Being a star is no easy job and there are a lot of things running in the background of celebrities’ lives that are not always presented. Behind the lens of the camera or behind the glass of the studio, famous stars have to deal with a lot of stress that challenge their mental health leading to dangerous addictions and self-destructive behavior. All these contribute to early aging of these stars that after the peak of their career their physical appearance started matching all the stress and exhaustion they’ve may endure over the years.

From Brad Pitt to Britney Spears, here are 20 celebrities including famous actors and rock stars that aged badly. Who is on this list will shock you… especially slides #18, #10 and #4.

20. Steven Tyler

One of the most iconic rock stars of all time, Steven Tyler didn’t pass the test of time very well. The lead singer of Aerosmith known for his pouty, full lips, eccentric dressing style and love for makeup is nowadays somewhat unrecognizable looking gaunt, exhausted and old. A far cry from what the world knew as the in-your-face rocking frontman of the famous rock band.

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19. Johnny Depp

One of the most versatile actors with his mysterious, dark eyes Johnny Depp seems to experience the effects of time after all. Over the course of his life, he dated famous women like Kate Moss and Winona Ryder before settling down with his long-term wife Vanessa Paradis with whom he eventually broke up and married the 29-year-old actress Amber Heard. It seems that the high-profile relationships and multiple break up as well as his long-term smoking addiction exhausted the actor as he now shows to have duller skin and colorless hair.

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18. Mark Hamill

The once young Luke Skywalker, the star of the Star Wars saga seems to have aged rapidly as he is now covered in wrinkles and have tired looking eyes. The famous actor though managed to take advantage of the effects that time had upon him, acting as the old now Luke Skywalker in the new Star Wars trilogy including Rogue One, and the Last Jedi, playing the role of the now old and aged Luke Skywalker. Time has its effects in a galaxy far far away after all….

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17. Pamela Anderson

The renowned beautiful and attractive star of Baywatch seems to not want to realize that she’s grown old. Trying to hide the effects on time on her with make-up leads her to be way extreme with it. Her choice of make-up nowadays doesn’t match her age and it makes her look way older than she actually is

16. Duane & Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman battled cancer and determination while keeping a positive attitude despite her frightening diagnosis made her a winner. All of these obviously left scars to the now 50 year old actress making her age way unexpectedly… The same route followed her husband Duane who experienced his wife’s battle with the same stress and anxiety, watching his physical appearance deteriorate and looking older and older.

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15. Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser was a genre-jumping, action movie actor watched his career peak in the late 90s, largely because of his leading role in the Mummy. Later both his career and personal life started following a descending arc as he got divorced and been obligated to pay an extravagant $900,000 yearly alimony to his wife. The once attractive young actor has become after all these adventures exhausted and the mental stress seems to start matching his physical appearance too.

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14. Leonardo DiCaprio

With over 30 years in the acting industry the iconic star of the Titanic and Inception is surely one of the most accepted and successful actors in the industry. In the duration of his career he remained a bachelor and the party-boy lifestyle while getting a lot of compliments and being voted one of the most attractive stars acting in movies. All these are no wonder that the actor’s once young and fresh look has begun to fade… Leonardo DiCaprio has regularly been seen chain-smoking and having a pot belly and hefty beard.

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13. Lindsay Lohan

Being a child Disney star is not the wisest career move after all… Lindsay Lohan had trouble managing her alcohol and drugs addictions. Due to that, he has aged herself dramatically and sadly as she lives an unstable and unhealthy lifestyle. Today because of her deteriorating look it has been very difficult for her to find work again in the entertainment industry.

12. Jim Carrey

One of the funniest actors of all time seems to experience the effects of time after all. Jim Carrey is aging despite all of us having him portrait as the young actor with the brain of a child who made us laugh out loud. Carrey is 55 years old and recently, he’s had to bury his girlfriend ho committed suicide. Also he is being sued by her family that claims that Jim Carrey gave her STDs that caused her self-worth to dissipate. That surely can age a man.

11. Julia Roberts

After reaching the age of 50 and having raised 3 children the actress Julia Roberts couldn’t escape aging earlier and watching herself looking older than she actually is…  We have to recognize though that Roberts never wanted to have a cosmetic surgery and keeps her looks natural.

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10. Mick Jagger

Being a father of 8 children with the last of them being born recently making Mick Jagger become a father again in the age of… 73, surely had an impact on the singer’s appearance as the once attractive and heart-burning singer of the iconic band Rolling Stones seems to be exhausted and filled in wrinkles.

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9. Kate Moss

Kate Moss was one of the most famous supermodels in the globe reaching her peak in the 90s. The now 41-year-old model often labeled as the “heroin chic” (you can start jumping to conclusions now) has aged badly obviously because of her partying-hard lifestyle and drinking habit.

8. Ray Nicholson

Instead of wild nights and the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle, the legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson has admitted to sleeping alone until 1 pm and then drinking a lonely glass of milk to settle his stomach. The actor has also stated that he is afraid of dying alone. All of these can surely age a man, cannot they?

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7. Val Kilmer

The once steamy actor who debuted his career with “Top Secret!” and starring in hit movies like “Top Gun”, “The Doors” and “Batman Forever” hasn’t acted in a big hit afterward something that seems to have made him have problems with his mental and physical health. Nowadays fans state that he is hardly recognizable…

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6. Britney Spears

The sex-symbol attractive and hot pop star is known for her deteriorating look and receiving insulting comments from haters and even fans. It seems that fame and attention came before it was time as the star suffered a mental breakdown in 2007, shaving her head completely bald and braking a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella. After that, the once young and attractive pop star has slowly tried to reboot her career, but her weighty personal issues have inevitably left scars to her appearance.

5. Brad Pitt

It is widely accepted that Brad Pitt is one of the world’s most attractive men but now the 51-year-old actor after being a father of 6 with his wife Angelina Jolie has grown old and tired. It seems that his hectic life made him become grayer and more exhausted by the day.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne… a history by his own. Being the lead singer of the iconic band Black Sabbath and his own band Ozzy Osbourne has been one of the innovators and pioneers of metal music worldwide. By the beginnings of his career through his drug, smoking and crazy lifestyle promised that one day he will look like an old lady rather than the attractive singer that all knew in the beginning of the 80’s. He even stated that he completely forgot one year of his life due to excessive alcohol use.

3. Meg Ryan

Actress’ Meg Ryan appearance seems to have taken a bad route nowadays.  The series of plastic surgeries seems to have made her look way older and “artificial” than she actually is with nothing reminiscent of her peak days.

2. Billy Idol

Idols who’ve aged badly… Billy Idol one of the most famous singers seems that by adapting the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle his appearance paid a significant toll. Makeup can’t hide things anymore and it’s becoming harder and harder for him to appear just like he once was, despite how he feels.

1. Macaulay Culkin

Finally one of the most known cases of celebrities aged horribly is Macaulay Culkin… The sweet boy starring in Home Alone which has become one of the standard Christmas movies has been known to having to battle drugs and alcohol addiction that surely made him look unrecognizable and ruining the childhood of his fans.

Early fame seems to not be the healthiest thing after all… does it?