Despite our differences in culture, region and ethnicity we all share one thing, we all go through the same feelings of innocence, joy, curiosity, fear and curiosity. Therefore, today we have something truly special for you. We are going to showcase 20 pictures which represent the power of human emotion. Although, we need to advise you that these upcoming pictures are truly powerful since the human experience is not only about happy moments. #14 and #8 are our favorites!

20. Anti-War Protest

The woman we are seeing in this picture is Jan Rose Kasmir and she is offering flowers to Pentagon soldiers. She is showing the entire world what compassion and courage are all about. The next picture will also blow you away.

19. Skater Girls

The reason why this picture is so special is because it’s taken in Tehran, Iran. These two girls are not allowed to go out and skate around the city, but this isn’t stopping them from following their dreams. Let’s hope that things get better for women in Iran because the situation is looking grim right now. You better prepare for the next picture because it’s heartbreaking!

18. Starving African Boy

No kid should ever know what it feels like to starve but sadly, this is a common thing in Africa. If you think that things can’t get worse than this, then you surely need to check out the next picture.

17. Auschwitz Wall

I can’t even imagine the horrors that took place in Auschwitz. These wall carvings show us how cruel the Nazis were, and why we should always fight for freedom. Make sure to check out what’s coming next because it’s also related to freedom.

16. Police Brutality

The man that’s standing in front of gunfire is protesting against police brutality. Isn’t this ironic? 

15. Korean War Soldier

This is Sergeant Frank Praytor and he is taking care of a two-week-old kitten. The amazing thing about this picture is that all of this is taking place during the Korean War. The next picture will show you how curious kids can be, despite their circumstances.

14. Curiosity

The little Afghan girl is holding the hand of an American soldier. The thing that’s grabbing her attention is the fact that the solider is a woman. This sort of thing is not allowed in Afghan and it’s the reason why the little girl looks so shocked. The next picture will show us how kids can grow up too fast.

13. Growing Up Too Fast

Kids need to learn that growing up and becoming mature is not a race against time. You can see it in her eyes that she’s not an innocent kid anymore. Don’t forget to stick around for the following pictures because they will amaze you.

12. Best Friends

A dog is a man’s best friend, but sometimes we need to take care of them. This is the type of tragedies that the unfortunate have to go through. At least they have each other. The upcoming picture is equally heartbreaking.

11. Korean Brothers

These two old men are brothers and they only see each other once every couple of years. The reason behind this is that one of them is located in South Korea while the other needs to stay in North Korea. If what you saw until now didn’t amaze you, then the next picture is going to do the trick.

10. Exhausted Heart Surgeon

This picture was taken after a 23-hours-long heart transplant. The heart surgeon is clearly exhausted, and his assistant is sleeping in the corner. Fortunately, the operation was successful! Let’s move on to the next slide and see a picture that shows the bond between a father and his son.

9. Father and Son

This picture shows the love a father has for his son and vice-versa. The difference 60 years can make. Make sure to click next because the upcoming picture will make your eyes tear up.

8. Crying Violinist

The reason why this kid is crying while playing the violin is because he is attending his teacher’s funeral. The teacher helped him get his life back on track and escape poverty. The next picture is also about music and it’s even more powerful than this one!

7. War Music

This picture was captured in 1994 and it shows a Russian soldier playing the piano in Chechnya. The horrors of war are not to be forgotten and this picture makes it clear that war is not like movies show us. 

6. Grief

Once again, the horrors of war hurt everyone, even the ones who stay at home. The woman in this picture is Thania Sayne and the photo was taken on 16 October 2013. Let’s go to the next picture and move on to something more uplifting.

5. Anna Fisher

While Anna Fisher might not be the first woman to reach space, she is the first mother to do that. Can you imagine the stories she told her children before laying them to sleep? That must have been awesome. Want to see something that’s equally amazing? Then make sure to click next.

4. Sharing a Meal

Buddhist monks are known for being close to nature, but this one is taking things to the next level. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with a tiger, let alone share my meal with it!

3. Tribal Chhetri Woman

The Chhetri tribe from Nepal has a reputation for not liking to take pictures. Although, it seems like this tribal woman doesn’t mind the flashing lens. The next picture will surely put a smile on your face!

2. Happiness

This picture was taken in the 1960’s and it shows how much fun people used to have while going out. Their happy faces make it seem like things were so much better back then. Prepare yourself for the upcoming picture because it will show you what true pain looks like.

1. Bad News

The reason why this young man fell down and started crying is because the police officer just told him that his brother was killed in a shootout.