20. The Common Cold

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Nobody enjoys getting a cold, however, people handle the common cold in many different ways. A few too many sneezes, and you can pretty much assume you’re coming down with something. Next comes the scratchy throat, and it’s all over.

19. The Man Cold

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Men are great. They can do things that many would seem impossible to do, like fixing cars, killing small bugs, and cleaning up. However, when it comes to the common cold it seems to completely disable a man. The common cold is a man’s kryptonite.

18. Day One of The Man Cold

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A man returns home from work and immediately collapses in his favorite chair. His wife knows something is wrong and asks about his day… crucial mistake. The man responds that he’s been feeling awful since that morning, and claims he’s coming down with a cold… it’s all over.

17. The Mom Cold

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The mom cold is very different from the man cold, but they both have the same symptoms. When a mom gets a cold, she notices it and continues on with her day. Nothing is going to stop her.

16. Day Two of the Man Cold

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The man is for sure going to die at this point. He calls his wife to ask if there is any cold medicine in the house, and when she says no, he tells her he’ll stop at the store to grab some. Turns out the man is too sick, and can’t manage to do anything except to drive home and collapse again.

15. Mom is a Soldier

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The mom notices she’s starting to develop a sore throat, uh oh. This still won’t stop her though. She continues on throughout her day, despite a life-threatening cough.

14. Day Three of the Man Cold

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Men will try to convince everyone in the house they’re slowly dying of Ebola. A pile of tissues beside his favorite chair, and every blanket in the house stacked on top of him.

13. It’s Going Down Hill

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Constant moans come from the bedroom. It’s confirmed he is dead. Time to call the funeral planner. Get ready mom, you’re going to be waiting on him for every need. Hot tea is a good start.

12. Let’s Check in on Mom

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Mom notices her cough is getting worse but still continues to check in on the zombie in the next room over. She packs a small packet of tissues for herself, just in case.

11. Mom’s Soup Can Cure Anything

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Body aches enter the man’s body, he’ll never move again. Wife suggests hot soup, but it has to be just like how his mom makes it or it won’t work. Now he’s sweating because he asked for yet another blanket.

10. Day Four of the Man Cold

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At this point, the man is ready to quit his job. He calls out of work because the cold has moved to his legs paralyzing him where he lays. At this point, he’s a shell of what he used to be…

9. In and Out of Sleep

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He’s survived the night and has the whole day ahead of him. He begins to fall in and out of sleep, wishing death’s sweet release at this point. Where’s his wife, remember he’s now paralyzed, so walking to the kitchen isn’t an option.

8. Most Important Job in the World: Mom

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At this point, the mom’s cold has become the flu. She thinks about calling out of work to join her sick husband in bed but remembers all the things she has to do for her real job and the job of being a mom.

7. RIP Dad

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The man is starting to feel better… maybe it wasn’t Ebola after all. He decides he is well enough to go back to work but spends the whole day on death’s door. He makes it home miraculously and spends the night on the couch regretting his decision to go in.

6. Is Mom Okay?

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At this point, the mom is really feeling the effects of her virus. Yet she still has to do the laundry, make sure the kids are up, and ready for school. She begins her day as usual.

5. Day Five of the Man Cold

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He’s survived. It’s a miracle! He begins to feel better but is still exhausted at the end of the day. He can tell he’s getting better but wants to milk this as long as he can.

4. Back to Normal

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The mom is back to normal. She’s feeling a little groggy too, but made a quick recovery from the flu, and continues to do her duties, that she’s been keeping up with for days previous.

3. Day Six of the Man Cold

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There is no day six, but he’s convinced there is. Similar to an earthquake, he’s waiting for the aftershock. However, it never comes, and now he’s completely healed.

2. You Had a Cold?

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The mom rolls out of bed the next morning to greet her now healthy husband. She explains how she’s happy she got over the flu, and the husband simply responds with: “I didn’t know you were sick”…

1. Everyone Survived

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The house is back to normal, and everyone continues on with their normal lives. Until next time the husband gets a minor cold that is…