It’s the upcoming, long-awaited, movie “Justice League” and we can’t wait to see how the story plays out. DC Extended Universe has a long history of excitement for the fans but this time everyone is expecting the “big” show. The movie is to be released on November 17th and the critics and theorists are raving about it with all the theories and predictions for some time now. Here’s our take on what’s already known and what is likely to be expected.

Popularity & Ratings


DCEU has built a not so great reputation with their movies before. Lots of plot holes and illogical character development, time and time again, didn’t help that fan image at all. This time, however, there has been lots of corrections on that part, as we expect to see a quality movie. As the matter of fact, this might be their last chance to improve those critic’s opinions before the DCEU’s popularity runs out.



One of the major changes was the Director himself. Joss Whedon, with the movies like Avengers on his directing portfolio, has replaced Zack Snyder in the director’s role. Zack Snyder, who is well known for some visually stunning movies, is often taking the blame for his biggest weakness that is the storytelling. To be exact, Zack and Joss have been co-directing Justice League, as the script was only tweaked a bit, with the minimal reshooting done.

Script Writing


There were some serious story problems with the previous DCEU movies. However, we hope that those didn’t come from the man responsible for the Justice League script, Chris Terrio. What gives us hope is that he is already working on the script for the sequel, so we are certain that the first script was a success.

Key Surprise


During the latest trailer, some “savior of the day” is revealed to come. Now, who exactly is it, is the big question. Let’s find out.

Is It Superman?


We all know by know that Steppenwolf is the main villain and he, probably, didn’t count on the planet having a Kryptonian defending it. Everyone rightly assumed that it would be Superman. But is it really?

Or, Is It Supergirl?


When we looked closely at that scene in the trailer, it seems like it can’t be Superman at all. The costume and body shape doesn’t look right. But it does look like Kara though. Guess we will have to wait and see…

Batman Returns


When Ben Affleck was first announced to be DCEU’s Batman everyone lost their minds. He had a great acting role in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but what was criticized is the script in which Batman was less restrained to kill than ever before. Hopefully, he will be more like the “old” Batman we are used to seeing.



Jeremy Irons as Alfred was another big change from what we are used to regarding character portrayal. Unlike Batman, his role was actually well recieved among fans and we are glad he is coming back for Justice League.

Wonder Woman


After seeing Wonder Woman solo movie fans can’t wait to see more of Wonder Woman in Justice League. The role is played by who other than the stunning Gal Gadot. She is expected to have a major role in saving the world.

The Flash


We haven’t seen much of Ezra Miller’s Flash so far but his comic relief was an excellent addition to the DCEU. We expect to see that again and more because this time he will have a major role as a standard member of Justice League.

Aquaman and The Atlanteans


Jason Mamo as Aquaman won’t be the only Atlantean arriving to Justice League. There are several others from the upcoming 2018 Aquaman movie. We expect them to be great addition to the team.



Cyborg is the newest addition to Justice League from back in 2011 when his team “Teen Titans” was discontinued in the storyline and he became a Justice League member ever since. Justice League needed something new from characters for a very long time and Cyborg could be that long-awaited change.

Lois Lane


As the least criticized role from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Amy Adams is returning to Justice League but it is yet unknown how big of a role she will have.

Commissioner Gordon


Commissioner Gordon, most likely, won’t have a big role in the movie, but we can’t wait to see how J.K. Simmons will play that role. It’s an amazing choice for Jim Gordon.



Steppenwolf is the main villain of Justice League to face this time. His immortality and the cunning leadership of his armies will likely prove to be a bit too much for the Justice League. And that’s where the turnaround with Superman, or Supergirl, should come into play.



Steppenwolf’s relative Darkseid probably won’t have a big role in the movie but he is shown for some time already and might continue to be so. We expect him to have an impact on the story in the sequel or maybe even Aquaman.




From what we know so far, seems like the producers have learned their lesson on the previous DCEU movies. We like the script and cast improvements, and fans are having positive reactions so far. All we can hope now is that Justice League will entertain us like it should, with quality content. A lot has been revealed about the movie but don’t let that stop you from enjoying watching it!

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