In the freezing cold days, it’s surprising to hear bird songs. But Anna’s Hummingbirds are very courageous and won’t always travel south to warmer places. Instead, some remain in the cold north and adjust their bodies to a state of torpor.

21. Hummingbirds – Nature’s Gift

These tiny creatures can’t survive freezing temperatures on their own. That’s why they usually depend on special feeders left outside by kind people. One day, this man had a great idea to help two freezing hummingbirds. You’ll be surprised to see how things turned out!

20. Hummingbirds In The Cold

These amazing looking birds hold a lot of records. Not only they’re the smallest birds in the world, but they also build the smallest nests and lay the smallest eggs in the world! They also beat their wings 90 times per second and eat A LOT! Here’s how our story starts.

19. Two Small Birds in Phoenix

It was one freezing day when a man in Phoenix found two hummingbirds flying around his house. He was eager to help the little guys and that’s when he came up with this amazing idea

18. Change of Plans

These two little hummingbirds were on their way to a warmer climate when they got stuck in Sedona, Arizona and encountered a cool atmosphere. Probably surprised by the weather, and freezing in the cold outdoors, they wouldn’t have survived on their own. Thankfully, this man came to the rescue in the most heartwarming way!

17. Below Freezing Temperature

In such a freezing weather, the man saw these two birds and came up with a plan. He took out his bird feeder to help the tiny feathered beings. But the nectar was frozen, so he had to do something until even the birds froze to death! You won’t believe what he did next!

16. Two Little Famous Hummingbirds

Fortunately for us, he also filmed everything and posted it on YouTube. Next, he set up a heating pad to keep the nectar warm, but he never thought that the birds would actually do this…

15. Time For Some Well Deserved Rest

The Hummingbirds easily found out that the bird feeder was full of food and that the place was warm enough to get some rest. The birds received names: Adrian is the female and Rocky is the male. You won’t believe why he chose these names for his new feathery friends…

Even though the temperature in his garage was way warmer than outside, the nectar was still cold. Something had to be done, so he came up with this sweet idea…

14. Bringing More Help

After the man saw that the birds enjoyed the warmth of the heating pad, he thought a hair dryer would also be a good idea. And you won’t believe it, but just look at how patient they are around that warm air and loud dryer noise. The next photo will leave you in awe!

13. They Must Have Been Very Cold

It seems that Rocky and Adrian were very cold and hungry to remain calm in such a noise. Even a dog would run away from it. It’s so wonderful to see people helping even the tiny animals to survive!

Here’s why Blueskeye named the birds Adrian and Rocky. It’s so sweet!

12. Rocky and Adrian

Wondering how Blueskeye came up with the names? He got inspired by the award-winning film – Rocky, so… the birds are movie stars! And seeing how these two birds have been through the rough weather, the names fit them like a glove. After a while, the story went viral! Here’s what the man has to say about this beautiful moment…

11. A Beautiful Experience Shared With Thousands of People

In his video description, he even talked about his experience with the birds: ‘My roommate took the photos of me with the Hummingbirds and I took the individual Hummingbird pictures and the video using a Flip video camera.’ All you need is some kindness and a camera to share these amazing moments! And that’s not all!

10. New Neighbors: The Feathered Couple

The YouTube user Blueskeye made a lot of people happy. It wasn’t his obligation to help the birds, and we’re sure that his kind gesture was noticed. Adrian and Rocky looked very thankful! And the man surely saw it too…

9. A Good Deed

A good deed like this one might have just saved the birds’ lives. He also made a couple of friends now. You can watch the full story on his YouTube channel and see how friendly these birds are around him. Just look at how happy Rocky is in the next photo!

8. Showing Gratitude

Animals cannot communicate with us, but these birds showed their affection and gratitude to the man that saved them and gave them warm nectar. Check out the cute tiny birds in the next photos!

7. Beautiful Birds

These birds are very beautiful and mesmerize us with their bright and glittering colors. They’re very curious and love to spend summers in Eastern states, where they breed. After that, they head south towards Central America to spend the winter. Unless they get stuck in the north like these birds from our story did.

6. A New Friend

Blueskeye surely made a couple of friends in the meantime. Can you believe that Adrian is perched on his hand and eats from the feeder? This guy is definitely a prince from a Disney animation!

5. ’For The Love of Hummingbirds…’

If you love all kinds of animals, then you can support birds too by setting up a bird feeder. Just find out what kind of birds you have around and after setting up the feeder, you can spend hours watching them zip around.

4. Pretty Sounds

Not only hummingbirds are very beautiful, but they are also friendly and their chirps make your days so wonderful. You can plant flowers or get the potted ones outside in the summer to feed the hummingbirds. And if you don’t have any, set up a feeder. Here’s what they usually like.

3. What to Feed Them

You can make the syrup recipe all by yourself: one part white cane sugar and four parts tap water. And it will be a good place to hang them near a garden or windows, but not too close to windows. You should also clean them every time you fill the feeders.

2. We’re in Awe

Birds can easily fly away and never come back to a place, and that’s why it’s so nice to hear a chirp once in a while. It means that spring has come. But Anna’s Hummingbirds remain in cold weather too, sometimes being unable to travel to warm places.

1. If You Can Fly…

It’s so great to see people like this man who saved and fed Adrian and Rocky. We hope to see more from Blueskeye and maybe the hummingbird couple will also be around in the summer!