Being an introvert doesn’t mean you get to spend your whole life inside a room, as some people believe. Just because some people prefer to spend time alone instead of going out and socializing, it doesn’t necessarily exclude them from the whole social life. They have jobs, or they go to school, they attend parties or different events. But those are not the places you’ll see them thrive. On the internet, they can maintain their private selves and do some socializing. And if you’re one of them, then check out these tweets and prepare to have a good laugh. #15 and #12 will crack you up!

20. Get it All in One Trip

You’d do anything to avoid saying hi to a bunch of people that you don’t actually want to talk with. And as awkward as you feel by doing the talking, imagine how awkward it is for them to see you do this. But who cares?

19. Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Trying to leave the party too soon and not be noticed? Tired of finding excuses? Here are four techniques you could try. Or you could just blame your mom like this guy did at #10.

18. An Introvert Club

Imagine an Introvert Club. Would they have meetings? If yes, would they all agree to go and cancel at the last minute? Check out this party animal at #10!

17. Best Party Ever

Introverts like getting invited to parties even if they don’t really wanna go. It feels good being included but with the possibility of being left alone at home in our pajamas. Talking about pajamas… do you agree with the next picture?

16. I Hate to Cancel

When you make plans to go out with your friends and now they’re waiting for you. And you send this text: ‘I know we had plans, but that was two hours ago. I was younger then, and full of hope!’ 

15. BFFs

You know she’s your best friend when she sacrifices for the greater good. Now the family will know you have a boyfriend and they won’t make you go out and meet people. Family reunions, here we come!

14. Parties Are So ‘Great’

I don’t always go to parties, but when I do, I don’t want to be there. That’s on you for not canceling your plans! Can you guess what’s the best room to stay in at a party?

13. Best Room Ever

Are you at a party and you don’t know where to go and take a break from all that interaction? Spend some time alone in the bathroom and replenish your batteries. Here are other techniques you can try…

12. Favorite Positions

You can basically rewrite Kamasutra, as you know more moves in bed or on the couch than other people. And we’re talking about this one where you need a partner to bring you some wine and turn on your TV.

11. Socializing With Friends is Great… Sometimes

You like your friends and you keep in touch with them… mostly. And when they don’t text you, it’s annoying. The same goes for when they all want to talk to you or take you out. Here’s how to escape plans.

10. Blame it on Mom

You can easily escape from the clutches of social life with this little trick. Or if you really must go to a party because you’re 30 and you can no longer blame mom, you could just hang out with the cat… #9.

9. Come Back

If you have no close friend to follow around at a party, then you can always count on the house pet. Just so you know, cats are more likely to hide from you. But you might get lucky and play with the friendly dog.

8. Happy Birthday to You!

Awkwardly clapping while they sing Happy Birthday to you? Yep, we’ve been there. Just think of some wishes while they do so and look at the cake. It should help, the song is bound to end sometime in the future…

7. Didn’t Cancel Weekend Plans?

Charge your phone, have an extra battery and once you’re at the party, play with the cat, keep your mouth busy with food/drinks and then hit the bathroom for at least half an hour. Or you could listen to this wise person at #5.

6. Comfy Blankie

These are some great weekend plans for all introverts. And the best part about it? You don’t regret it for a second! You even celebrate it like this girl does at #4.

5. Go Home

This person right here has spoken true words! Best motto ever. We’re stealing it and we’re going to make a huge banner to carry around at parties and other social events.

4. Introverted and Extroverted

Some people can be both introverts and extroverts. And it is kind of confusing. One minute you feel like going out and the next one you’ve completely changed your mind.

3. Making Friends

‘The legends say that introverts don’t make friends. They are discovered by an extrovert and are legally adopted.’ Why does it sound familiar?

2. A Bliss

Don’t you just love it when people around you are silent and just let you go on with your happy inside world? That Uber driver totally deserved his 5 stars!

1. Let’s Introduce Ourselves

You’re at the party with your friend and he goes: ‘Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves!’ H***, no!