Sharing is caring as old saying states. The story of Nancy Bleur is the perfect example to prove that angels live among us and helping others is truly what matters. Her story seems far-fetched but it proves how a 4-year-old kid’s heart and screams for help can make people share whatever they got. It all began in an usual day in the kindergarten where teacher Nancy Bleur was working. Her commitment and actions will surely melt your heart!

20. A Typical Day

It was an usual day in Manson City where pre-school teacher in Nancy Bleur was working trying to provide everything for her students as she was very passionate and devoted to her work. Everything was following the normal routine when Nancy noticed something strange.

19. The Little Boy

One of her students, 4-year-old Camden wasn’t his usual self. Camden was a cheerful and social child who was never a problem for the teacher but the last few days his behavior changed dramatically.

18. Strange Behavior

Little Camden was acting in a very anti-social way, something that made Nancy seek for answers. He stopped playing with other kids and getting distracted very easily, the previously very social Camden now spent the majority of his time alone. Clearly something was up, but what was it?

17. Nancy Decides To Take Action

Nancy, was always ready to do everything for the wellbeing of her students. After having noticed Camden’s behavior she decided to talk to him and make him share with her his problems. If Nancy wasn’t as good and caring teacher as she is, she would have never been able to make little Camden talk. After a little talk they two had the little boy spoke and made Nancy’s heart melt.

16. Sick Father

The little boy’s father was very sick. There seemed to be something seriously wrong with his father health that Camden’s mind couldn’t comprehend and made him anxious and desperate for help. After he explained to his teacher as much as he could about his father’s health, Nancy rushed to the phone to call his father and learn more about what was troubling little Camden’s mind.

15. Father’s Health

34-year-old Darreld Petersen father of Camden was indeed seriously sick as  he was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy also known as Berger’s disease which occurs when abnormal levers of the antibody igA(immunoglbulin) raise in the kidneys, causing them to malfunction and tissue-damaging inflammation. What followed the diagnosis made little’s boy mind panic.

14. Hospitalization And Kidney Transplant

After some months Darreld’s kidneys started to malfunction seriously and ultimately reached full kidney failure only 1 year after his diagnosis. He was hospitalized immediately in Manson City and as his doctors suggested began dialysis treatments. The only functioning cure for him was a kidney transplant, but despite being placed on a waiting list at University of Iowa hospitals and clinics his time was running up as he needed the transplant immediately to avoid worsening his situation and risking his life.

13. Teacher’s Reaction

Nancy was shocked and seeing the little boy being terrified and desperate for help and unable to manage this situation she realized that she had to to take action. Nancy tried to help the family as much as she could but what she did is unimaginable. You may believe that she offered them money or even tried to help the household with groceries, chores and babysitting but what she did goes beyond that.

12. She Offered One Of Her Kidneys

“I had a co-worker who, years ago, had donated a kidney to someone in her church,” Nancy said. “It was an important part of her life’s journey, and that was inspirational to me. When I heard about Darreld and Camden’s situation, it just felt like the right thing to do.”. But kidney transplants aren’t that simple and the family and teacher despite all the good intentions had to check if she was a match for transplant and her medical history allowed such procedure.

11. Perfect Match

For the good fortune of everyone Nancy was a perfect match. “I was really excited about it. I was ecstatic. I don’t know what I would’ve done for closure if I wasn’t a match, she stated later. Thing started to look up for Camden but there were a lot of things to be taken care of.

10. Paperwork And Tests

Nancy had to fulfill some required paperwork and do a number of checks like blood tests and urinalysis, CT and EKG exams. Also she took psychological counseling to confirm that her mental and emotional state was prepared to be a kidney donor and in order for the doctors to be one-hundred percent sure that there won’t be any problems with the transplant operation. Miraculously Nancy passed all the tests and she was ready to give little’s boy father a second chance in life.

9. Grateful Family

Camden’s family was obviously shocked! There aren’t many people that could ever offered something like this to them and tried to thank Nancy as much as they could. Days before the procedure they decided to visit her at school with flowers and say thank you in every way imaginable. “I had friends and family come forward who wanted to donate, but these didn’t work out, for medical reasons or other reasons,” Darreld said later, “then Miss Nancy approached me”

8. Ready To Go

After getting praised and thanked by the family and the local community Nancy said the last goodbyes and drove to the hospital for the procedure to finally be completed. Darrel later said that he was unsure and concerned about Nancy’s health but she was determined and ready to risk it all.

7. Operation Completed

Nancy was taken care of by the best transplant surgeons the state of Iowa had to offer. People Alan Reed, MD; Zoe Stewart Lewis, MD, PhD; and Daniel Katz, MD who assured that the operation will be a huge success! The surgeon and nurses was really supportive and and positive about the operation calming both Nancy and Darreld. ” You could tell that every person wanted to be there for you” Darreld says.

6. Thankful

The family was overwhelmed by Nancy’s generosity and rushed to hug and kiss her when she exited the hospital. They promised that they will always be a second family to her and support her however they could as what she has offered them was invaluable.

5. Camden Couldn’t Be Happier

Camden was ecstatic. He was seeing his daddy healthy and full of energy after a long time and he couldn’t hide his happiness. He took his turn to thank Miss Nancy with his way and promised to be the best student she could ever have. The family though had a few more things to do.

4. Raise Awareness

Darrel and Nancy decided to take action and raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and try to call attention to the University of Iowa Transplant Center Team.

3. News Coverage

The news station thankfully covered the whole story and hopefully helped to raise awareness. Nancy,Darreld and even little Camden had a lot to say and a lot of interviews to give.

2. Real Values

Darreld’s story speaks for real values of caring, selfless help to people and commitment of individuals like Nancy.

1. Second Chance

“How do you ever thank someone for saving your life?” Darreld asks. “She really is an amazing woman.”