Cats and dogs are natural enemies, right? Even cartoons show them fighting against each other, but it seems like this is not always the case. There are many instances where cats and dogs get along but this one tops them all. Today you are going to see an amazing story about a mamma cat who kept stealing puppies for the cutest reason!

20. Miss Kitty

This grumpy looking cat is Miss Kitty and she recently had a litter of kittens. Sadly, things didn’t go too well for the kittens…

19. The Kittens Didn’t Survive

Even though Miss Kitty did her best, the litter of kittens didn’t survive. This broke Miss Kitty’s heart and she was left all alone. However, something extraordinary was happening at the same time!

18. The Family Dog

The family dog which is a black Spanish Cocker also had a bunch of puppies at the same time that Miss Kitty lost hers. You won’t believe where this story ends.

17. The Cutest Puppies Ever

These little guys belong to Smoochie, the family dog. However, Smoochie didn’t want to take care of them and this is when Miss Kitty’s maternal instincts kicked in. You won’t believe what Miss Kitty did with the puppies!

16. Stealing the Puppies

Seeing how the family dog didn’t want her cute puppies, Miss Kitty took it upon herself to take care of them and she started stealing them from Smoochie one by one.

15. Where Was She Taking Them?

At first, the cat’s owner started worrying that Miss Kitty might want to hurt the little puppies. Little did she know, the cat was adopting them! You will be shocked to see where Miss Kitty took the little pups.

14. Taking Them Home

Miss Kitty would take every pup one by one and take them underneath her owner’s trailer. Is this where Miss Kitty lives?

13. Going Up

Even though Miss Kitty was carrying the weight of the pups in her mouth, she still managed to climb the trailer. Seeing this, the cat’s owner couldn’t stop from wondering what was going on and tried to take a peek at their nest…

12. Taking a Look

The cat’s owner was worried and she wanted to see what Miss Kitty was doing with the pups. What she saw next amazed her!

11. Miss Kitty Adopted the Puppies!

To the owner’s surprise, Miss Kitty was not looking to hurt the little puppies. She wanted to raise them like her own! This brought Miss Kitty’s owner to tears and she couldn’t believe that this was really happening. And that’s not all!

10. Maternal Instincts

It seems like Miss Kitty realized that Smoochie the Spanish Cocker didn’t want her puppies and decided to take them in as her own. This was amazing to see and the cat’s owner decided to give them a helping hand.

9. Helping Out

Even though getting to Miss Kitty and her new babies was tough, the owner struggled to get there and give them some food and water. Check out what the owner had to say about this unexpected turn of events.

8. An Odd Family

“This is odd, but the mom (Smoochie) doesn’t care too much and at least the cat took over”, said Missy Grant. From the looks of it, the owner was happy knowing that someone was taking care of the puppies.

7. Smoochie is a Not Mom Material

Considering that Smoochie didn’t want to be a mom to the puppies, we can safely say that they were lucky that Miss Kitty took over. The cutest thing happens whenever Miss Kitty gets close to the puppies.

6. Miss Kitty is a Protective Mother

Just like all mothers, Miss Kitty is super protective of her babies and she wouldn’t let any strangers get close to them. The next pictures will leave you in awe!

5. Taking Care of Her Babies

While Miss Kitty might love her puppies, I can’t help from wondering what’s going to happen once they realize that she is a cat? Will they forget about being “natural enemies” and thank Miss Kitty for taking care of them?

4. Growing Up

Nonetheless, what we do know is that Miss Kitty and her puppies are safe and that they will have a great time growing up. Aren’t they just the cutest ever?

3. Sleeping Together

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have these cuties around your house? I’d surely play with them all day long. Wouldn’t you?

2. Happy Mother

Even though things might get a little bit weird as the puppies get older, Miss Kitty is surely going to be a happy mother. The only thing that matters is that they have each other and that Miss Kitty got to be a mother even though her litter of puppies didn’t make it.

1. Amazing Story

This was the amazing story of a mamma cat who lost her kittens but received a second chance at being a mother after her neighbor Spanish Cocker refused to take care of her own puppies.