dentist. Check out the next picture to find out why.

8. Additional Novocaine Shots

Redheads are going to have a bad time when going to the dentist. The reason behind this being that while a brunette might only need one Novocaine shot, a redhead woman will most likely need somewhere around three shots. Do you think redhead women can hide their hair color?

7. Red Hair is Impossible to Hide

Unlike most people who can dye their hair a different color every other month, this is not an option for redheads. Obviously, red hair is an intense color and it’s easy to spot but this also makes it hard for people to dye it another color. But why does that happen though?

6. Large Dye Molecules

The dye molecules for red hair are larger than regular ones. The famous Danny Moon who is a hair stylist said that the larger molecules which are presented on natural redheads can’t be penetrated like small molecules. Regarding color, did you know that not all redheads are pale white?

5. Skin Color

While most redheads are fair skinned, this doesn’t mean that red hair is limited to white people only. There are many native redheads with darker skin tones from places such as Hawaii, Guinea and Morocco. Nonetheless, you won’t believe the next thing that scientists found about redheads.

4. TV Stars

A report made by the Upstream Analysis showed that redheads are quite popular on TV screens. The report showed that 30% of TV commercials were using a redhead as the main lead. Considering that redheads are quite rare, it’s safe to say that most of them are attracted to act in movies and TV shows. Although, this is not the only thing that makes redheads so popular.

3. Redheads are Funny

There is a study which shows that redheads are seen to be funnier than most people. Andrew Scott who teaches the history of comedy at the University of Buffalo said that this started in the 19th century when clowns used to wear red wigs. Just think of the famous Ronald McDonald, even his surname is Irish.

2. Sexual Appeal

One of the most amazing superpowers that redhead women have is that men find them more attractive. This was proven in a survey where men showed that they find blondes to be the neediest and redheads to have the biggest sex appeal.

1. Intelligent

The best superpower that redheads benefit from is the fact that it seems like they are more intelligent than people with different hair color. A team of researchers from the UK found that red-haired women are more likely to become CEOs in their company than other people.