Everyone has a couple bad days at their workplace every now and then. It’s something normal and it happens even to the best of us. However, things start getting annoying when you begin wishing that the weekends were longer and that your boss wouldn’t yell so much at you. This is when you might want to consider looking for a new job, but this isn’t something that you should rush into. Therefore, today we are going to present 20 signs that make it clear that you need to quit your job.

20. Hate Going to Work


If you think about how much you hate going to work every night before going to sleep, then this is the first red flag you need to take into consideration. Your workplace shouldn’t be a thing you dread and going there will make you feel worse every day. Let’s see what is the second red flag.

19. Not Being Happy


Obviously, going to work is not everyone’s highlight of the day. Although, if the thought of leaving for work and spending a couple of hours there makes you unhappy then you need to turn in your two weeks notice. Talking about moods, do you feel bored at your job?

18. Feeling Bored


Lynn Taylor who is a national workplace expert said the following about getting bored at work: “If you’re no longer challenged in your workplace and have tried communicating with your boss to no avail, this may be a sign that it’s time to leave”. Do I need to say anything else?

17. Not Fitting In


The thing that most people forget about workplaces is that they are communities. Therefore, if you start feeling like you don’t fit in the community, then it might be a sign that you need to start looking for a different job with people that suit your character better. The next sign is something that everyone should consider!

16. Bad Health


First off, you need to know that there’s no job that is worth ruining your health. If you are putting your health at risk in order to do your job, then you really need to look for something else. Not only physical jobs, but mentally stressful ones. There are many reports which show that stress can lead to chronic diseases such as depression.

15. Procrastinating


While procrastinating might be fun and all, it’s actually bad for your mental health because your mind is not being engaged. Wouldn’t you rather be in a work environment that drives you to come up with better ideas and a better work ethic for extra pay instead? Talking about getting paid let’s see what the next sign has to say.

14. Low Wage


Yea, we all want to have jobs that pay us six figures a month but these jobs are hard to come by. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to settle for minimum wage. Make sure that your job is giving you a salary that you deserve and that you’re not being exploited. So, if your boss doesn’t want to offer you a decent wage then maybe you should move on.

13. Angry Boss


There’s a stereotype surrounding bosses that they are always angry. However, this doesn’t mean that they have any right to lash out at you. So, if your boss is always yelling at you then make sure to let him or her know that you’re not willing to work for them anymore if they don’t change their behavior.

12. Too Much Venting


If you always find yourself venting and crying about your job to others then it means that it brings way too much negativity into your life. A job is supposed to be something positive and to not bring you down every time you think about it.

11. Overqualified


People need to learn that they don’t need to settle for average jobs when they have the necessary qualifications for a better paying job. So, don’t sell yourself short and start sending applications to every high paying job opening that you see.

10. Negative Work Environment


The most annoying thing about a job is working in a negative environment. No one likes co-workers that complain all day long and a boss that’s always unhappy and you shouldn’t stay inside that circle because it’s going to take a toll on your mind. Instead, you can search for a different job where people smile every now and then.

9. Fixed Schedule


If you feel like a fixed scheduled such as 9 to 5 is not cutting it for you, then it means that you are better suited for a work-from-home environment. There are many jobs which offer flexible schedules and you can always find one that’s way better than a traditional 9 to 5. Everybody should leave their jobs if they can’t do this next thing at their office.

8. Not Feeling Confident


Make sure that your job makes you feel confident enough to speak up when you have a different input or something to add. If you are too scared to speak up at your job, then it should be pretty clear that it is not for you. This sign falls into the category of “angry boss” just like the upcoming one.

7. Unhappy Boss


One of the most irritating things that employees have to deal with are unhappy bosses. If your boss is never happy with you, no matter how hard you try to complete your tasks then you should send in your resignation letter and let him see how hard it is to find a person that’s better than you.

6. Not Having Fun


Truth be told, a job is not a place where you have fun all day long. However, time passes faster and you feel a whole lot better when you crack some jokes with your co-workers. If you have the type of job where you can’t have a fun conversation with someone then this is another sign that you should start applying your skills somewhere else. Talking about skills, check out the next red flag.

5. Not Using Your Entire Skill Set


If your boss doesn’t trust you with more responsibilities that take advantage of your full skill set, then you need to make sure that he understands you don’t want to be stuck in this position for the rest of your career. You always have room to grow and your job shouldn’t be keeping you back.

4. Mentally Exhausted


Everyone gets stressed about work from time to time but it becomes a serious problem once it happens every day. If you live your life in stress because of your job, then you should do everything you can to find a new career. Being stressed will also affect your performance.

3. Sub-par Performance


This sign goes hand in hand with the previous one because working in a stressful environment will cause your performance to decline. This isn’t good neither for you nor for your employer so the best thing you can do is to start searching for a new job.

2. Your Career is Not Taking You Anywhere


If the future is not looking bright for your career and there’s no room for you to grow, then why are you still wasting your time? It’s simple as that. Be courageous and take a risk because you might end up regretting your decision to work in the same position for years on end.

1.Not Enough Time for Family


The family is always a top priority and if your job doesn’t give you enough time to spend with your family then you need to search for a job with a schedule that’s more flexible.