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This Secluded Hotel In Africa Holds The Most Strange Secret In The World – You Would Never Guess Why
This Secluded Hotel Has A Very Strange Secret - Find Out In Slide #14, This Hotel In East Africa Has The Most Strange Secret In The World,The Strangest Hotel In The World Located Is Located In Africa - Its Secret Will Amaze You, You Wouldn't Image What Makes This Secluded Hotel Special - Slide #14 Has The Answer, This Hotel In Kenya Is The Most Unique Hotel In The Entire World - You Really Have To See This, You Would Never Guess What Secret This Secluded Hotel Has, This Hotel In Africa Has A Very Strange Secret - Wait Until Slide #14, This Is The Most Strange Hotel That Has Ever Existed - You Will Be Amazed

21. The Hotel

There is this normal-looking hotel located in Kenya, between Nairobi and the Ngong Hills Nature Reserve. This hotel holds a secret that will make your jaw drop.

20. Rumors About The Hotel

The hotel is on 12 acres of private land and surprisingly on 140 acres of indigenous forest! Also this hotel is a historical building dating back to 1930. There were several rumors about the hotel by locals. Wait until slide 14 to  learn its very strange secret!

19. Strange Secret?

Its unique secret is not what you would expect… there is nothing paranormal about the hotel as you may have guessed…What is it? Find out in the next couple of slides.

18. Normal Looking

In 1974, animal-activists Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville bought the place and made it the most strange hotel in the world. It is a normal-looking building with great services and rooms.But what is the secret? Click Next to discover it!

17. Giraffes

The strange thing about this hotel is that ten giraffes roam freely in and out of it! Surprizes have yet to come! Click next to find out more.

16. Giraffes Everywhere

Everywhere in and out of the hotel you can always find a giraffe, warthogs live with them too.

15. Giraffe Kisses

Giraffes may try to kiss you! Imaging waking up with a kiss of a giraffe.

14. Elegant Rooms

There are 10 elegant bedrooms designed for best comfort and enjoyment. Also designed for the giraffes to have access with their long necks though the windows!

13. Hello Giraffes

Giraffes tend to pop their heads to say hello and give kisses. After all the hotel is designed this way. The most unique thing of this hotel though is the dining room. Find out what happens with the dining room in the next slides!

12.Dining Room

This is the dining room… seems pretty normal but let’s see what happens when giraffes come in.

11. Breakfast With Giraffes

There you can eat your meals with the company of the giraffes. They have special dishes and meals for them as well as you!

10. Dining Room Design

The dining room is located in the ground floor for giraffes to be comfortable enough to eat with you!

9. Giraffes Lunching

The owners state that the giraffes really enjoy eating with the company of humans. They rend to be really kind and gentle and rarely break things.

8.Coffee Time With Giraffes

You can even drink your coffee or tea with the hotel’s giraffes… who would believe you?

7. Hotel Capacity

Great with all the dining things but is the hotel comfortable? It can accommodate up to 25 people, carefully picked number to provide comfort for both giraffes and customers.

6. Children Friendly

Also an added benefit is that giraffes are really friendly with children. They like to play with them and allow them to pet them making this hotel a great choice for everyone.

5. Outdoors Fun

As mentioned above the hotel is on 140 acres of indigenous forest. This means that you can take a walk with the giraffes in their natural habitant and enjoy a drink in the hotel’s stations inside the forest.

4. Romantic Too

The mood can be very romantic. As the night falls the blend of wildlife and nature makes it a perfect place for a date that no one will ever forget

3. Take Pictures

Of course if you ever find yourself staying there, your inner photographer will wake. Where else could you capture those photos after all?

2. Unique Stay

Undisputedly it is a stay that no one can forget! A place where humans and giraffes co-exist peacefully.

1. The Strangest Hotel In The World

You will never want to leave!

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