Everybody loves a good treasure hunt. Sometimes, the treasure is even closer to you than you’d ever expect it to be. This is what happened to Lukichev Dmitry who stumbled upon a treasure chest while digging in his backyard. You won’t believe what was contained in that chest and you will surely be amazed to find out that everything was in pristine condition!

This is the amazing story of how a man managed to find a mysterious chest in his backyard and then shared its wonders with the world!  Make sure to stick around for #15 because it’s going to leave you in awe!

20. How it Started


Our story starts when Lukichev Dmitry decided that he wanted to build a cesspool for his outdoor toilet. The man took his shovel and started digging. You won’t believe what treasure he had in his backyard for all of those years, and he knew nothing about it. 

19. Suspicions Arise


A couple of minutes after Lukichev Dmitry started digging a hole in his backyard, the shovel hit something made out of metal. This surprised the man, but it also encouraged him to dig faster!

18. Treasure Chest!


To the man’s surprise, the metal object in his backyard was a chest. The man admitted that this scared him a little because he had no idea what could be inside. It could have been a treasure, but what if it contained something dangerous? There was only one option: to open it!

17. It’s Locked!


After the man pulled the chest out, he saw that it was locked. However, this didn’t stop him from using his shovel as a “key” and breaking the chest open. What he saw inside surprised everyone. 

16. Open Sesame!


At a first glance, the chest looks like it’s filled with old clothes. However, there’s so much more to this chest. This contains precious antique history! Check out the next picture to see the first thing that Lukichev Dmitry pulled out of the chest.

15. A Soldier’s Hat


The first thing that Lukichev Dmitry pulled out the chest was a soldier’s hat. However, this was no ordinary soldier. This type of uniform is special! Look at the next picture and see what type of soldiers used to wear this uniform.

14. World War 2 German Soldier


See the symbol that’s being held in the claws of the eagle at the top of the hat? It means that this uniform belonged to a World War 2 German soldier. Although, the next picture will show you that he was no ordinary soldier…

13. World War 2 Captain


The jacket’s stripes show us that this man used to be a captain in the German army. Worth noting is that the title of Captain was not given out easy and this soldier probably did something amazing to deserve it. Make sure to check out the next picture to find out what type of duty this captain fulfilled during World War 2.

12. Medic Stripes


A closeup of the captain’s jacket reveals something more than his rank, his duty! According to the stripes, this war captain used to be a medic. Check out #7 to see what the war captain had in his wallet!

11. Fighting on the Eastern Front


Considering that Lukichev Dmitry, the man who dug up the box lives in Besh-Küngöy, Kyrgyzstan which used to be a part of Soviet Russia, these belongings probably belonged to a captain who fought on the Eastern Front during the 1940’s. As you can see in the picture above, fighting on the Eastern Front was no easy task. Guess what other historical artifacts this captain had in his chest?

10. A Box of Cigars


Seeing that this box of cigars is intact, we think it’s safe to assume that the captain didn’t enjoy smoking. However, there was another box of premium cigars found hidden beneath his clothes. Check out the next picture to see it!

9. Premium Quality Cigars


These “Karl I” cigars are believed to be of premium quality and they were given out only to soldiers of high rank, like our captain right here. Sadly, he didn’t get to smoke these ones either. While it might seem like the captain didn’t like partying since he didn’t enjoy his cigars, the next item that was found in his chest will make you think otherwise.

8. Two Bottles of Rum


It seems like our captain had a taste for good rum, especially since these are not military issued and he probably bought them on his travels. Wondering how much money a World War 2 captain made? Check out the next picture to find out what was in his wallet.

7. A Five Reichsmarks Note


The captain had a five reichsmarks note in his wallet which used to be the official German currency between 1924 to 1948. The red card is believed to be an identification paper that soldiers needed to use when passing through army camps. You won’t believe how his name tag looked like!

6. Name Tag


While searching through the captain’s winter clothes, the Russian man found an interesting piece of metal. This proved to be a badge which contained the captain’s name and squad. Check out the next picture to see the name that left historians baffled!

5. The Captain’s Name


The captain’s name was “H. St. V. Insterburg” and he belonged to the “14” squad. Historians are hoping that this name will help them track down the captain’s ancestors. Let’s hope that they achieve their goal because someone is going to inherit those cigars and rum bottles. In fact, the captain was actually planning to do something to his family, back in Germany. Take a look at the next picture to see what!

4. Postcard


This postcard never managed to arrive at its destination. Although, the captain’s ancestors still have a chance to receive it since an address is written on it. You won’t believe to see what was hidden in the captain’s secret pockets!

3. Army Journal


What you are seeing here is an army issued journal. This journal was given out to soldiers of high rank to write down importunate information and reports. However, this is not the only thing that was found in the secret pockets…..

2. Patch of the Armed Forces Replacement


The second thing that was hidden in the captain’s pocket was a replacement for the patch of the armed forces. This patch has great historical value and you can bet that it can be sold off for a hefty price at the auction house. Where this uniform ended up surprised everybody.

1. Historical Museum


Considering how much historical value this uniform has and that it was kept in pristine form, historians put it for display in a museum. The uniform is going to be removed and sent to the captain’s ancestors once they are found.