15. True Love

Image: CGTN.com

Holding hands ’til death do them part, this elderly Chinese couple made headlines when the man’s dying wish to hold his wife’s hand was granted. Unfortunately, the couple would both pass away before being able to witness the greatest tribute to their love story.

14. Love Never Dies

Image: CGTN.com

The photo of the couple in their hospital beds went viral as it showed the eternal love between the two who had been married for over 66 years. The pair held hands and looked into each other’s eyes, never expecting how their love would affect the lives of so many.

13. Viral Sensation

Image: thebostoncalendar.com

The photo was shared all throughout social media, causing it to go viral. The love shown in the photo warmed the hearts of many and happened to catch the attention of just the right person.

12. The Iconic Moment Photographed

Image: CGTN.com

Nurse Wang Yanfang in a hospital in Ningbo took the photo. Their love was so pure that it inspired one musical theater professor to tribute their love story in an iconic way.

11. Years of Love

Image: CGTN.com

Husband, Feng Ming, and wife, Zhang Ping, were both being treated for different conditions in the same hospital. Feng, who suffered from serious heart disease, was on the third floor ICU while his wife was being treated for bone fractures on the 14th floor.

10. A Final Request

Image: CGTN.com

Hoping to pass away in his home without the hospital commotion all around him, 92-year-old Feng made his final request to hold his wife’s hand one last time.

9. The Final Good-bye

Image: Zhejiang Daily

The doctors set up the meeting between the two as they held hands and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. Feng’s heart failure caused many of his organs to deteriorate, leaving him unable to speak while hooked up to many of the machines.

8. No Words Needed

Image: China Daily

Despite being unable to speak, Feng joyfully held his wife’s hand. No one expected that Feng would pass away just two hours later in the comfort of his home.

7. Inspiring Love

Image: CGTN.com

The couple’s love story was so moving that it touched the heart of Professor Liang Qing from Ningbo University. He made it his mission to tribute their love story in a beautiful way so that all could be moved by it.

6. A Dedicated Play

Image: CGTN.com

Professor Liang Qing decided to write a musical about the couple’s love story. His vision was to perform the play in front of Zhang so that she could admire how much her love story inspired others. Unfortunately Qing’s plans did not go as hoped.

5. The Play Unravels

Image: CGTN.com

Qing continued to write and edit the play until he perfected his script. His hope was to make the play perfect for Zhang to enjoy.

4. Sad News

Image: fofg.org

Sadly, Zhang was admitted into the emergency clinic while Qing was still in the midst of finishing the play.Qing was unaware of Zhang’s medical condition at the time.

3. Unfulfilled Wish

Image: CGTN.com

Zhang later passed away at an undisclosed date after being admitted to the emergency clinic. Qing heard the news and was distraught that Zhang would not be able to witness the tale of her love story.

2. Final Dedication

Image: CGTN.com

After being informed of the news, Qing updated his WeChat to display the following message:“We tried our best, hoping you can hear our singing. We are almost finished the play, just a week later, we can sing it for you. However you passed away…Granny, we didn’t get to know each other, but we will sing your true love story in the future.”

1. Never Ending Love Story

Image: Redbook

Although Qing’s wish to share the musical with Zhang did not go as planned, his vision of sharing their beautiful love story did. Now everyone is aware of Feng and Zhang’s heartwarming love story and a tale of a love that endured through it all.