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Hair loss has always been a problem for mankind. The most affected are men that struggle with different types of hair loss. But now, an Italian doctor who’s 82 years old has found the cure for this problem. It looks like people around the world have a chance at restoring their beautiful locks of hair by using a topical lotion patented by Dr. Giovanni Brotzu. Check out how he discovered the treatment and see how this lotion works. You won’t believe how amazing the results are!

20. Hair Loss Products

There are a lot of scam products on the market that promote hair growth results but failed to impress people so far. This has made every other new product lose credibility over time. Will the Brotzu lotion work?

19. Take Care of Your Hair

Other people have tried wigs, but let’s face it, they end up looking like dog fur anyway. Some wealthier men have tried hair implants. And here we are, choosing from all these alternatives that never work. Until Dr. Giovanni Brotzu revealed his secret to the world.

18. Is it Working?

A lot of people on hair loss forums have been talking about this product and it made us very curious about the results. How did a vascular surgeon discover the treatment for hair loss?

17. Tests Showed Promising Results

Doctor Giovanni Brotzu applied the patented lotion on a diabetes patient’s limb. He discovered that it not only increased circulation of blood, but it also increased hair growth. You won’t believe his next move.

16. An Amazing Idea

Doctor Brotzu tried the lotion on a male nurse who was balding and he saw that the hair started growing back. That was the beginning of farmaceutical trials, which he conducted through the Fidia company.

15. A Respected Doctor in Which People Have Placed Their Trust

People know that Dr. Brotzu is a respected doctor that wouldn’t want to stain his career with a product that might not show results. Check out some pro facts about the lotion at #7!

14. Reversing Hair Loss

Hair loss treatments give people with alopecia a chance to feel confident and happy when they look in the mirror. And Dr. Brotzu found a cure for this autoimmune condition. Let’s see how it works.

13. Safe Ingredients For a Cosmetic Product

Dr. Brotzu has explained that this lotion is not a drug, as it contains DGLA, Equol, and L-Propionyl-Carnitine which don’t need to be regulated by a drug administration or receive special permissions.

12. Hair Loss Treatment

Brotzu lotion works on different types of hair and it doesn’t matter if the patient is a male or a female or even a young patient. In young patients, hair responds better to this treatment. Check out this little girl’s hair at #7!

11. Creates New Hair

This lotion not only regrows hair, but it can create a new generation of hair. The product can be purchased with no medical prescription because it is a cosmetic product. Here is how the ingredients work.

10. DGLA, Equol, and L-Propionyl-Carnitine

All these three active ingredients have an important role in hair growth. DGLA has the same effect as PGE1 (which is considered a drug ingredient) and it stimulates the growth of new capillaries, improving the functions of skin cells.

9. Total Hair Restoration

The Equol has a different function, it prevents contraction of the vascular sphincter and along with the DGLA, it helps microcirculation and formation of new capillaries.

8. L-Propionyl-Carnitine Effects on Hair

L-Propionyl-Carnitine also promotes hair growth by stimulating the elongation of the hair shaft and reduces the death of hair cells. All these ingredients together are a definite cure for alopecia.

7. Better Results in Patients Under 30 Years Old

Young people can have total hair restoration because their hair follicles are plenty in numbers and are all active. Older people will see smaller results.

6. The Product Hasn’t Been Released Yet

There have been many trials since the product has been discovered. But so far, the latest update on this product on the official Fidia website is over 10 months ago. There is no information on when it will be released. But they also published a few shocking photos. Here they are…

5. Older Studies Show Promising Results in Tests

In 2015 there have been some studies on different uses of ingredients like JAK inhibitors and three treatments with DGLA, Equol, and Carnitine. They have all achieved impressive results in mice tests and in clinical trials.

4. An Affordable Treatment

People expect the lotion to be affordable, and some even consider not looking for hair implants anymore and wait for the Brotzu lotion to make an appearance on the market. But what are the side effects?

3. Are There Side Effects?

Some people might have sensitive skin and if it turns out to be a lotion, they could encounter some issues. Also, people with allergies to lotions might not be able to use this product at all. The Brotzu lotion should come as a spray or as a gel too.

2. Waiting for the Commercial Release

You can also look at the ASAA convention uploaded to the official YouTube channel and check out more information and pictures with the study on the hair loss treatment. Unfortunately, the convention is in Italian.

1. Dr. Giovanni Brotzu

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu has patented other technologies, which have been approved. All of them are focusing on liposomes, DGLA, PGE1 and S-equol, their uses and different formulations – in treating hair loss. He has patents that are related to vascular disorders too.