20. Zoes Folbigg’s Love Story Begins


Zoe Folbigg took the same train every morning to get to the insurance company where she was working. Every day she used to see the same faces in this this train but one day she saw a face that completely changed her life. Let’s discover how her cute  love story unfolds in this slide.

19. Zoe’s Crush


One day of these days though she saw a man she’d never saw before. One charming young man who was always sitting across her. He was always reading his book and managed to immediately draw Zoe’s attention. She really liked him and a crush on him started to develop.  Zoe had to do something! Lets see what she did to make him turn his head and look at her!

18. Trying To Make Him Notice Her


Zoe realized after a couple of weeks of seeing this man everyday that she was in love with him and trying desperately to make him notice her by sitting next to him and read, hoping that he would come talk to her.

17. A New Strategy


But the man wouldn’t even remotely notice her. Zoe realized that she had to make some drastic moves and started to dress fancier wearing her most beautiful dress instead of her plain work clothes. The mystery man was continuing to ignore her. Zoe had to find a way to talk to him.

16. The Mystery Man


Zoe realized that every day she was falling even more in love with him and her attempts to draw his attention failed. The mystery man was so involved in his book that he wouldn’t look up and notice any one in the train. Zoe understood that she had to make the move! What she did will amaze you and it’s revealed in the next slide.

15. The Move


After a couple of months Zoe managed to get the courage and wrote him a note stating that she really liked him, leaving her phone number and inviting his to have a drink with her. One day when she was getting off the train she gave it to him… a brave move but was it enough?

14. The Response


The man didn’t contact her and Zoe had to stay there waiting for an answer. Finally late this night she got a message! But the news anything but fortunate for her… What he said will make you believe that this was the end for her!

13. Unfortunate News


Zoe’s crush send her a message telling her that he had a girlfriend and despite finding her cute he couldn’t have a drink with her. Zoe was devastated and started to believe that she had no hope… one day though everything changed.

12. Great News


After months Zoe received a message from the mystery man saying that he was single and would love to have a drink with her, and before she could even realize it she found herself dating him. His name was Mark and worked in an insurance company just like her!

11. Perfect Match


Zoe and Mark were a perfect match! They shared the same interests, listened to the same kind of music and loved reading books. They started to realize that this relationship could turn into something way more serious than anything they could ever expect! What happens next will make you believe in real love.

10. Zoe’s and Mark’s Vacation


After some time they went on a vacation together. They had a great time and realized that they had to stay together as they were deeply in love and having a lot of fun together.

9. He Popped The Question!


During this vacation Mark found out that he wanted to spend his life with this woman so he asked her to marry him at a train station! What would have been more appropriate?


8. The Wedding


As soon as they got back they announced to everyone that they were getting married! The wedding happened exactly as they have imagined it and it was magical as Zoe stated later. They were together and happy and good only good things were expected. But their story doesn’t end here! – it gets even crazier later! Lets find out what happened!

7. Extending Their Family


Zoe was pregnant! She managed to marry her crush from the train and start a family with him so of course she couldn’t be happier.

6. Two Cute Boys


Together they had two cute boys! They were now parents and had a great love story to tell their children so Zoe decided to do something to let the world know about her strange and cute story.

5. The Book


Zoe decided to write a book about her love with Mark… Mark refused to read it until it was ready and after the book was published he read it in tears.

4. Love At First Sight


“It was love at first sight” Zoe stated clearly in her book motivating people to talk to their crushes even if they are complete strangers!

3. Zoe’s Bravery


It was for Zoe’s bravery and determination! Nothing would have happened if she didn’t manage to get the courage and talk to Mark. “Never say never” she quotes herself from her book.

2. The Best Decision of Her Life


It was the best decision of her life, she was finally happily married, in love and with two great kids. She was having the time of her life!

1. Two Strangers – One Love


This is how Zoe’s story ends… She managed to get Mark attention and convert him from a complete stranger to the man of her life… her husband!