An ordinary day turned out to be quite an adventure for these truckers from Russia as they drove through a deserted dirt track. They had to stop and check out that weird small figure that seemed to approach them. At first, they thought it was an object, but when they got closer they saw it was a baby fox which was in terrible danger. They’ve filmed all of it and then shared it on YouTube, where it still melts everyone’s hearts. Check out the whole story and people’s reactions in the following images.

20. Red Foxes Are Curious

Baby foxes, also known as kits, leave their mother as they turn 7 months old because they can fend for themselves at that age. But there’s a small one which was way too curious, check out the next images from the footage to see for yourself!

19. A Small Furry Thing Approaches

This baby kit is only a few months old and now he’s all about exploring new land and sticking its furry head into stuff to find food. Until something bad happened, that changed everything!

18. Something is Wrong

The little fox was both unfortunate to get stuck like this and fortunate enough to find these kind men. Its tiny figure with the head stuck inside the green glass jar is truly heartbreaking! But instead of running away, it did the most amazing thing!

17. Poor Little Fox Got Stuck in a Jar

But how did it manage to stick its head in the jar? Perhaps the jar smelled of food and the kit could not resist. Thankfully, the small fox had a plan of escaping. You won’t believe what the two men caught on camera!

16. Help Was on the Way

It seems that being curious is not always a good thing. The kit is in serious need of help and what he does next will break your heart! This is one smart fox!

15. The Fox is Patiently Waiting to Be Saved

The two truckers filmed the whole adventure and showed us just how kind-hearted they were. The fox started approaching the men and stayed put as if it was asking for help. But what was it trying to say?

14. It’s Difficult to See Through the Glass

The small kit awkwardly walks along the dirt road, in need of help. You won’t believe what the fox did as it came close to the men!

13. The Men Had to Get Close

It looks like they were in a part of Russia since both were talking in Russian and they got off their truck to see what was on the sideway. The men decided to act quickly, although one of them started filming the whole thing.

12. In Russia There are Red and Arctic Foxes

The truckers talk in Russian, so there isn’t much that we understand from their video, but we see they assist the baby fox and try to set it free from the jar. Here’s how they did it.

11. The Adventure Will Soon End

They slowly approach the fox and it looks like the fox lets them help it. The men try to pull the head of the fox out of the jar, but the little guy is kicking and flailing and not helping them at all.

10. One Step Closer to Freedom

The jar is tight, but the fox will soon be set free. The video has achieved a lot of fame and people had their hearts melt at the sight of this tiny fox. After being released, we can finally see its cute face!

9. How Did it Get In There?

After a short break they try again, but this time they try a different technique: one of them holds the fox by the scruff of its neck and tries to slide the jar of the pup’s head.

8. Glass Jars and Cans Are Dangerous

Litter can be harmful to animals because they may become entrapped or stuck in it. We think that the poor little kit was searching for food inside the jar and then realized that he just imprisoned itself inside a see-through glass prison. But the animal had an amazing idea that eventually helped!

7. No Time to Waste

They are all successful and the fox is finally free. It doesn’t take much time and the kit runs back into the bushes once it was saved. It appears like the little guy didn’t show its gratitude so, the men have something to say about it.

6. Where is the ‘thank you?

The Russian men joke while watching the fox go and say: “Where is the ‘thank you?’”. But as they finish their sentence, what the fox does next will melt your heart.

5. Thank You!

The video that these men took reached over 400,000 views in 2013 and now it was spread in different versions, reaching over 6 million. They thanked these men for saving the pup and also said that the kit did say ‘thank you’ when it looked back to them before disappearing into the bushes.

4. The Baby Kit Has Been Saved

The men are glad that they could help the tiny creature and even save its life. Stuck with its head inside the jar, this baby kit wouldn’t have survived, as it couldn’t eat, drink or see if any predator was approaching.

3. Littering is a Danger to Wildlife

Many people shared the footage and commented on the littering problem that both people and wildlife face. Trash on the side of the road often leads to these tragic events. People were heartbroken and also angry at seeing something a person threw away almost killed the fox.

2. PETA Urges Us to Be More Considerate

PETA has also shared an article about the danger of littering. Everyday items like soda cans or jars are the main problem and pose a risk to curious critters that are searching for food. 

1. Prevent Similar Incidents and Recycle

Another way of preventing these incidents is to wash the jars before throwing them away and to tightly secure the lids onto jars so that no other animals can get stuck inside them. Or we can also recycle them into beautiful pieces of art and save animals!