Just imagining that one day you’d lose your sight is a nightmare. For animals, losing their sight can get confusing and scary. But one Irish Terrier was lucky to get a corrective surgery and see his beloved family again. You won’t believe how he reacted after he recuperated! Millions of people watched the video online and their hearts instantly melted.

Here is Duffy’s story, the dog that one day he stopped seeing the world around himself… Lucky for him, he’d get his eyesight back and just wait till you see how happy he is!

20. Growing Up Together


Benjamin May and his parents are Duffy’s family. Benjamin grew up with Duffy and together they formed beautiful memories and a great bond. Duffy has been a rescue and then the Mays adopted him. But his health wasn’t great…

19. Developing Diabetes


Duffy had diabetes and so, he had issues with his eyesight, completely losing it after a while. Benjamin said on Reddit that it all happened so fast: Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8-year-old dog to a dog who was completely blind’.

18. Doing the Best They Could


Duffy was given medication to stabilize his diabetes, but his sight was completely damaged. Humans usually get some glasses to correct their eyesight, but dogs with glasses? It’s funny to see them in photos, but Duffy needed surgery.

17. Veterinary Help


Duffy had to get a life-changing surgery. He was no longer able to see his food in the bowl or his owners and something had to be done. So, he was taken to the operating theater. His owners were anxious to see how Duffy would react after he got well…

16. Caught on Camera


The heart-melting moments of Duffy being reunited with his owners were caught on camera. After seeing them again he couldn’t contain his happiness. The footage was uploaded by Benjamin on YouTube and it immediately went viral, getting almost 15 million views!

15. It Started In The Animal Hospital


The video starts as soon as Benjamin’s parents are waiting for Duffy to come in. When the door opens, Duffy starts running to them. Saying that he is overjoyed is an understatement! He moves so fast, wagging his tail and half of his body and licking everyone.

14. Wearing a Cone


Even with the cone around his neck for protection, his happiness is unmeasurable. He needed to wear that cone so that his eyes would be protected from his paws or the environment. Just look at the happy pooch!

13. A Furious Tail


The poor dog is so overwhelmed with happiness that he cannot stop wagging his tail. And who wouldn’t be happy to finally see their beloved family again? Spending so much time in the dark must have been so scary for him.

12. Leaping From One Person to Another


Duffy cannot make up his mind about who to love more, so he leaps from a parent to another. Listening to their voices in the footage, there’s no doubt that everyone’s trying not to cry of happiness.

11. Feeling Emotional


Benjamin May watched the video of Duffy being reunited with his parents and he couldn’t stop his tears: ‘It literally brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it’. And that’s how he decided to share that happiness with everyone, posting the video on YouTube.

10. A Minute and a Half of Tears


The video might be only a minute and a half long, but it surely made everyone cry with joy. People viewed and like the footage, sending their best thoughts to the family and to their pooch. But you won’t believe how expensive the surgery was…

9. The Struggles of a Dog


Benjamin said in an interview that he can’t know what Duffy felt when he turned blind: ‘I can only imagine what went through his mind that one day it went black’. I must have been very difficult for the old pooch, being diabetic and blind…

8. Seeing The World Again


But the surgery was successful and Duffy could see again. May couldn’t wait to get back home to see him: ‘I can’t wait to get home over Christmas so my dog can see me for the first time in two years’.

7. Worth Every Penny


The total costs of the operation reached $5,000, but the Mays believed that it was all worth it! Benjamin said that he knows what other people think: ‘most people will say that it was a waste of money’. This is what he believes…

6. He’s Family


‘He’s happy, and he makes us happy; he’s family to us, [and] you can’t put a price on family’, said Benjamin. And there are many similar cases when people don’t even have that money to save their pets, but kind people donate and vets perform miracles.

5. YouTube Community Reaching Out


A lot of people on YouTube commented on Benjamin’s video and thanked him for sharing his story, admitting that they cried seeing the happy pooch. This is what one person said: ‘I love dogs. I love people who care about dogs. And I am happy for both the dog and his family’. Curious to see how our pooch is feeling now?

4. A Short Time After Recovering


After getting back home, Benjamin’s mother filmed Duffy in his backyard. He has a chipmunk visiting the yard and Duffy was searching for it. His mother says: ‘Duffy! The chipmunk doesn’t wanna play with you!’

3. Who’s a Good Boy?


But Duffy won’t stop until he finds the chipmunk! He is now able to see it and if he gets lucky enough maybe the chipmunk will come out. It’s so heartwarming to see Duffy enjoying his time and being a total goofball!

2. The Best Man’s Friend


This story shows how much people love their loyal companions. Dogs offer so much love and happiness and when they’re in trouble, it’s us who have to give back and care for them as much as we can.

1. Getting a Ton of Love


In a cruel world where many animals are abused and mistreated, it’s so great to see kind people loving their pets! Thank you, Benjamin May, for sharing your amazing story and we hope Duffy is doing great!