The beauty industry is ever-growing, showing us tons of products that will help us solve our daily problems. But which products are really good and which ones won’t help us? Let’s see these next beauty secrets that will help us look as healthy and attractive as celebrities do, without needing an army of beauty experts on our side. We will start with the basic care tricks and add more secrets along the way. #15 and #9 are our favorites!

20. Don’t Overdry Inflammated Skin

Products for spots usually contain benzoyl peroxide that will dry the skin and make it create even more sebum. Dr. Harold Lancer, a celebrity cosmetologist recommends us to use clay masks or masks that contain salicylic or lactic acid.

19. Prone to Acne? Don’t Use This!

A specialist on skin care, Christie Kidd, recommends against using any products that are abrasive to people that suffer from acne. The best remedy is to apply a water and aspirin paste on the spots to reduce inflammation. The next shocking secret will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about sleeping with a bra!

18. Sleeping With a Bra – The Myths

Old tales have been telling us that sleeping with a bra will make a woman’s breasts to sag. However, recent studies show no connection between wearing a bra and breasts getting saggy. It’s all related to other factors, such as genetics, pregnancy and old age. There are some cases when sleeping with a bra is not recommended, check them out at #17.

17. Marilyn Monroe Did it – The Actual Truth

Marilyn Monroe did it to prevent sagging. But Dr. Rankin, founder of London Doctors Clinic recommends us to loosen up the bras when we wear them to allow blood supply to the breasts. So it’s better to sleep with a loosen bra and it’s a lot more comfortable!

16. Sunscreen is a Must Have

Your foundation should be the sunscreen. Use it at least twice a day, with a sun protection factor of a minimum 30. Dr. Harold Lancer recommends us to use it so that all our other beauty remedies won’t just go to waste. But you need to do so much more than taking care of your face…

15. Take Care of your Neck

Don’t forget about taking care of the skin on your neck, as it gives away your age. This skin is thin and delicate, just like the face, so keep it moisturized! Find out more secrets about face and neck massaging at #11!

14. Apply Cold Treatments

Get some ice cubes and rub them on your face to stimulate blood circulation and make your face glow! Get cold treatments for your face and hot ones for the body, as #8 describes!

13. Storing Beauty Products

Don’t store your beauty products in the bathroom! The warm and humid air will make them expire faster. Keep the ones that you don’t frequently use in the fridge. You won’t believe how often women are making the following mistakes. Learn to prevent them by applying these tips!

12. Clean Everything You Touch

All the things that you put your hands on should be clean. This will make you less prone to touch your face with dirty hands. Dr. Harold Lancer advises us to change pillowcases once per week too!

11. Facial Massage Removes the Bags Under Your Eyes

Treat your face with a lymph drainage massage that you can do at home all by yourself and remove those bags under your eyes in no time! Don’t forget to also take care of your hands! This is how to do it.

10. Treat Your Hands

Washing with soap, going out in the cold and other factors make your hands dry. Moisten them with lotion and use sunscreen too! Don’t forget about your nails as they also need to look good.

9. Cleanse Your Face

Don’t leave your makeup overnight! You will block your pores and they will turn into red spots or worse. Remember to clean your face before going to bed, your skin will thank you in the morning! But what about the body? Here’s what you need to do to have a healthy, beautiful skin!

8. Hot Treatment for Your Body

Go to a sauna and flush your toxins out by sweating. Take a shower afterward and drink some water too. Your skin will feel amazingly soft! Talking about soft, check out the next treatment for your feet!

7. Fix Your Super Dry Feet

If your feet are very dry, keep them in warm water, dry them with a towel, cover them in oil (coconut oil, for example) or lotion, and slip on some socks. Go to bed and in the morning your feet will be smooth!

6. Dry Brushing

It is a recent pampering technique, but it is a trick a lot of supermodels use! Find a good natural brush and be gentle with your skin! Learn how to naturally scrub with coffee from this trick at #3!

5. Long Lasting Perfume

If you rub a small amount of Vaseline where you apply perfume, it will make the fragrance last longer!

4. Use Anti-Aging Creams

You should use anti-aging creams for your hands. Whenever you have chores around the house, it’s better to use gloves to protect your hands!

3. All-Natural Body Scrub

Ground up coffee is great if you want to get a natural body scrub paste. It will energize you on the outside at a very low price!

2. Homemade Pore Strips

No more blackheads! Mix a teaspoon of each of these following ingredients: warm filtered water flour and raw honey. Dip a cotton pad or a cloth in the mixture and place it on your nose. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then remove it.

1. Greasy Hair? No More!

Get rid of greasy hair with this trick: add 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt or baking soda to a natural shampoo and wash your hair and scalp with the mixture. The soda or sea salt will absorb excess oils without making your scalp dry.